Overwatch 2: Things to Avoid Following the Mid-Season Update

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Overwatch 2: Things to Avoid Following the Mid-Season Update

We've scoured the notes and rounded up the things you should avoid following the mid-season 2 update in Overwatch 2.

The much-awaited Overwatch 2 update, where we got the chance to play the Battle for Olympus, is finally here. Aside from adding one of the most intriguing events of 2023, Blizzard also released a mid-season 2 update. Even though it does not include that many changes, some heroes received substantial buffs.

We won’t go into detail about everything new because we’ve already covered it. In fact, you can check everything here and go through every change before you start playing.

People who do this will know that there are certain things you have to be aware of, but only some have gone through the changes. Fortunately, this article will show you some of the things you should avoid doing if you want to succeed following the Overwatch 2 Season 2 mid-update. 

Don't stay near your teammates when playing against a Junker Queen targeting you

As mentioned, the new Overwatch 2 update gave us access to a couple of interesting changes. One of them is related to Junker Queen, the first new tank hero after the release of OW 2. 

Even though she was “forgotten”, the new patch revived her by providing her with many buffs. Besides the extra damage and healing effects, Junker Queen’s Axe got a huge buff because every enemy she hits will reduce the ability’s cooldown by 2 seconds. In other words, she can keep using the ability if she hits multiple targets.

Needless to say, it is not advisable to tank this damage because it can kill and will activate the passive ability that allows her to heal from your wounds. The fact that every target reduces Carnage’s cooldown by 2s means you have to try to prevent her from landing it. So, if you are the target of the enemy’s Junker Queen, make sure you don’t stay close to your teammates to reduce the ability’s effect.

Don't focus on Brigitte’s Shield unless there isn’t another target

Since Overwatch 2 became available, the game has a couple of popular sports that dominate the meta. Kiriko and Lucio are the two big ones, but some people also use Mercy and Moira. That said, heroes like Brigitte are nowhere near as popular as before and can only work in certain scenarios.

It seems like Blizzard also noticed that this hero isn’t as strong as before, which is why the company decided to buff Brigitte. Following the updates, this support’s Barrier Shield has 300 HP instead of 250, which means the hero is now the tankiest Overwatch 2 support.

Although 50 extra HP might not seem that much, this could be up to 2 or even more additional shots that you need to take to break the shield. As a result, it is only a good idea to focus on it if you have any other target in your sight.

The extra HP means you have to spend more time destroying it, which will give your opponents more chances of landing a kill. In other words, only focus on Brigitte if you have to, or simply use heroes like Pharah that counter her.

Don't switch your hero too much

The best Overwatch 2 players in the world are known for being flexible. This means that they can play multiple heroes properly and know what to get when needed. Unsurprisingly, many low-rated Overwatch 2 fans try to do the same, but they often have problems that may cause them to lose the game.

Being able to play multiple heroes is definitely a big plus. However, this doesn’t mean you should always switch while playing. Sure, you may counter a specific hero on the enemy team, but your teammates will have to adjust to the new pick and make changes. Unsurprisingly, most players don’t do that, which is why they have problems.

Another thing that people often don’t take into consideration is that switching between heroes all the time has an effect on how good they are with a specific option. Unless you are a top 500 player, chances are that you’re not that good at excelling. As a result, you need to play with the specific hero to get better with him. Sadly, switching between multiple characters all the time will prevent you from mastering a specific hero.

Focusing on the wrong target

This mistake can be considered “evergreen” because people make it no matter when they play. However, following the mid-Season 2 Overwatch 2 changes, it is more important than ever to know which heroes to focus on.

As we all know, tanks are tough to deal with in OW 2. Heroes like Roadhog have been dominating the meta since Overwatch 2’s launch, and it seems like they are not going anywhere. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t win against him because you can simply focus on his teammates.

Generally speaking, one of the big rookie mistakes that people make is to shoot everything they have in the tank. Sure, there are some situations where this could work, especially if he is out of position. However, most OW 2 tank players know what they need to do, which means your damage won’t do anything.

Instead of wasting everything you have on a target that is unlikely to die, you can use your power to kill his support and DPS. For example, Widowmaker players should never try to pierce a barrier when they can headshot squishy targets.

Although the Battle for Olympus became available just recently, it won’t be around forever. So, if you want to get the skin you’ve always wanted, now is the time to start playing. Don’t forget to check our complete guide about the new abilities you need to be aware of.

As for the rest, keep playing your Mains and always think about how you can improve and what to avoid. Some heroes will always be stronger than others, so we just have to learn how to play with them and the things we need to do when we are against them.