Manor Lords – Everything We Know About the New Open World City Builder

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Manor Lords – Everything We Know About the New Open World City Builder

Manor Lords have been gaining popularity as we get closer to it’s April release date – here’s everything we know about Slavic Magic’s newest RTS city builder.

While everyone is talking about Palworld breaking record after record, and Enshrouded is rapidly approaching Early Access, there’s much to do if you like survival and city builder games. However, there are some great games releasing after Winter as well, such as Manor Lords, Slavic Magic’s and Hooded Horse’s strategic city builder. But what is Manor Lords truly about, what can you do in it and when will it come out exactly?

Manor Lords – Everything We Know

Manor Lords Release Date

Manor Lords was announced in 2020, but the release date was only revealed a few days ago. The game is coming in around 3 months on the 26th of April with a full release, and so far, there’s no Early Access or Beta planned – we’ll have to wait for the game.

Manor Lords Platforms

Manor Lords will be primarily available on PC via Steam, but it will support Xbox controllers – as the RTS will be released for Xbox Series X|S as well as Xbox One. Manor Lords follow the trend of strategic games being ported to consoles, with one of the recent examples being Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin, where the console version was identical to the PC one, but meant that it had to be a bit more simplistic compared to classic RTS’.

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Manor Lords

Manor Lords Game Pass

As it’s releasing on Xbox, Manor Lords will be added to Game Pass, announced by Xbox last year. So far it hasn’t been revealed if it will be part of the free games the Pass offers, but if something is on there, it can always go free – even if only for a limited time.

Manor Lords Gameplay

Manor Lords combines city building seen in games such as Cities: Skylines and Real Time Strategy of titles like Total War: Warhammer or Starcraft 2. You can build your towns however you want, as the system is completely gridless, so your dynasty can grow organically from a central marketplace with different districts. Resource gathering and management will be the first challenge to tackle, but after building and making your town self-sufficient, you can expand to trade – or even attack other towns.

The combat part of the game focuses on large-scale battle with components like your soldiers fleeing due to battle-shock, the weather influencing the outcome and of course, good strategy deciding all of it. There are multiple different units of cavalry, foot soldiers and even machines of war, so you can lay siege on your enemies.

Manor Lords

Manor Lords aims to be as realistic as possible, both in a historical and a physics sense. The game is based on Europe between the 11th and 15th century, and uses motion capture and destruction simulations so you can really become a part of the world you govern your town in.

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However, the most impressive part of Manor Lords is that it was started by a solo developer. Even though the team grew, the game is still very much indie, which means that the opinions of the community matter more.

Manor Lords is coming to Steam and Xbox on April 26th, 2024. Don’t forget to wishlist the game – and check back to ESTNN for more news about Slavic Magic’s new amazing RTS!

Manor Lords – Everything We Know About the New Open World City Builder
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