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Interesting Facts About CS:GO That You Might Not Have Known

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CS:GO is, to this day, one of the most popular shooter games. Despite not being the newest franchise, the fan base is still strong, and willing to support the game till the end. Having the popularity that it does, it’s not a surprise to see it being one of the kings of esports, with various tournaments that focus on it and many people CS: GO betting on matches.

But as usual, even if you’re already a veteran of the game, there may still be things you’re not aware of. Nobody knows all of it, after all. Here are some fun facts to know about CS:GO.

1. Message Disabling is Possible

Isn’t it annoying when people are trolling in the chat, or when you receive a lot of spam messages? They can be distracting, and very off-putting when you’re just trying to enjoy a good old CS:GO match. Well, you should know that disabling messages is actually possible. IGNOREMSG will let you disable everything, so you can go back to concentrating on the game.

2. No Competitive Mode or Skins in the First Game Version

People who are hardcore CS:GO players would be mad if the game took away the skins or competitive mode options. Especially since the game has become such a popular eSport, it’s hard to imagine it without these options. Well, in the beginning, when the first version of the game was released, none of these things existed.

It was just a simple game, with no skins and matchmaking.

3. You Can Pull Out Money from the Overpass ATM

Do you like playing on the Overpass map? Then there’s a little secret that you should know of. If you happen to be in the A bombsite area while in death-match on Overpass, you are able to withdraw money from the ATM. There is a bank that allows you to take money, and you can pull out the cash with the “use” button. Pretty helpful, isn’t it?

4. It’s Possible to Listen to Music in CS:GO

While you may not be able to play your favorite playlist, there is a way to hear some music in the game. On the d-train map, there is a table with a radio on it. The radio is playing the Team Fortress theme song, so if you want to explore and have some fun, look for the radio next time you play on the map.

5. You Can’t See Your Shadow

This may be a little weird, but you are actually not able to see your own shadow in CS:GO if you’re in POV. POV cams don’t have a shadow render, so good luck trying to look for your shadow – it’s impossible to find it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re into CS:GO, then you may love to learn new things about it every chance you get. Hopefully, these few facts that we offered are new to you, and they helped you gain more love for the game.

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