Halo Infinite Season 3 Patch Notes: Complete Balance Changes and Resolved Issues

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Halo Infinite Season 3 Patch Notes: Complete Balance Changes and Resolved Issues

Halo Infinite Season 3 Patch Notes include several balance changes and content updates.

This article includes the full list of balance changes. For the complete breakdown of the content released in the recent patch, head to the official site.

Balance Changes

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol's charge time has been increased, and the tracking of the charged shot is now less aggressive.

Developer Notes

The Plasma Pistol was another weapon that got a buff in the Winter Update. That patch pushed it in the right direction, but we were still not totally satisfied with it. There were two situations we were seeing on social media and running into ourselves during playtests:

1. Players could sprint with the Plasma Pistol, start getting shot in the back, turn while charging and “noob combo” the player that should have had advantage. Reversals are important to Halo! but with how strong the Plasma Pistols charged shot has to be mechanically, the reversal was just too easy. This gameplay loop is also less interesting than a charge when it takes more commitment, and rewards a player's good positioning and timing.

  • Charge time increased from 1s →1.6s

2. The tracking was unpredictable for victims. We want to give victims a chance to avoid the projectile if played well. To encourage this, we gave a mixture of changes to the projectile tracking which should make it more consistent overall. Player should find the projectile seeks closer to center mass but has less aggressive tracking.

  • Tracking Angle Max: 70 degrees → 50 degrees
  • Tracking Angle Min: 35 degrees → 25 degrees
  • Tracking Target Radius: 0.5 wu → 0.3 wu (World Units)

VK78 Commando Rifle

The Commando Rifle now requires 9 consecutive shots to break a player's shields.

Developer Notes

We got pretty consistent feedback after the Winter Update that the Commando felt better to use, people were able to keep on target and land their shots! But this new handling made it a little too easy to have a high damage output. Since the Commando was feeling good to shoot, we wanted to pursue a small nerf to its efficacy to keep it in line with other weapons in the Sandbox.

  • Increased Shots to kill by 1
    • Damage per bullet from 20 → 17.5

Halo Infinite Resolved Issues and Bug Fixes

The Halo development team is actively working on a variety of game updates and improvements based on both player feedback and bug report tickets.


  • While playing on PC at 60 frames per second (FPS), players using a controller will now experience haptic feedback (controller rumble) while sliding.
  • Improvements to online service connections after re-entering Halo Infinite from a suspended state or via Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles. Players should see more stable reconnections to our services.
  • Players can now pause cinematic cutscenes during both Campaign and Academy.



  • The Weapon Racks in both the Recharge and Detachment maps now spawn the correct Power Weapons. Both maps have returned to the Ranked Arena playlist alongside the Season 3 update.
  • Players can no longer continuously revive each other inside the Danger Zone during an Elimination match.
  • The level geometry of the map Aquarius has been adjusted so that players can no longer see through some walls.
  • Players are no longer able stand on top of invisible ledges in the Breaker map.
  • Players can no longer shoot rockets through the bottom of the maintenance door in the Launch Site map.
  • Players can no longer throw grenades through the ground while playing in the Yard area of the map Live Fire.
  • Improvements have been made to weapon, enemy footstep, and environmental audio during multiplayer gameplay.
  • Multiple networking improvements have been made to address desync during online Multiplayer sessions:
    • Rubberbanding is less likely to occur when moving or sprinting immediately after a match starts.
    • Ammo, Equipment, and Grenades counts are more consistent after entering and exiting a vehicle.
    • On the map Behemoth, players are now less likely to experience rubberbanding while using the Grappleshot to pick up a weapon from a Power Weapon pad.
    • Vehicles are now less likely to desync when players use the Repulsor against them.
    • Melee attacks are now more likely to register while holding a Power Seed.


  • The Oddball now appears consistently when using the “Oddball Champion” Stance.
  • The animation for charging a Plasma Pistol shot is no longer delayed compared to the charge meter on the reticle (crosshairs).
  • Improvements have been made to the intro and outro of both the Argyle and Detachment Multiplayer maps.
  • The health bar now consistently appears at the top of the player's HUD after joining a game of Tactical Slayer that is already in progress.
  • Players will no longer experience extremely bright lighting while playing on the multiplayer maps Argyle and Detachment.
  • The damage and explosion visual effects for the Ghost have been improved to now better reflect the vehicle's state at further distances.
  • After loading into a Forge map in Custom Games with dark lighting, any reflective objects spawned on the map will now have consistent lighting effects.
  • While playing Custom Games in split-screen, lighting effects for Forge maps now appear correctly on both players' screens.
  • When playing Custom Games across multiple different Forge maps, objects used on an earlier map will no longer maintain their swatch and color on the next map.


  • The volume of other players using a nearby Kinetic Launcher or Gravity Lift has been increased.
  • Voice lines and other players firing weapons now have less of an impact on the volume of firing your own weapon.
  • The volume of both projectiles barely missing the player and the volume of projectiles impacting a nearby surface has been increased.
  • Slight adjustments to various sound effects for the following weapons and equipment:
    • Cindershot
    • Plasma Pistol
    • BR75 Battle Rifle
    • VK78 Commando Rifle
    • Sidekick
    • Heatwave
    • Repulsor
  • Voice lines now have less of an impact on the volume of melee and grenade explosion sound effects.
  • Sound effects for nearby but non-damaging explosions are now slightly more detailed.
  • To provide flanking players with more confidence that their footsteps are not revealing their location to others, the following adjustments and improvements have been made to traversal sound effects:
    • Reduced the max distance at which players can hear enemy footsteps.
    • The volume of nearby enemy footsteps has been increased.
    • Enemy footsteps are now affected by a “Focus” feature. This Focus feature will allow for out-of-sight enemies to have a better chance at flanking players.
    • Enemy footsteps now sound more muffled when obstructed from the player's point of view. Additionally, the volume of obstructed enemy footsteps has been adjusted to better reflect when enemies are at a different height (i.e. a lower or higher floor of the space).
    • New sound effects for obstructed footsteps have been added to provide a more realistic sense of whether enemies are in another room.
    • Additional surface sound effects have been implemented so that enemy footsteps are less repetitive.
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  • After enabling Speech to Text (STT), the chat window will always display the most recently sent message.


  • After being promoted to Fireteam Leader, the new leader will now be able to select a Playlist on the Multiplayer menu without backing out and re-entering the menu.
  • If an XP Grant is active, the correct amount of additional XP will be visually shown on the Reward screen.
  • Players' selected customization items now appear correctly in the Multiplayer menu after finishing a matchmaking or Forge session.
  • Players on Xbox consoles can now view the Gamertags and profile information of creators responsible for Forge content, such as Maps, Prefabs, and Game Modes.
  • The amount of time it takes to load into the Battle Pass, Multiplayer, Armor Hall, Weapons Bench, and Shop menus has been reduced.
  • If an XP Grant is active, the correct amount of additional XP will be visually shown on the Reward screen.
  • When purchasing a Battle Pass, the confirmation screen now properly distinguishes which version is being purchased, either the Premium Battle Pass or the Premium Pass Bundle.
  • If the player uses more XP Grants than necessary to reach level 100 on any Battle Pass, an error message will appear explaining that fewer XP Grants should be used.

Custom Games

  • When the Fireteam Leader selects a player in the Custom Games lobby menu, they are now able to promote or boot the player via the Player Options menu.
  • After rejoining a Custom Game, players will no longer have their first-person model spawn in a different location than their third-person model.

Custom Game Browser

  • Multiple improvements to the Base Map and Base Mode filters, such as:
    • If players use the Base Map or Base Mode filter to modify the Custom Game Browser, then refresh the results, the Base Map and Base Mode filters will no longer revert back to their default state.
    • Using the Base Map or Base Mode filters in the Custom Game Browser menu will now return sessions with edited versions of a selected map or mode.
    • The Base Map and Mode Filters now appear in the Customs Browser menu while Halo Infinite is installing.
  • Players are now able to join sessions via the Custom Games Browser more consistently.
  • When joining a Custom Game Browser session after the match has ended, players will now be taken to the Custom Game lobby of that session, instead of remaining in the Custom Game Browser menu.
  • In the Customs Browser menu, clearing the selected Tags no longer clears the selected Gamertags.


  • The activation sound effect for Active Camo no longer replays after changing camera perspectives in Theater mode.


Edit Mode and Creation Tools

  • During a Forge session, players will no longer be removed from the Fireteam when the Fireteam Leader selects the End Game option from the Pause menu.
  • Improved stability of Forge sessions when players are joining an in-progress session.
  • When previewing a sound for an Audio Emitter object in Forge, the previewed sound will now stop playing when the Object Properties menu is closed.
  • Dynamic objects now retain their selected texture after being duplicated.
  • Players can now swap between transform modes, such as scaling or rotating, while actively editing a selected object.
  • After falling from a tall height in Spartan Play mode, the falling audio no longer plays once players swap to Monitor mode.
  • Scaled objects will no longer revert to their original size when they are being used as part of a saved Prefab object.
  • Forge sessions will no longer crash after players duplicate a Script Brain with a massive number of Node Graphs attached to it.
  • Smaller objects included as part of a larger Prefab object will no longer shift after loading into a map.
  • Improvements have been made to server stability while moving or duplicating Prefab objects that are made up of a large number of smaller objects.
  • When entering Monitor mode, Prefab objects made up of multiple objects will no longer break apart into their individual components.
  • Object textures will no longer turn black while manipulating an object.
  • The Static Object Budget will now appropriately increase when new static objects are placed or duplicated.
  • Objects' selected Color Spread values now appear consistent across Forge and Custom Games.

File and Map Publishing

  • Collaborators will now consistently load into the latest version of the selected Forge map.
  • Players can no longer bypass Copy Protection when selecting a Prefab object.
  • Screenshots made for Prefab objects in the Details menu now save consistently.
  • Players will now receive a warning message whenever the name or description of their Forge map, mode, or Prefab contains any restricted characters.
  • Players can now consistently remove themselves as a collaborator on another player's Forge creation.
  • If ownership of a map is given to a new player, they will now be able to consistently manage other collaborators.
  • Forge maps will now save more consistently.
  • When viewing a Bookmarked file, the File Details now display all the relevant information, such as the version number, published state, and creator name.



  • Players can now access Weapon Lockers and Vehicle Terminals after enabling Linear Navigation Mode via the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu.


  • After exiting a Custom Game on an Xbox console and selecting Continue from the Campaign menu, the Campaign difficulty will remain on whichever level the player had selected.
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Network Co-Op

  • Multiple networking improvements have been made to address desync during Network Co-Op Campaign:
    • When playing with an unlocked framerate on PC, rubberbanding and teleporting is now less likely to occur in the mission Warship Gbraakon .
    • Players are now less likely to fall through the floor of the gondola in the mission Conservatory.
    • Stuttering and teleporting are now less likely to occur after taking the teleporter to the elevator room in the mission Spire.
    • Rubberbanding and teleporting is now less likely to occur in the Pelican at the end of the mission Outpost.

Halo Infinite Season 3 Patch Notes Full List of Known Issues

The upcoming patch paych addresses a list of issues with plans to fix them in the coming future updates.  The full list of known issues can be viewed below.



  • During the 10-second window before moving on to the next weapon level in Escalation Slayer, any kills made with the previous weapon loadout count for a full point, instead of half a point.
  • When using the VK78 Commando Rifle, eliminating an enemy without missing a shot does not grant the Perfect medal.


  • On PC, Halo Infinite may crash when players Alt+Tab to a different screen while loading into a 343 Industries map in Forge.
  • If the Control Panel menu is opened while viewing an Armor Core unlock notification, the Armor Core unlock notification will block the player's view of other menus.
    • Workaround: close and relaunch Halo Infinite.
  • When players equip the default Chimera helmet, swap to a different Chimera helmet variation, then equip helmet attachments, the attachments may appear to apply to the previously selected helmet.
    • This visual issue occurs in the Armor Hall menu and will not carry over to multiplayer gameplay.
  • After accessing the Customize menu, yellow icons may appear on the top right corner of each Customization tile under the Body & AI and Spartan ID menus.
  • When viewing the Post-Game Carnage Report, an “Outperformed” label is visible under the Kills and Death stats at the end of Escalation Slayer matches only.
  • Once players complete their final Ranked placement match, the images for Ranked Rewards fail to appear on the Rank-Up screen.


  • When the Target Framerate setting is set to 120 frames per second (FPS) on Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, the framerate does not exceed 90 FPS.

Custom Games

  • When the player modifies game rules for a Custom Game, those changes may not visually appear on the Custom Game lobby screen but are applied during the Custom Game.

Custom Game Browser

  • When players enter the Custom Game Browser and when viewing a session's Details menu, information regarding the session's game mode may not appear.
  • After launching a BTB match in Custom Game Browser with the maximum number of Bots assigned to each team, once the lobby starts to fill with real players, all players will eventually be kicked out of the session and presented with a “Connection Lost” message.
  • In the Custom Game Browser menu, the symbol for overall player count may appear as a magenta-colored icon.


  • While watching a Theater film, the timeline shows an inaccurate match duration and players are unable to skip to different score events.
    • Theater films can still be viewed in their entirety when this issue occurs. The shortcuts for fast-forwarding and skipping backwards are still functional as well.


  • If Halo Infinite is launched before it has finished installing, Forge mode may appear accessible before it has finished installing.
  • When a player deletes a Forge file, any player who Bookmarked that file will be unable to access their My Bookmarks menu.
    • Workaround: Uncheck any Bookmarked files via Halo Waypoint. Follow the steps below:
      1. Log on to HaloWaypoint.com.
      2. Click on Community, then Content Browser, then My Bookmarks.
      3. The Bookmarked files will likely appear as nameless files.
      4. Uncheck the Bookmarked files by clicking on the blue Bookmark symbol on the bottom right corner of the tile.
      5. Re-launch Halo Infinite and the deleted files should be gone from the My Bookmarks menu.
  • Scaling certain Forerunner Primitive objects in Forge may result in the items becoming distorted and scaling on incorrect axes.
  • On the multiplayer map Catalyst, a Winning Team Outro object is visible in Spartan Play mode.
  • Dynamic objects, such as crates or traffic cones, are interactable in Forge during Play mode, but cannot be selected while editing a 343 Industries map.
  • If players access the Object Browser in Forge and open the Rubble section under Accents, the game may crash when navigating the menu using the W and S keys.
  • When playing on an Xbox One or a PC with low graphic settings, friendly and enemy character models may not appear at a closer distance than intended.
  • If there are two players signed in on the same Xbox console under different accounts, they may be able to enter a Forge session together using split-screen. This feature is not officially supported in Halo Infinite.


  • If players exit and restart Halo Infinite multiple times during the mission The Tower, the door to the Chak ‘Lok boss fight will not open.
    • Workaround: Restart the mission using Mission Replay via the Pause menu.

Halo Infinite Season 3 Update File Size

The file size massive Season 3 update of Halo Infinite is approximately 32.1 GB on Xbox consoles: For PC players, downloading through the Microsoft Store app or Xbox app 27.7 GB. On Steam, the file size is 25 GB or less.

Halo Infinite Season 3 Release Date

The massive Halo Infinite Season 3 update is scheduled to hit servers on For the full patch notes article players can click here. To view ESTNN’s breakdown of the content released in Echoes Within, fans of Halo Infinite can click here. Besides including balance changes for a list of weapons, the first massive update of the year features of battle pass with over hundred tiers.

For more news and updates, follow us here on ESTNN.