New World: Winter Convergence Festival Comes to New World in Games Largest Update Since Launch

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New World: Winter Convergence Festival Comes to New World in Games Largest Update Since Launch

The holiday of Winter Convergence is upon Aeternum, as New World gets festive for the Winter season.

The event will run from December 16 till January 11. This is the largest update to New World since the game's release — and the first new content for players to enjoy. After a surge in players at launch, New World has settled somewhat in recent weeks. Though far from empty, New World currently sits at just over 120k active players on Steam as the game continues to offer players content.

You can view the entire patch notes here (they’re quite long), so let’s highlight some of the new Winter Convergence content.

New items, Holiday Villages, Ice Caves and Winter Tokens

A cart rides into the snow covered holiday village, part of the new content available in the latest New World patch

The player takes on the cause of the Winter Wanderer to collect Winter Tokens from repeatable events across the island. Tokens can be turned in to a Holiday Shop containing rare and cosmetic items. The Winter Wanderer's positive aspect grows in power with each Token collected and turned in.

Icy winds and the Winter Wanderer bring with them new armors, weapons, furnishings, skins, consumables, and a delightful “present gifting” emote; all themed to match the wonderful holiday.

The Winter Wanderer has set up four villages to facilitate the joy and cheer of Winter Convergence. Visit these villages in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, and Brightwood to meet the Winter Wanderer and carry out his holiday quests!

Ice Caves are appearing all over Aeternum because of the Winter Warrior's desire for a Forever Winter. They are snowy and icy caves that the yeti use their powers to freeze up and make snow fall. These caves are remaining behind after the event as scars on the land — sources of wintry magic that refuse to melt even if the Winter Warrior is somehow defeated.

The Convergence Spirit and Lost Present Recovery

The Tree of Light, it's boughs decorated with shimmering stars, shines in the middle of a settlement

Celebrate the spirit of the season by giving a helping hand in decorating your favorite Settlement!

The Convergence Spirit is a special Town Project that allows players to complete special Town Project Quests to upgrade each Settlement's Tree of Light for improved daily rewards.

Each day, the first three interactions with the Tree of Light in settlements will grant presents that will also grant a lockbox with a gift of appreciation for participating in the festivities!

Level 60 players can also get Diamond Gypsum from their first three interactions with the Tree of Light in settlements. This will be enough to form a Gypsum Orb which can be used to increase a specific item’s Expertise.

Lost Present Recovery

Those dastardly Frigid Folk are spreading their mischief and stealing presents across Aeternum! Located throughout the world are Lost Presents; to be recovered and turned in for Winter Tokens at the Winter Village Holiday Huts.

New trade goods and quests

Player characters in New World appear with some of the game's latest items and outfits

Bright, glittering, gleaming Gleamite meteors of a multitude of color fall from the night’s sky during this time of the year; as destructive as they are beautiful.

Gleamite Showers are a new random, dynamic event that occurs at night throughout Aeternum. Keep your eyes and ears open as you search for locations where the showers are most prevalent. Exchange the harvested crystals for Winter tokens at the Winter Village Holiday Huts. Happy hunting!

Seven new quests will round out the story for the Winter Convergence event. The Questline begins at level 25 and concludes at level 60.