Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event (Skins & Game Mode update)

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Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event (Skins & Game Mode update)

We take a look at everything Overwatch 2's newest seasonal event has to offer.

Blizzard just dropped the event trailer for the all-new "Battle for Olympus " Overwatch 2 game mode!

This limited-time event (LTE) is set to run from January 5-19. Keeping with tradition, Battle for Olympus will precede Overwatch's Chinese New Year event, an event we got a glimpse of in the game's Season 2 Announcement Trailer. Details the upcoming event were also shared in a recent Blizzard blog post.

This mythical seasonal event will sport 3 new skins, a chaotic free-for-all game mode and more! Here's everything you have to look forward to in Battle for Olympus.

New Skins

With new events come new cosmetics. After being teased in a previous trailer for the second competitive season, Overwatch 2 will finally bring us the rest of the Greek myth skins set.

Cyclops Roadhog

Medusa Widowmaker

Minotaur Reinhardt

Hermes Lucio

The second season game pass in Overwatch 2 already features 3 hero skins that sport the same theme. The Legendary Poseidon skin for Ramattra, the Legendary Hades skin for Pharah and the Mythic Zeus skin for the infamous Junkerqueen.

Among these heroes, Ramattra is the only member who has received significant changes to his ability kit. A full list of recent her changes in Season 2 can be found here.

Game Mode

Battle for Olympus' free-for-all play format has 7 players duke it out with new, god-like abilities. As seen in the trailer, these inspired augments will be based on each of the skins' mythological deity.

In their first look, Blizzard showcased their hero roster's new powers in a hectic Château Guillard deathmatch. Here, more powerful versions of each ultimate ability were exhibited. Unique voice lines and animations could also be heard in the action-packed trailer. Here were the biggest changes we noticed:

Battle for Olympus Hero Abilities

  • Cyclops Roadhog - launch boulders with his ultimate ability "Whole Hog"
  • Hades Pharah - increased mobility during "Barrage"
  • Hermes Lucio - speed increased; alt-fire now stuns enemies
  • Medusa Widowmaker - "Infra-sight" petrifies a target, making them immobile
  • Minotaur Reinhardt - upgrades to "Charge" and an empowered "Earthshatter"
  • Poseidon Ramattra - "Ravenous Vortex" now has a knock-up
  • Zeus Junkerqueen - an area-of-effect lightning strike comes with her "Rampage" ultimate

The Battle for Olympus event is set to start tomorrow and ends on January 15 before the Lunar New Year seasonal event begins.

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