Overwatch Patch Notes – Reaper Buffs, Junkrat Changes, and More

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Overwatch Patch Notes – Reaper Buffs, Junkrat Changes, and More

With the release of the new seasonal event, Storm Rising, Blizzard has also released a series of changes and fixes to the game. Today, we’re going to cover what some of these changes will mean for the game.

Hero Changes


Starting off with Junkrat’s changes. Junkrat has received some changes to his Frag Launcher weapon. The grenades launched from it have received a speed buff, with the speed increasing to 25 from 20. As well as this change, the grenades now bounce less but they explode sooner after being launches. In short, those who play Junkrat will now have to be more precise with their shots onto their opponents.


Next up is Reaper, who has had changes made to his Shadow Step ability that allows him to teleport to a selected location within a certain distance. The cooldown has been reduced to 6 seconds instead of being at 7 and it can now be used in the air. The time taken to exit the ability is now 0.5 seconds instead of 1, and he is now invisible whilst exiting Shadow Step. Breakable objects like wooden boxes and railings will no longer block teleporting, and the ability can now be disabled if Reaper is caught in Junkrat’s Steel Trap or Zarya’s Graviton Surge. To sum it up, Shadow Step is now able to be used to make a quick escape from team fights, or engage in a fight with a certain element of surprise.


Symmetra has also received a slight change, but it’s nothing too significant. Breakable objects will no longer block her ability to place down the teleporter, meaning it can be placed in more locations now.

User Interface Changes

The UI has received some changes, with the ability to your Victory Pose at the end of a game to make it random, as well as the ability to set your profile so that only your current group may view it. Now you can finally stop those pesky teammates from checking your Mei playtime and mocking you for it.

Bug Fixes

And now for the bug fixes, starting off with the general fixes to improve the overall quality of the game. The following fixes have been made:

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-The bug where a player’s view became jittery when standing on certain objects has been fixed

-The issue with the camera being off slightly during rapidly changing to third person view has been fixed

-You can no longer shoot through unintended small gaps on Nepal, Ilios and Temple of Anubis

-Your view will now no longer become level with the horizon after using Symmetra’s Teleporter

Hero Bug Fixes

Next up are the hero bugs that have been fixed, and there’s quite a few of them so we shall only cover the important ones that affect gameplay.


Starting off with Ana. The bug where Ana didn’t receive any audio or visual cue when an ally that she boosted landed a shot has been fixed, meaning that Ana can now keep track of that Mercy she accidentally boosted to see if she got any kills.


Next up is Ashe. The issue where Bob wouldn’t consistently stop to damage large objects like Orisa’s Supercharger if he encountered them has been fixed, making it easier for Ashe and her teammates to break through defences if they decided to use Bob to clear out any abilities that are boosting the enemy team.


Baptiste has received a fix that now makes sure that the Immortality Field is destroyed as soon as it’s hit by the payload. This means that Baptiste players will now have to be more wary of where they place this ability in order to keep their teammates alive.


Bastion will now no longer take damage if he is in Sentry Mode and hit into the wall by Doomfist’s Rocket Punch.


Speaking of Doomfist, he has received some significant fixes that also align with Orisa’s bug fix. The bug where enemies would fail to collide with walls after Doomfist used Rocket Punch has been rectified, as well as the issue where Rocket Punch would somehow knockback Orisa even when she was using Fortify.


Mei is next on the agenda, and she can now be healed by other heroes when using Cryo-Freeze, as she couldn’t previously. This means that players can now cancel their Cryo-Freeze quicker to bring the element of surprise over their enemies if they’ve been healed by their teammates to speed up the healing process.

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Mercy has also received the same fix as Ana, so she can now track the kills of that pesky Genji she’s been boosting for the past twenty minutes. She will now receive defensive assist credit from healing beams when using Valkyrie.


Reinhardt is next on the list, and he can now raise his shield properly when looking upwards if his shield was open when looking at the ground.


Symmetra and Torbjorn have received very similar fixes, as their different turrets will no longer give the heroes ultimate charge if their turrets attacked other objects deployed by heroes e.g Wrecking Ball’s Minefield, Widow’s Venom Mine, etc.


Finally, Blizzard has fixed the Widowmaker bug where dying didn’t cancel her Infra-Sight, stopping Widowmakers from getting an unfair advantage.

Map Bug Fixes

Black Forst and Busan

The Black Forest and Busan have both had the issue where flying heroes could get stuck on trees, and Busan has fixed the bug where heroes would bounce standing on the edge of the capture point.


Castillo will now no longer allow Reaper to Shadow Step to unintended places.


Dorado’s spectator camera will now start at the correct position.

Horizon Lunar Colony

Players on Horizon Lunar Colony will no longer get stuck on top of a worktable.

King's Row

Junkrat’s Rip-Tire will no longer get stuck in the grates on the ground in King’s Row.


The enemy spawn room doors on Oasis University will no longer make heroes take significant damage when touching them. D.va will no longer get stuck behind a desk when using Call Mech, and ivy on the wall will no longer prevent abilities from impacting enemies.


Rialto has fixed the issue where players will now no longer be stuck between a dolly, the wall and a counter.

Watchpoint Gibraltar

Finally, Wrecking Ball will no longer get stuck on the ventilation ducts in Watchpoint: Gibraltar.