Overwatch: Basic Guide for Sombra

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Overwatch: Basic Guide for Sombra

We break down all the basics in this guide to playing Sombra.

Also known as Olivia Colomar, Sombra is a DPS hero in Overwatch known for her ability to hack other heroes. The hero has 200 HP and is often picked in casual games. With that being said, Sombra is not that popular among professional Overwatch players.

Sombra’s ability to hack other heroes makes her a fantastic counter pick against some of the best in the game. For example, this hero can make Doomfirst a free kill as long as she hacks his abilities.

There are many exciting things about the hero that makes him a popular option among players. Let’s dive into this essential guide and see what makes the hero stand out.

As mentioned, Sombra is a DPC hero with 200 HP, which means she is similar to other DPS. The primary tool that allows her to deal damage is her Machine Pistol. The latter deals between 2.4 and 8 damage and has a fire rate of 20 rounds per second. So, despite having 60 ammo, Sombra needs to reload every couple of seconds.

Before we look at some of her active abilities, we have to mention that Sombra has a passive one called Opportunist. It allows the hero to detect units whose HP is lower than 50% through walls. This ability makes Sombra very dangerous, especially if she is paired with AoE damage dealers, such as Junkrat or Pharah.

Hack; Sombra's most unique ability

Each of Sombra’s abilities is special, but Hack stands out because it is unique. This ability allows the hero to hack her enemies, which prevents them from using their abilities. What’s more, Sombra can hack the first aid kits, which will make them unavailable to enemy heroes. 

There are several exciting things about Hack, such as the fact that it has a 0.65s casting time. If you take damage while casting the ability, it will have a 2-second cooldown. However, if you use it on a hero, the ability will have 8 seconds cooldown. This means you need to be careful which hero you use it on. Apart from disabling all active abilities, some passives are also disabled, as long as they require a button to be activated.

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Another thing that makes Hack very powerful is that the units affected by it will reveal their HP bar to Sombra’s allies. This makes them an easy target for the rest of her team.

Sombra can also hack the first aid kits, but the hack lasts for a minute instead of a couple of seconds. Furthermore, the Health Packs have a 4x faster respawning time, which means the hero and her teammates can use them more frequently.

Sombra's active Stealth ability

Most modern games have at least one hero that has a Stealth ability. It seems like this role in Overwatch was given to Sombra because the hero has an active ability called Stealth.

When used, she gains +65% movement speed and becomes invisible. The best thing about this ability is that she can stay invisible for as long as she wants, at least until she starts attacking her opponents.

One of the things that you have to know about Stealth is that the ability has a 0.75s casting time. Therefore, there might be cases where you can die before casting the ability. Speaking of dying, the hero can’t be targeted by most abilities while using Stealth. With that being said, the capabilities that detect her before she becomes invisible (like McCree’s Deadeye) will still hit her.

Translocator = panic button escape

Most heroes in Overwatch have one or more abilities that allow them to escape from nasty situations. Widow can use her hook, Mei can freeze herself, whereas Sombra has a teleport. The ability is called Translocator and it allows her to toss a translocator that she can return to by pressing the same button.

This ability only has 6 seconds cooldown and it has no limits in terms of its duration. Consequently, it can stay up all the time. Of course, Sombra’s opponents can destroy it, and once that happens, she has to summon a new one to use her teleporting ability.

EMP; one of the strongest ultimates

Some people think that EMP is not that strong because it does not do any damage to enemy heroes. Even though the ability does not do any direct damage, it hacks everything on its path, including shields and barriers. In fact, the EMP does 10K damage to shields, which makes Sombra one of the most dangerous heroes during team fights.

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EMP has an AoE of 15 meters, and a 0.35s castiung time. As for the duration, it lasts as long as your Hack. To make the most of it, you have to combine it with other abilities. There are all sorts of combos, depending on the situation.


Make use of your Hack as much as possible

Even though there is no “right way” of playing with Sombra, the hero shines more when she gets the chance to use her Hack as often as possible. Many people think that she is an assassin and try to use her Stealth to kill the supports. However, she is more useful when hacking enemy tanks or main damage dealers.

By doing this, you will apply significantly more pressure on your opponents than you would do chasing them around.

You can give your team free information

Another thing that makes Sombra such a unique hero is her ability to give her team free information for all sorts of things. Stealth is a powerful tool that you can use to tell your teammates about any potential threats. Of course, this will only work if you communicate with them, which rarely happens in lower-MMR ranked games.

The bad matchups to be aware of

As mentioned, Sombra is an amazing hero against some of the popular picks, such as Doomfirst. The hero can also do really well against Tracer and most tanks. However, there are a couple of heroes that can do well against Sombra and even minimize the hero’s impact. 

One of them is Brigitte, one of the toughest supports in the game. It is almost impossible to kill a hero, and what’s even more annoying is that she can kill you pretty easily. On top of that, your EMP won’t disable Rally or even remove the added armor.