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Jaishil Mistry
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League of Legends: Patch 11.7 Preview

League of Legends champions including Lux, Ekko and Annie charge into battle

LoL Patch 11.7 set to release on March 31.

The latest patch for League of Legends (LoL) brings major changes to gameplay. The preview for patch 11.7 includes a total of 17 adjustments from design director Mark “Scuffy” Yetter. Players can expect this patch to be released on March 31.

Changes have been made to champions, making significant changes to the jungle and support metagame. Hecarim and Udyr are the strongest junglers regardless of solo queue or professional play. In order to change this Riot Game developers are targeting these champions with nerfs. Two marksmen are also being nerfed with the newest LoL patch.


E – Devastating Charge, move speed is reduced from 75 to 65

Up until this patch Hecarim’s move speed has been too high for enemies to counter. Riot Games reduced his movement speed in order to counteract this.


Base attack damage is reduced from 66 to 64

Game developers chose to reduce Udyr’s base damage to make him weaker earlier on in the game. Udyr’s speed remains the same with the newest patch.

Both champions are affected by the nerf to the item Turbo Chemtank, slowing its percentage. This makes it more difficult for Hecarim and Udyr to attack enemies.


Base attack damage reduced from 61 to 59

Tristana’s base attack damage has been reduced to prevent early-game power and maintain her integrity as a marksman. The Hail of Blades rune has made Tristana a major player in both the bot lane and later in the game. Reducing her damage will reduce her output but Tristana will continue to do well regardless.

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R-Killer Instinct cooldown increased from 110-70 to 130-70

Riot Games chose to focus Kai’Sa’s nerf on her Killer Instinct cooldown. Increasing the cooldown earlier on in game play will increase difficulty in assassinating enemies.  This change aids in preventing her from becoming easily unstoppable later in the game.

Riot buffs 9 Champions in patch 11.7

9 champions have been buffed to counteract the nerfs releasing with this patch. Ashe and Varus are two of the champions who are receiving buffs since they are considered to be very weak. Riot Games is buffing these champions in an attempt to return them to the meta. Varus is gaining attack damage, while Ashe has an increased damage in her Volley.

Other champions being buffed in this patch include Kindred, Amumu, Yasuo, Mordekaiser and Lissandra,

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