LOL: Mid-Season System Changes are Incoming with the Patch 12.14

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LOL: Mid-Season System Changes are Incoming with the Patch 12.14

Riot announced some new changes to multiple in-game systems in Patch 12.14.

After the massive changes of the 12.10 Durability Update, Riot is still trying to maintain the balance of the game. To adjust some systems, especially ones around in-lane healing, to the desired levels, the balance team revealed some changes on the next patch. The lead designer on the Summoner’s Rift team, Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harrison tweeted these changes today.

As mentioned previously, the main changes to runes were about in lane sustain. Runes like Second Wind, Biscuit Delivery and Bone Plating that would keep players in lane more by either healing them or preventing some damage taken were nerfed. This can make taking bad trades more punishing but on the other hand, it would reward taking good ones. There are also nerfs to potions and Time Warp Tonic, which can make starting Corrupting Potion and pushing your opponent under the tower constantly a harder strategy.

Then we have the changes to the objectives. Right now Heralds, mostly the first one, is a most-contest, especially in the pro arena, and teams can delay taking drakes as individual ones do not benefit them too much. The changes are mainly focused on making these individual drakes more rewarding to take, as they will give bigger buffs per single drake.

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This means you should be more inclined to trade the first drake for  Herald if you are a jungler and your top side doesn’t have pressure. But be aware that, drakes are also getting some durability buffs of their own, they will have more health, including Elder, so it will take a longer time to solo. As a result, Riot is nerfing the damage to drakes a little so some junglers won’t have problems if they need to solo them in early levels.

Lastly, there are some buffs to Rift Heralds as it now gives a bit of a local gold. If your team commits five players to take it and the enemy trades two plates at the bot lane, it won’t be a losing play. And the second Herald will get more HP, after getting summoned, so it will be easier to guarantee its charge.

Riot Phroxzon also hinted at some other changes coming with the 12.14. These will include healing nerfs to champs and items, Gankplank nerfs to his barrels and some pro play changes to speed up the slow early games.

Patch 12.14 will be live on July 27.

Full Patch 12.14 Change List (from Reddit, u/PointmanW)


  • Health Potion: 150 Healing >>> 120
  • Refillable & Corrupting Potion: 125 Healing >>> 100

Summoner Spells

  • Teleport Cooldown: 360 >>> 420, Unleashed Cooldown unchanged
  • Exhaust Damage Reduction: 40% >>> 30-40% (levels 1-9)


Biscuit Delivery

  • Restores 10% missing Health/Mana >>> 8%
  • Increase max mana by 50 >>> 40
  • Manaless Health restore unchanged
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Bone Plating

  • Cooldown: 45 >>> 55


  • Gain 9 Armor/MR and 4% total Armor/MR >>> Gain 8 Armor/MR and 3% total Armor/MR


  • Cooldown: 70-40s >>> 90-40s


  • Damage: 15-35 >>> 20-40

Second Wind

  • Heal 6 (+4% Missing health) >>> Heal 3 (+4% Missing health)

Sudden Impact

  • 7 Lethality & 6 Mpen >>> 9 Lethality & 7 Mpen


  • 10-30% Tenacity and Slow Resist >>> 5-25%

Time Warp Tonic

  • Movespeed: 4% >>> 2%


Individual Drake Buffs

  • Mountain Drake Buff: 6% Armor/MR >>> 9% Armor/MR
  • Ocean Drake Buff: 2% missing health per 5s > >> 3% missing health per 5s
  • Infernal Drake Buff: 4% AD/AP >>> 6% AD/AP
  • Hextech Drake Buff 6% AS and 6 Ability Haste > >> 9% AS and 9 Ability Haste
  • Cloud Drake Buff: 3.5 Slow Resist & OOC Movespeed >>> 7% Slow Resist & OOC Movespeed
  • Cloud Soul Buff: 10% bonus movespeed & 50% on Ult cast for 6s >>> 15% bonus movespeed and 50% on Ult cast for 6s

Dragon Health

  • Health Pre-Rift Transformation: 2650(+240 per level) >>> 3450(+380 per level)
  • Health Post-Rift Transformation: 4350(+240 per level) >> > 6950(+380 per level)

Dragon Base AD & Damage

  • Cloud Drake: 50 >>> 35
  • Mountain Drake: 150 >>> 105
  • Ocean Drake: 100 >>> 70
  • Infernal Drake: 100 >>> 70
  • Hextech Drake: 66.7 >>> 47
  • All Dragon % Current Health damage on auto: 7% >>> 5%

Elder Dragon

  • Health: 6400(+180 per minute) > >> 6400(+290 per minute)
  • AD: 150 >>> 105

Rift Herald

  • Rift Herald gold reward: 100 to killer >>> 100 to killer + 200 local gold
  • 2nd Rift Herald Mercenary (summoned Herald) now has 75% more health