Overwatch 2 March 7th Patch Notes – How Did They Affect Some Heroes?

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Overwatch 2 March 7th Patch Notes – How Did They Affect Some Heroes?

A couple of weeks after the start of Overwatch 2 Season 3, Blizzard finally released the first mid-season update. The new patch contains a lot of things, so make sure to read our complete overview of everything new. 

In addition to the new event called Overwatch 2 X One-Punch Man, we also got new skins, challenges, and loads of other changes. As expected, the devs also decided to introduce a couple of hero updates. Everyone who wants to play the game needs to know more about them, which is why this article will cover everything new.

Orisa’s Terra Surge can be hacked


If you take a look at our Overwatch  2 Season 3 Heroes Tier List, you can see that Sombra is one of the worst DPS in the game. Although the new mid-season update doesn’t really change that, she became slightly better when playing against Orisa. 

Following the new patch, Hack can now interrupt Orisa’s Terra Surge. This may not have a big impact on most people, but Orisa players have to be more careful.

Is Roadhog back?


Roadhog was one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes for some time, especially in Season 2. His amazing one-shot combo made him extremely popular across all skill brackets. However, this is no longer the case because the patch before Season 3 nerfed his one-shot capabilities.

Despite not being as strong, Hog still has a role in the current meta because he’s incredibly tanky and can deal a lot of damage. With that said, the new Overwatch 2 Season 3 update from March 7 buffed him a bit because his Chain Hook cooldown is now 6s instead of 8s.

With that said, the cooldown of Chain Hook now starts when the ability ends instead of at the start. In other words, players will feel like the cooldown is 7s because of the new mechanic.

Wrecking Ball received a lot of changes


Wrecking Ball is one of the heroes that can be incredibly strong in all sorts of setups. He’s fast, hard to kill, and can do a lot of damage. With that said, the hero has a couple of new things after the mid-Season 3 patch.

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The first change is to his Grappling Claw, which now has a timeout indicator above the ability’s icon. Minefield also got a change, but it’s not for the better because the ability’s arming time is now 1.25s instead of 1s.

Aside from those changes, Wrecking Ball players have access to hero-specific options called “Relative aim sensitivity while rolling”. 

Zarya became slightly better 


There is no arguing that Zarya is one of the worst Overwatch 2 tanks right now. This update probably won’t change that, but it made the hero slightly better. Following the changes, Zarya’s Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier have a shared cooldown of 10s instead of 11s.

According to the OW2 devs, Zarya’s nerfs that took place a couple of months ago lowered her effectiveness more than anticipated. That was the main reason why Zarya got a small buff now.

Ashe became even stronger

In case you haven’t checked our article about the best Overwatch 2 heroes right now, Ashe is definitely up there. She’s been incredibly popular among some skill brackets, and we expect to see a lot more from her in the future. 

With that said, the recent update made the hero look even stronger. After the changes, Ashe’s B.O.B. will now prefer to shoot targets that Ashe’s damaging with her rifle. This was a much-needed change because there were cases where BOB would focus on targets that weren’t that important. 


One of the tanks in Overwatch 2 Season 3 that received nerfs before the new season was Ramatta. Despite that, the hero is still among the best in the game and one of the big reasons why he has so many fans.

With that said, the latest update allows Ramattra to refresh his bonus armor while using Annihilation in his Nemesis Form. In other words, he will be a bit harder to kill, which is definitely a good thing.


When it comes down to Overwatch 2 DPS heroes that aren’t that good right now, Hanzo is definitely up there. The hero hasn’t been big in Overwatch 2 because he just doesn’t provide that much value. In fact, we expected to see major changes and even an ability to rework because he needed something new.

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That said, the devs buff his Lunge ability by decreasing the cooldown from 5s to 4s. This may not seem that big, but killing him is even harder because he becomes even more mobile.


There is no arguing that Mei is not among the most successful heroes in Overwatch 2. Even though the latest update allows her Blizzard ultimate to have a 0.4s cast time instead of a 0.5s, we don’t think it’s enough to see her back in the meta. That said, it will definitely help the hero become more popular because it will be harder to interrupt her. 


One of the annoying aspects of playing Pharah was that her Jump Jet would launch her in the air and move her slightly forward. It seems like the devs in Overwatch 2 finally addressed the elephant in the room because directional inputs now influence Jump Jet's movement. In other words, you won’t always go forward unless you want to.


sojourn wallpaper

Sojourn will most likely win the title for the hero that will receive the most nerfs in Overwatch 2. After all the things the hero had to go through, it got another nerfs – a 20% increase in the torso hit volume width. In other words, she is much easier to hit and will be an easier target to bring down.


The last hero that got some changes in the Overwatch 2 March 7 Update is Baptiste. His Immortality Field’s maximum HP threshold is now 25% instead of 10%. In other words, his utility is even better than before because he will be able to help his allies a lot more once this ability’s effect is over.