Betfred Grand National 2022: A detailed event recap and future betting implications

The 2022 Grand National was certainly a thriller, as we all expected it to be. And for those who made bets, we hope you managed to secure some wins! On that note, we’d like to take the opportunity to run through the various Betfred Grand National bets that pulled through this year.

Betfred Grand National – event recap and betting implications

If you came here before the 2022 Betfred Grand National, you no doubt discovered some predictions and tips, and maybe you even followed through on them? But regardless of whether you did or did not, we can still show you what went down during the race and which markets became a winner:

betfred grand national

Noble Yeats – 50/1

Of all the Betfred Grand National bets you could’ve made for the 2022 event, this one turned out to be the best of the bunch. As a 50/1 winner, Noble Yeats stole the show this year at Aintree. And what a fairytale it was, for the jockey to retire immediately afterwards. Of course, if you backed this horse through the Betfred Grand National places options, you’d have bagged wins on both parts of the bet.

Any Second Now – 15/2

Speaking of substantial Betfred Grand National places bets, Any Second Now was also a solid choice on the day. Sure, the odds for this horse to the place weren’t huge, and the fact that Any Second Now didn’t win was no doubt a letdown for many. But all the same, this was a winning pick for the Betfred each-way Grand National markets.

Delta Work – 10/1

Delta Work finished third in the 2022 Grand National, although many punters did back this horse for the win. Unfortunately, Delta Work didn’t win, but he still assisted with certain winning bets for those who went down the Betfred Grand National places route. At 10/1, the respective each way odds were also decent for Delta Work.

Santini – 33/1

As was the case with all betting sites, Santini brought in the highest payout for the each-way markets at the Grand National. Prior to the event, not many punters would have thought to back Santini out of all the ‘Betfred places Grand National’ options. But if you did, the score on Santini was fantastic. As a 33/1 winner in the ante-post markets, this was definitely the best each-way wager possible.

Fiddlerontheroof – 12/1

Crossing the line in fifth place, we had Fiddlerontheroof. Prior to the Grand National, this horse had picked up a bit of popularity among various punters. But it wasn’t to be on the day – unless you backed him within the Betfred each way Grand National options. If you had, your bet will still have pulled through with some impressive returns on the table.

Longhouse Poet – 12/1

Longhouse Poet managed to sneak in and take the final spot concerning Betfred Grand National each-way bets. As you can see, the odds for Longhouse Poet to win the Grand National were exactly the same as Fiddlerontheroof right before the race kicked off. So for that reason, the actual payout of an each-way bet on this horse was identical to Fiddlerontheroof.

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Betfred extra places today

Now that you know the scoop on how the Betfred places Grand National played out, let us point you in the direction of something else regarding the Betfred site. Right now, if you choose to bet on any horse race within the UK or Ireland, there is a chance that you’ll see something known as ‘Betfred extra places today’. As you’ve already read through the information above, this option allows you to bet on certain races with extra payout incentives.

While we cannot promise that Betfred will payout on the first six places, like the Grand National, it’s pretty common to see payouts for the first 4 or even the first 5. So with that said, it makes sense to get registered with Betfred if you haven’t already done so.

Betfred Places Grand National 2023

How about we now take a look ahead to the Betfred Grand National for 2023? After all, the ante-post markets are already open. This means that you can bet on the Grand National from today onwards – not bad, right? But which of the currently open Betfred Grand National markets should you be looking into?

Noble Yeats – 20/1

That’s right – Noble Yeats is already on the entrance list for next year’s Grand National. And at 20/1 for a horse that has recently won the event, this is serious value! This would also be a good call when looking at the Betfred places Grand National for 2023.

Any Second Now – 20/1

Given that Any Second Now finished as the runner-up in the 2022 event, this is another great Betfred Grand National each way market to consider. In fact, Any Second Now has finished in 3rd, and now 2nd on his first two attempts. So could the third result in a win?

Win My Wings – 20/1

So far in 2022, Win My Wings has managed to win 3 out of the 4 races that he has competed in. He has been fantastic in jump races too, which of course, bodes well for the Grand National. And at 20/1 odds, just like the previous two horses, this guy has a fighting chance of winning the event.

betfred grand national

Other expectations for the Betfred Grand National 2023

And finally, after running through the Betfred Grand National results, what about the build-up to the 2023 race? Well, we expect more of the same from Betfred. This covers the same payouts on up to six Betfred Grand National places. And it also includes the same offering regarding boosted markets, different specials, cashouts, streaming, bet builders, and everything else that Betfred has become well known for.

Currently, the Betfred Grand National ante post markets are still developing too. So you may want to keep track of moves regarding the markets, odds, and more for the 2023 Grand National.