Alex Armatas
Alex Armatas
Alex is a Rutgers University student studying Communication and primarily plays League of Legends in his free time. He is currently ranked Grandmaster as an ADC and his favorite champion is Ezreal. Alex has been following the competitive League of Legends scene since season 3 with his favorite region being the LCK.

League Of Legends: Best Champions For Climbing Patch 10.15

The words "Best Champions" and "Patch 10.15" appears in white text over a list of league of legends champions
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You’re wondering how to get LP? We've got the answers. Let’s dive into patch 10.15!

Top Lane - Shen

League of Legends champion Shen with the Pulsefire Shen skin holding a laser sword with two people behind him in a cave

Patch 10.15 buffed Shen’s passive shield to allow him to trade a little more freely in lane and it seems like it was just what he needed to break into the meta. Shen is a great champion because he can fill different roles for a team with just his kit. He brings engage, global pressure, peel and dueling all while being a relatively uncontested pick. If you’re looking to frustrate opponents and win the game through simplicity, Shen is the go-to pick for Top Lane.

Jungle - Karthus

League of Legends champion Karthus emitting a glow from his hand and swirling ghost faces around him

Another champion that wins purely by having a better kit for map pressure? If you want to win the game stress-free and cash in on some sweet LP, Karthus is your guy. Patch 10.14 gave him huge buffs to his base stats with a 22 base health increase and a massive 10 base movement speed increase and it seems like people are finally realizing how broken he is. The key to Karthus is power farming your jungle while keeping your eyes on the map. The moment your teammates are in a close fight feel free to press that R button and reign terror on the rift. You’ll be climbing ranks while feeling like you’re playing a PVE edition of League of Legends.

Mid Lane - Galio

League of Legends champion Galio splash art showing him standing in front of a sunny village and causing enemy soldiers to flee

I’m sure some of you were thinking that Zed might be the go-to pick for Mid Lane, however, a roughly 40% ban rate in games above Platinum is not doing him any favors. Instead, have another global pressure champion who goes by the name of Galio. Galio is a fantastic champion for climbing because, you guessed it, he does it all. Damage, roam, peel, engage, global, he does almost everything as good as any other mid laner you could name. Take the runes Nimbus Cloak and the Summoner Spell Teleport and impact the match as much as possible with a speed taunt on the enemy backline from a flank Teleport.

ADC - Caitlyn

League of Legends champion Caitlyn in the Headhunter Caitlyn skin holding a futuristic rifle glowing red

Non-stop buffs for the sheriff of the rift? Patch 10.15 finally pushed her over the edge into absolutely broken territory. The highest base range of all ADCs now paired with an increased base movement speed from Patch 10.15, it seems like nothing can stop Caitlyn’s dominance. Look to poke your opponents with short trades and whittle down their towers while acquiring money from plates as your opponents cry at tower. Set-up good traps for objectives and win with a controlled playstyle.

Support - Lulu

League of Legends champion Lulu in the Dragon Trainer Lulu skin jumping through a field with baby dragons

Enchanters might not be seeing much light in pro-play, but don’t let that fool you, Lulu is shining bright on the rift. Pair Lulu with any meta ADC and you’re on the way to an easy victory as you empower your carry while polymorphing anything that might get in their way. What’s that? Your ADC is autofilled? Don’t worry about it, simply use your spells on the strongest champion on your team and you’ll probably still win with how strong Lulu’s kit is. Just don’t forget to ban Blitzcrank who is seemingly the only champion who has an easy way to deal with enchanters at the moment.

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