How to Heal in Nightingale

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How to Heal in Nightingale

Find out how to heal in Nightingale with our simple guide

The new open-world survival game: Nightingale has gamers very excited as they take up the challenge solo or with friends, of surviving the gaslamp fantasy world of the Victorian era. And with survival, one thing becomes crucial: healing. This guide will help you keep that health bar up!

How to Heal in Nightingale

So far, you could say there are two ways to heal in Nightingale. You can either get immediately better using a healing salve or wait a little and let time do its magic. We will explain both so you can choose whatever is convenient for you!

Crafting Healing Salve

Firstly, you need to create a campfire to craft the Healing Salve. After you open up the crafting screen of the campfire, you will find Healing Salve in one of the first options. You will need a couple of items: 1 Bone and 1 Fiber.

How to Heal in Nightingale

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To get Bones, go hunting in the wild using your Simple Hunting Knife. Tier 1 Predators aren’t too difficult to kill, and you can get the items that are required early game from them easily, such as Bones and Hides. You can also buy Bones from Essence Traders, found at different locations, for 10 Essence Dust.

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As for the Fiber, you need to collect tall chunks of ferns or grasses near water sources. They are available in bulk, so you can just go on a farming spree and collect as much as you need. You can also get them in the desert biome by collecting thin and tiny plants that are circular in shape and have a rusted color.

Healing Overtime

If you don’t feel like using Healing Salves all the time, your character can stay in good health with passive healing. There are two bars in Nightingale you should keep your eye on, the hunger bar (green one) and the rest bar (blue one).

Keep your character fed with food which you can easily do at the Campfire. Cooking is essential in every survival game so do not underestimate it. And make sure you get rest using a bedroll. This way, your hunger bar and rest bar will be filled.

You will get the relaxation buff if you are well-fed and rested which will recover health over a period and you will not need to rely on the Healing Salve at all times.

That wraps up our guide on how to heal in Nightingale. Now you can enjoy the survival game without worrying too much about your health. Check out our other guides such as Nightingale Umbrella Guide, Nightingale Magic System Overview, Nightingale Weapon Guide, etc. Learn more about Nightingale and other games on ESTNN!

How to Heal in Nightingale
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