How To Create Your Own Tracks In Forza Horizon 5

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How To Create Your Own Tracks In Forza Horizon 5

Discover the thrill of track creation in Forza Horizon 5. Learn how to create your own tracks and share your creations with the gaming community

Forza Horizon 5's Events Lab is where you get creative. You can make your own tracks, arcade events, and PR stunts. The cool thing is, you can use existing routes and modify them or start from scratch. You can also download stuff made by the community.

How To Create Your Own Tracks In Forza Horizon 5
Credit: GTPlanet

You can add things like ramps and obstacles to make things interesting. While there are no loops to drive upside down, you can get creative with ramps. To make your own custom course, you need to make some progress in the game and then head to a race icon. Choose “Enter Event,” and from there, you can select “solo” or “create route” to start designing your course.

So, if you're looking for something fun to do in Horizon Mexico, creating your own events is the way to go. Race or challenge, it's up to you. Have a blast and don't forget to share it with the community for others to enjoy too! 

Using The Event Labs Rout Creator

In Forza Horizon 5, using the Events Lab and Route Creator is an exciting adventure. To get started, for the Events Lab, you should choose the “Horizon Event Lab” option. This allows you to select the car that will test drive your route. 

The Event Lab menu provides various options, similar to a standard track. Notably, it enables players to set descriptions, name their course, choose music, and access additional settings before diving into the route creator. It's a good idea to experience the default course in Forza Horizon 5 before making any alterations to get a better feel for it.

With the Route Creator, you have the ability to design races up to 40 miles in length, with the freedom to create up to 250 checkpoints. Once you've configured all the settings and personalized preferences, take your course for a test drive and complete the race. This step allows you to share your freshly created track with the gaming community. 

Moreover, even though there's a limit on the number of items a course may contain, players can duplicate selected items like archways to add another element without using up the limited space on the course. These same settings and customization options also apply to PR stunts in Forza Horizon 5.

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Basics of Creating Your Own Track

Here are the fundamentals.

To craft a race:

  • Visit a racing event.
  • Press the View button (or X in Automatic mode).
  • Choose “Create Route.”
  • Select your desired car.
  • Begin shaping your track.

To devise a challenge:

  • Pause the game.
  • Navigate to Creative Hub using LB/RB.
  • Access The Horizon Super7.
  • Opt for “Create Challenge Card.”
  • Choose from eight Challenge Types: Speed Cameras, Skill Score, Set Route, Danger Sign, Skill Route, Skill Mastery, Drift Zone, or Damage Control.

Creating a Track

Here is a break down of how to get started on creating your own track

  • When it comes to creating a race, think of your car as your paintbrush. As you drive, you're crafting the track. Whether it's a sleek road or a challenging dirt path, it's your canvas. And if you make a mistake, simply hit the Y button to rewind and start again.
  • Adding checkpoints is easy. Just press the View button on your controller. You can adjust their width and position. If you're satisfied, press A; if not, hit B.
  • To review your track layout, press the Menu button and choose “View Map.” If you're not happy with what you see, you can either restart or quit.
  • To spice up your creations with props, go to the Blueprint Builder. Open the Blueprint Builder Library by pressing the Menu button. Select your desired objects by navigating with the left analog stick and confirm with the A button.
  • Fine-tune the placement using the left stick for positioning, RT/LT for height adjustments, and the directional buttons for rotation. You can also clone objects with the Y button or delete them with X.
  • Remember, there's a limit to the number of objects you can place, displayed in the upper right of the screen.
  • For sprint races, use the Menu button to place a finish line. For circuit races, drive around and return to the starting point. It's that simple. After creating your track, take it for a test run.
  • Once you're satisfied, select “Create New” and give it a name. Create a custom event with your chosen rules, whether it's daytime, nighttime, sunny, or rainy. Determine the number of Drivatars you want to race against and add a cool event name. Your masterpiece is complete!
  • Advanced creators can go even further by selecting “Rules of Play” to create advanced rules for their events.
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Creating a Challenge

When creating a challenge in Forza Horizon 5, you've got options. You can choose from eight different challenges:

  • Speed Cameras, Danger Sign, and Drift Zone: Select the target PR Stunt, set a target score, and define a time limit.
  • Skill Score and Skill Mastery: Set a target score and establish a time limit.
  • Set Route, Skill Route, and Damage Control: Choose a target destination and set a time limit. Skill Route challenges involve achieving a high score before reaching the destination. Damage Control is about reaching the destination without damaging your car too much. Excessive damage means it's game over.

Similar to races, you can customize the time and weather for your challenges. Add objects to make your challenge stand out. And don't forget to give it a cool event name. With that, your challenge is good to go! 

Share Your Masterpiece with the Community

In Forza Horizon 5, sharing your creations with others is made easy through Share Codes. To find the Share Code for your newly-created races, head to the Creative Hub and select “EventLab.” From there, choose “My Events,” and use LB/RB to navigate to “My Shared Events.” If the Share Code is hidden, simply press the RT button to reveal it.

For your custom challenges, the process is slightly different. Go to The Horizon Super7 and access “Challenge Cards.” Use LB/RB to select “My Challenge Cards,” then press the Y button to view your created challenges. Here, you can select “View Share Code.”

These Share Codes are the keys to allowing other players to experience your custom races and challenges. Sharing your creativity has never been simpler in the world of Forza Horizon 5. 

Create Your Own Tracks In Minutes

How To Create Your Own Tracks In Forza Horizon 5
Credit: Dexerto

In Forza Horizon 5, you'll find a diverse collection of Event Lab creations crafted by Playground staff. The team is actively curating and showcasing the most outstanding player-created content within the game and on upcoming streams. This means your exceptional creations have the chance to shine and be celebrated by the community. 

From figments of the community’s imagination to actual replications of real life tracks available on the Forza Motorsport series, there are a lot of good tracks to choose from. So if you have the knack to create one on your own, check out a few videos and have a lot of patience. Get into the game and create your masterpiece!


How To Create Your Own Tracks In Forza Horizon 5
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