No Rest for the Wicked Farming Guide

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No Rest for the Wicked Farming Guide

No Rest for the Wicked is a game that can be difficult in certain situations, especially at the beginning when you have to learn the various game mechanics. Consequently, if you are in trouble and can't continue because the enemies are too strong, there is a simple trick you can use to level up.

In this No Rest for the Wicked farming guide, therefore, we will tell you step by step what you will have to do to be able to receive more experience and more loot to be able to level up and make the battles against your opponents easier.

No Rest for the Wicked Farming Explained

Since No Rest for the Wicked is an Early Access game, there are aspects that the development team must shape to make the game playable without any kind of problem. One of these aspects is certainly balance. Although a patch has been released which, among other things, has fixed some balance problems, No Rest for the Wicked still remains a game that can be quite complicated, especially for beginners.

And it is here, therefore, that this guide comes into play, which allows you to farm practically anything (experience, loot, coins). Luckily for you, it is very simple to use, so don't worry; there are no long and tedious steps to follow. But if you need to build up some resources or experience to make your adventure easier, it's a very good method you can use.

No Rest for the Wicked Tips and Tricks

Create a New Realm

As soon as you start the game for the first time, after creating your character, you will also have to create your Realm. This is where your main game will take place and where you will decide to continue to watch the adventure. However, the game allows you to create other Realms as well. So, what you have to do is just create another Realm and always use your main character.

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All you have to do is click on the word “Realm” on the main screen and from there, create a new one. Once this is done, when you start playing, remember to access the new Realm created and not the main one. By doing so, therefore, you will once again have all the resources, loot, and coins available in the game and you can collect them to create or purchase what you need. Furthermore, all the enemies will also be present, so you can kill them to gain experience and level up.

no rest for the wicked farming

You can repeat this trick as many times as you want, simply creating a new Realm each time and using your character to explore it. We know that, in the long run, it can be a bit of a boring thing to do, but if you're having trouble moving forward, it's a very effective way to level up and not get stuck in an area without being able to continue.

Note: Once you unlock them, you can also use Bounties or Challenges to gain more experience and find resources.

Experience is what actually allows you to increase your level and attribute points to your statistics, so that you become increasingly stronger. We advise you to focus on health, stamina, and strength at the beginning, and then increase the others as well once you have become a little familiar with the game.

Loot, resources, and coins are also very important things, without which it is impossible to continue in a game like this. In fact, loot is what allows you to obtain weapons, tools, and armor that are essential to face the threats that lurk in the game world of No Rest for the Wicked. But let's not forget about the resources that are essential for, for example, cooking and, therefore, having food that is able to restore the health bar.

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Finally, coins also play a very important role in the game's economy because they are the ones that not only allow you to buy things from merchants but are also the in-game currency that you will also need to repair your equipment. In No Rest for the Wicked, more than ever, this aspect is very important because, once the durability of the equipment has dropped to zero, those objects can no longer be used but must first be repaired by one of the merchants present in the game. And trust me, it will definitely be something you will need.

Note: In the first area of the game, it will be free to repair your equipment, but not in the rest of the map. However, there is an exploit you can use to avoid spending coins.

Every time you die, the durability of your equipment will decrease more and more, so be very careful when you are in the middle of your farming, facing enemies. You don't want this to backfire on you, do you? However, the enemies in the first area are all very easy to kill, especially once you know how to deal with them and what their location is, so you shouldn't have any particular problems with that.

No Rest for the Wicked Farming Guide
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