Nobody Saves the World Dragon: How to Unlock it

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Nobody Saves the World Dragon: How to Unlock it

In Nobody Saves the World, there are different forms that you can use, each of which will be useful to you at certain points in the game. However, in order to unlock them, you will need to have specific requirements. To unlock the Nobody Saves the World Dragon form, for example, you will have to proceed through the game until towards the end, since it is the last form you will be able to unlock, and you will have to unlock the previous forms and find all the nests. If you are ready for this new adventure in the world of Nobody Saves the World, make yourself comfortable because you will have to dedicate some time to it.

How to Unlock the Nobody Saves the World Dragon Form

The first thing you need to know is that unlocking this form will not be as simple as the others; in fact, there are several requirements that you must meet. First, you will need to unlock the Egg, the Necromancer, and the Robot. In fact, without having unlocked these forms, you cannot in any way unlock the Nobody Saves the World Dragon form. However, even to unlock these three forms, you will have to meet some requirements, although it is not that difficult. To unlock the Egg, you will need to have a Rank B Rat, while to unlock the Necromancer and the Robot, you will need to have all other forms at Rank C.

Once you have leveled the shapes and unlocked the ones we have indicated, the next step is to find all the Nobody Saves the World nests that are present on the map. Luckily for you, there aren't many nests to find—just five. This is necessary to evolve the Egg form since it has a different evolution process from other forms. In this article, we have explained in detail where to find the nests and what to do to activate them.

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Nobody Saves the World nest locations

Nobody Saves the World Dragon Abilities and Passives

Now that you know how to unlock this form, it is useful to know what its abilities and passives are, in order to have a general overview. In fact, you can use this form to inflict negative status effects on your opponents. Below, therefore, are the skills and passives that are present in the arsenal of the Nobody Saves the World Dragon form.

Dragon's Dead (Passive)

Getting a better chance to land a critical hit is like having an advantage when facing the baddies, who are already dealing with some negative effects. It's like, if the enemies are already in a bit of a tough spot, your chance of landing a critical hit goes up. And here's the cool part: the more you level up your abilities, the higher your chance of landing those awesome critical hits becomes. So, it's like your skills are getting even more powerful, especially when the enemies are already having a rough time.

Clawmbo (Signature Ability)

When you tap to attack, it's like swinging those big claws of yours. And guess what? It not only helps you smash the enemies but also fills up your mana, like a power-up juice for your special moves. Now, if you hold down for a bit, it's like you're charging up this super cool dash. And when you dash, you're leaving a trail of burning lava behind you. Imagine it as a fiery path that deals a bit of damage to anyone foolish enough to step on it. And here's the cherry on top: the more you level up your abilities, the more mana you get back when you tap attack.

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Nobody Saves the World Dragon

Fire Breath (Ability 1)

When you decide to hold down, you breathe out this fierce fire! But here's the deal: the longer you keep spitting fire, the less powerful and far-reaching it becomes after a certain time. It's like the fire starts to lose its oomph. And there's a twist: while you're unleashing the fiery wrath, it also starts to make the enemies burn. They get all hot and bothered, and their movement slows down.

Here's the cool part: the higher you go in mastering this fire-breathing skill, the less it slows you down while you're using it. You become a more nimble dragon, avoiding being an easy target. Plus, the more you level up, the longer you get to enjoy the powerful fire before it starts fading away. So, it's like becoming a dragon master with each level – more fire, less slowdown, and an even hotter time for the baddies.

Fire Ball (Ability 2)

When you tap, it's like you're sending out this super cool fireball. Now, if you decide to hold down, things get even hotter. The fireball doesn't just hit and disappear; it explodes, leaving behind a pool of lava. This lava doesn't just sit there looking cool; it starts making the baddies burn. They get all sizzly and uncomfortable. But, there's a catch – using these fiery tricks costs mana, like magical energy points. The good news is, the higher you go in mastering this fireball skill, the less mana it eats up. So, it's like becoming a fire wizard who can shoot more fireballs without running out of magical juice too quickly.

Nobody Saves the World Dragon

Nobody Saves the World Dragon: How to Unlock it
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