Overwatch 2 Clash Mode Explained

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Overwatch 2 Clash Mode Explained

Having trouble with the new game mode? This article will have the new Overwatch 2 Clash Mode explained in no time.

As season 10 of Overwatch 2 has just dropped, players have been investing their time in the brand new game mode known as Clash. But this is only a trial mode of the full version of the mode which will be released soon, possibly in season 11.

To make sure players have a great time with the mode and clear any confusion about the mechanics and rules, we’ve prepared this article so you can come back to it or use this as a starting point to help you dominate your Clash matches!

What Is Clash Mode in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Clash Mode Explained
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Clash is very similar to the previous Assault game mode, where each team will have to conquer several points by taking over the corresponding areas and making sure the enemy doesn’t get their hands on it as well. Similar to a tug-of-war-esque game mode.


  • 5 control points will be available, known as A, B, C, D and E.
  • Both teams will have 2 points attributed to them from the very beginning.
  • Teams can earn points by simply standing in the zone and defending them for a short period of time. 
  • The next point available for capture won’t be ready for 30 seconds, allowing you to prepare yourself and get some game plans ready.
  • To win, you must either capture all 5 points, or capture more points than the enemy within the time given for the match.
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The more the opposing team tries to recapture points that you claim, the more intense the game will get, creating an interesting dynamic throughout the whole match.

Will Clash Mode Be Permanent?

Overwatch 2 Clash Mode Explained
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The game mode is currently just a trial version, as the devs want to see people’s reactions to it and test the waters for any problems or gripes that players have with the mode.

However, it does seem like the mode will be permanent eventually, and it will most likely happen in season 11, thanks to the fact that the new map, Hanaoka, will be added into the game in the upcoming season.

That’s great news for Overwatch players, as Clash is genuinely one of the better game modes that the devs have come out with in recent times!

And that’s all we have about the Clash game mode in Overwatch 2, and we hope this was a good guideline for you to follow if you were ever wondering what the game mode is about or how to effectively play it. To check out more Overwatch 2 content on this site, be sure to take a look at this Venture guide or this Mythic skin ranking.

Overwatch 2 Clash Mode Explained
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