Champions League 2022 finals: UEFA have confirmed the new venue as Paris!

Where will the Champions League finals be?

In light of recent events taking place in Eastern Europe, the 2022 UEFA Champions League final has been officially moved. Previously, the final was due to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia. However, since things are getting quite serious on the Eastern Front, UEFA has called an emergency meeting and switched the hosts location. And unless you’ve heard the news, you might still be wondering where will the Champions League final be?

To answer the question and to provide an update, the UCL finals will now be played in Pairs instead. The finals will now take place at the Stade de France Stadium. And as it happens, this will be the first time in a while that France has hosted the finals. In fact, the last time France were the hosts of the UCL finals was back in 2006. The stadium itself has a capacity of 80,000 people too, which is pretty extraordinary!

Anyway, the change has now been made official by UEFA, and we’d like to highlight some key details for you now.

2022 UEFA Champions League finals

2022 UEFA Champions League final changes – key details

Within the last 24-hours, the news has been received that the Champions League final will no longer be taking place in Russia. While there are many moving parts behind his decision, we would like to quickly run through the main points that people around the world need to know. Without further ado, let’s get started:

UEFA emergency meeting

Within the last few days, due to the rising tensions in Eastern Europe, UEFA called an emergency meeting to discuss the Champions League final. As many expected, the purpose of the meeting was to talk about whether the final could still be safely held in Russia or not. And given the way that things have been progressing in both Russia and Ukraine, an executive decision has been made not to host the final in St Petersburg. The statement with this decision has actually been issued this very morning, on Friday, February 25th.

As it happens, this is the third year running that UEFA has changed locations of the finals – something which is unprecedented in this competition.

New venue

As we have mentioned above, the new location for the Champions League final is the Stade de France, located in Paris. This stadium is no stranger to the Champions League, having hosted the finals in both 2000 and 2006. It is a lively venue with a maximum capacity of 80,000 people. And when you get such occasions like the Champions League final, it is expected that the venue will be sold out. This creates a fantastic atmosphere, and regardless of which teams will be involved, we expect that we will witness a great game on the night.

And if you needed any confirmation as to the scale and prestige of the new venue, it has also played host to the 1998 World Cup and the 2006 Euro Finals.

Where will the UCL finals be

Betting on the UCL finals

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