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LOL Patch 12.18: Best ADCs to Climb With


Best ADCs to climb with in patch 12.18. Dominate the bot lane!

Season 12 is coming to an end in a couple of months, so this is the time if you are looking to climb. And what better role to climb with than ADC? There is a notion among the player base that ADC is one of the hardest roles to gain LP with, as you are too dependent on your team’s help. That is partly true, but it isn’t all doom and gloom.

Every one of us had our bot lanes lose lane so hard that the game is unwinnable, so why not be those other guys? These meta ADCs are strong because you can dominate your lane and then impact the rest of the map. Or they are one of the better scaling champions in the game that will win you any game that goes 25+ minutes. So let’s see what our picks are for you on patch 12.18.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune was one of the three champions that got heavy adjustments on patch 12.17, to get away from the oppressive Make It Rain (E) max and poke playstyle, and bring back the traditional crit builds. This was not only effective, as MF was already in a very good spot before the changes which were mostly buffs, but it also necessitate some quick hotfixes.

Even after getting some nerfs in patch 12.18, Miss Fortune is sitting on a 20% pick rate and 28% ban rate with a near 53% win rate in Platinum+. Of course, the statistics are not everything, but they tend to tell a lot about a champion’s strength. And you can see how strong she is if you are following the NA Worlds Champions Queue where she is one of the most prioritized champions in the games.

While you can still try the E-max build with either Lethality (Eclipse) or AP (Liandry’s Anguish), the best way to play Miss Fortune in patch 12.18 is the crit build. Press the Attack is once again the top rune for the Captain and Kraken Slayer is probably her best item, with Galeforce following in close second. Kraken’s bonus attack speed feels great with the Double Up (Q) buffs, even though her Strut (W) changes were reverted.


Jhin has always been a staple of these lists. He has one of the simplest kits in the game and a very simple ADC to begin learning with. And despite him being one of the strongest and most stable ADCs in bot lane, he hasn’t been touched in patch notes ever since 12.10. His high AD and spammable Dancing Grenade (Q) offer great waveclear during all points of the game, and his range gives him a lot of safety.

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Jhin also is a very good blind pick as he doesn't have many counters and he is very hard to punish. Plus he has good synergy with nearly all support classes so you probably won't have problems due to your support picking something you don't want. He is great at playing with engage support as he offers great follow-up crowd control and has good range, and he also likes to play with enchanters like Nami and Janna who empower his already strong auto attacks and give him much appreciated movement speed.

You can comfortably pick up Jhin as a one-trick in your climb as his only weakness, tanks, aren't too common in solo queue. He has great build variety between Lethality and Crit, or a mix of both. 


Caitlyn’s most recent buffs came in patch 12.16, but it took some time for the League’s resident sniper to come into the meta. This change was mainly because the meta enchanters weren’t a good pairing for Caitlyn, but with the meta supports shifting towards more engage, Cait has once again emerged as a top-tier bot laner.

The 12.16 changes gave Caitlyn a lot more damage when she got a headshot, which means she is now better played with engage supports or mages with crowd control like Lux and Morgana. Her early game is still very strong and you can play to bully your lane with poke, getting multiple tower plates, maybe even an early tower, and snowballing from there.

But also with some added critical strike scaling to Caitlyn’s ult, she has a much bigger incentive to build traditional marksman Mythics, so she is a much better scaling champion now. Her current best item is Galeforce, which you can follow with Rapid Firecannon and have an insane range to initiate your offense. Of course, you can still try the Eclipse build which is still viable.



The rise of Twitch’s success in the solo queue rankings is a weird one. He hasn’t got any buffs, nor nerfs, ever since Season 11 except the durability update. And on top of that the enchanters that synergize best with him just got nerfs, Yuumi and Lulu. Still, Twitch is one of the best hyper carries in the game right now.

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Biggest advantage Twitch has in solo queue over pro play is that his invisibility on Ambush (Q) is very hard to play in solo queue, especially so in lower ranks. There are a lot of players who disrespect that Twitch can be around, giving him early kills and leading to a snowballing opportunity. Even if not, there are still many enchanters in the meta that can help Twitch scale and become a monster in teamfights like Janna, Renata and even Rakan.

Also, his build is very strong at the moment. Blade of the Ruined King is a very strong item, which Twitch rushes, and it gives him a great kill threat with the ultimate Spray and Pray. Of course, this delays your Infinity Edge a little bit, but both Kraken Slayer and Runaan’s Hurricane are very good items for Twitch, so you don’t need IE that much to deal damage.


If you've been watching any professional play in recent weeks you know how powerful a farming Seraphine, aka the CEO of LCS, can be. She's been getting some small nerfs ever since the Durability Update, the latest being in 12.14, but none of these nerfs were enough to shut down her power.

She offers great utility with multiple crowd control abilities, heals and shields while doing a surprising amount of damage with a full AP build. Also if you use your double High Note (Q) her waveclear is great which lets you have pressure and helps you poke your opponent under their tower. Of course, you can always get engaged on, but she has a lot of self-peel after her level six when she gets access to her Ultimate.

If you are playing with a duo partner Senna/Seraphine is a dominant lane that scales well into the late game. If not, you can play her with most enchanters or engage supports too.

Honorable mentions for patch 12.18

  • Tristana
  • Karthus
  • Nilah
  • Samira
  • Ezreal

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