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Jaishil Mistry
Jaishil "Drifter" Mistry is a Dota 2 analyst, esports journalist and a professional coach. He has high proficiency in draft and game analysis of Dota 2 matches. Connect with him on Twitter @DrifterDota

LoL Wild Rift Patch 2.1a Notes: Katarina Release, New Skins And More!

League of Legends Wild Rift champion Katarina holds her two sinister daggers out to her sides as she runs through a shady looking city.
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Riot Games keeps its pledge to keep improving the player experience on Wild Rift.

Riot Games is keeping its pledge to improve the world of Wild Rift and is planning to release the latest in March. The latest patch introduces a new champion, buffs and nerfs to balance champion abilities and new items to liven up the player experience even more.

Katarina, the Sinister Blade

We remember Katarina as a Noxian Assassin from League of Legends. She has now been reworked to be a more mobile assassin with big team-fight potentials. She’s been improved to be able to slightly move around while casting her ultimate, whereas in the PC version she stayed in place while releasing a whirlwind of serrated daggers.

She will be released sometime in March. There will also be a challenge where players can complete missions to be able to play her for free.

New Skins

New skins always get players hyped. Patch 2.1a will make available a host of new skins:

  • Bilgewater Katarina
  • Death Sworn Katarina
  • Omega Squad Fizz
  • El Tigre Braum
  • Omega Squad Teemo
  • Omega Squad Tristana
  • Super Galaxy Shyvana


Champion Buffs and Nerfs

League of Legends Wild Rift champion Ashe holds her bow of ice with mountains in the background


Will a cooldown buff from 8/7/6/5s → 7/6/5/4s to her first skill make her a good champion? It seems that this change has little potential to make her significantly better and change her position.


The Juggernaut champion is getting a significant buff, increasing his missing health heal percentage from 12-36% to 15-45% and his third skill will extend from 1 second to 1.5 seconds. This will make the champion significantly more difficult to play against. The extra 0.5 seconds to his Apprehend gives him a lot more time to maneuver and hit his Decimate.


Ezreal is getting help from the developers to help him since his play rate has dropped quite a bit. The base damage from his first skill will be increased from 20/50/80/110 to 20/55/50/125. This brings him back to his previous levels before he was nerfed in Patch 1.1.


The developers are giving players who play against Lulu more room to breathe. She is getting the following nerfs: a 570-530 decrease on her base health and a slow down in her movement speed from 330-325. Also, her polymorph duration will be shortened from 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75s. Her third skill duration will also be shortened by half and its cast range decreased from 7 to 6. Her ultimate’s cast range will also be diminished from 8 to 7. All this will require a bit more skill from Lulu users to be able to play her as effectively as before.

Miss Fortune

The overwhelming damage that Miss Fortune has been able to so far is being fixed by decreasing base stats and her passive. She is being nerfed as follows: base armor: 35 - 30; base health regen: 9 -6; base health regen per level: 0.81 - 0.55; and from 21 to 14 at level 15. Her Love Tap damage on minions is being reduced by half. This means that players need to be a little bit more careful when they take trades, although she will probably remain a lane bully.


Olaf has been overused as a champion. The following nerfs are probably intended to make him easier to kill in the early stages. He will get a lower base armor (40 - 35) and less based AD (70 - 64). There will also be reductions to his first skill: slow 30/35/40/45% to 20/25/30/35% and slow duration 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds.


Varus' Arrow of Retribution is still pretty weak and a decrease in the cooldown of his Piercing Arrow (18/16/14/12s to 16/14/12/10s) will probably not be enough to make him better.


The developers decided to decrease Vayne's reliance on items by buffing her third skill damage on terrain stun from 75/120/165/210 to 105/145/185/225 and decreasing the cooldown on her ultimate in the early stages from 100/80/60s to 90/75/60s.

League of Legends Wild Rift champion Xayah stands holding a large feather in a misty jungle environment


Xayah is going to receive the biggest buffs that could potentially make her too strong:

(1st Skill) Double Dagger

  • Base damage: 35/65/95/125 → 50/75/100/125

(2nd Skill) Deadly Plumage

  • Bonus attack speed: 25/30/35/40% → 35/40/45/50%

(3rd Skill) Bladecaller

  • Cooldown: 12/11/10/9s → 11/10/9/8s
  • AD ratio: 0.6 → 0.8

(Ult) Featherstorm

  • Base damage: 100/200/300 → 125/250/375

Items Buffs and Nerfs

Blade of the Ruined King

This overused item is getting huge nerfs. This includes a significant reduction in attack damage from 30 to 20 whilst getting a 5% increase in attack speed. But its on-hit damage in melee is getting buffed from 6% to 9% of current enemy health physical damage. Also, its drain movement speed duration is being shortened from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

Liandry’s Torment

Liandry’s Torment is essentially getting a 400 gold value nerf. Its ability power is getting reduced from 90 to 70, while the combined cost is being increased from 800 gold to 950 gold.

Haunting Guide

Haunting Guide is also getting a decrease in ability power from 35 to 25, but both its total cost and upgrade cost are being made less expensive by 150 gold.

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