How to Destroy Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2

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How to Destroy Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2

Wondering how to destroy fuel silos in Helldivers 2? Here’s the answer

Helldivers 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the 2015 game, has been making major waves among gamers ever since its release. While the departure from the top-down style of the original game might be disappointing to some OG fans, most people are pretty obsessed with it.

When we tried it out, we loved the third-person co-op style that the game had going for itself. Going from planet to planet, cleaning up objectives while battling swarms of angry robots and bugs, was a pretty fun experience.

One of the mission types in the game has you destroying Fuel Silos, a dark cylindrical building, but the game doesn’t make it clear how to do that.

Shooting them doesn’t work, and naturally, it has many gamers stumped as to how they can get it done. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll give you the steps to destroy those pesky fuel silos in Helldivers 2 so you can get on with your merry, robot-killing adventure. Let’s get started!

How to Destroy Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2

How to Destroy Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2
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To destroy the Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2, you need to use a Stratagem called Hellbomb. However, unlike other Stratagems like Machine Gun Sentry or Orbital Precision Strike, you can’t unlock Hellbomb on your own. It’s a mission-specific Stratagem that shows up when the objective is to destroy the silo.

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So how do you do it? Here are the steps:

  • Head for the Fuel Silo. It’s a cylindrical building with red lights.
  • When you get close enough, you should see a Hellbomb added to your Stratagem list.
  • Call in the Hellbomb as close to the silo as you can
  • Make sure all the nearby enemies are down.
  • Activate the terminal after it arrives.
  • Run away

After a few seconds, the Hellbomb will activate, blowing the fuel silo and everything nearby to the high heaven. 

However, if an enemy manages to shoot down the terminal before the bomb goes off, it will get destroyed, and the bomb won’t activate. That’s why it’s best to make sure there’s no enemy in the area before you turn it on.

Also, once you activate the bomb, make sure you get as far away as possible. Otherwise, you’ll get blown to bits as well.

Calling in a Hellbomb!

Whether you’re playing the game solo or partying up with your friends, Helldivers 2 promises a fun time. It offers plenty of variety in its mission types, and taking down swarms of enemies feels downright brutal.

With our guidelines, you should now be able to destroy those fuel silos and continue on to your next mission. Good luck!

How to Destroy Fuel Silos in Helldivers 2
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