Bet365 Bonus Code: Use * SPORTSMAX * to get bet credits in 2022

Bonus codes are part and parcel of the online betting game in the UK. Many sites will have such codes available for you to use, but not all of them are accurate. Not all of them lead to the same quality of bonuses either, which is where the bet365 bonus code enters the picture.

Introduction to the Bet365 Bonus code 

Of course, the bet365 bonus code 2022 must be applied in order to claim the respective offers. But assuming you apply the code correctly, you will be in business!

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Bet £10 & Get £50 in Free Bets for new customers at bet365


Min deposit requirement. Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits and are available for use upon settlement of qualifying bets. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Time limits and T&Cs apply. The bet365 bonus code SPORTSMAX can be used during registration. However, it does not change the offer amount in any way.

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With this said, if bonus codes are new to you, let us quickly clarify a few things. These codes are unique, and case sensitive, and they are specifically tied to set bonuses that various betting sites have available. Since we are referencing the bet365 bonus code here, naturally, the code is linked to betting offers with this provider. However, it’s also important to place emphasis on the new customer element here. These codes usually apply to welcome deals, which means you have to be a newcomer to a site to be eligible.

In the case of using the bet365 bonus code, this means you cannot currently have an open account. It also means you cannot have held an account in the past. But assuming you don’t have either of these restrictions to worry about, you can go ahead and apply the bet365 bonus code UK when registering. Details of this are discussed throughout.

What does the bonus code bet365 actually do?

We’ve touched upon the bet365 bonus code above, but there are still some specifics to cover. And on that note, newcomers will understandably be curious as to what the bet365 code links to, and what you can get by using it. In a nutshell, the bet365 bonus code 2022 can be used to unlock bigger and better welcome deals. This means that players who register without using the code may not qualify for the same bonus. Given that the code can also be applied for free, there is no inherent risk on your end.

So with nothing to lose and everything to gain, it is understandable why so many people are eager to find a code that works for bet365. To clarify, the code that we have presented for you can be used until the very end of 2022. This shows that you still have plenty of time in which to redeem and use the code. However, entering the code is just the first part of the process. To officially claim any of the deals that are linked, you have to meet the terms and conditions also.

This is true for every single promo code for every single site. The one and only exception is if a bonus code is linked to a no deposit offer. But these are relatively rare, and it’s not something that bet365 has to offer.

How to properly apply the bet365 bonus code

Now it’s time to focus on the application process for the bet365 bonus code 2022. Of course, discovering the code and understanding what it links to is one thing. But applying the code correctly is another thing entirely. And believe it or not, this is sometimes where players come unstuck. Naturally, we don’t want this to happen to you, which is why we’ve given you some key details on entering the code right here.

Locate the correct box

The first thing we want to note is where to actually enter the code. This is actually really simple, but it can still be confusing for those who are new to online betting. Basically, there is a bonus code box available when you get to page one of the registration form. This is the box where you can enter and apply the bonus code. Note that if you enter the code correctly, you’ll also get a little confirmation note on the screen. This note will state that the code has worked, and that you are eligible for the offer that it links to.

Enter the bonus code bet365 exactly as shown

Being able to enter the code exactly as shown is critical. If you make any mistakes or fail to enter the code correctly, the bonus simply won’t be credited to your account. For that reason, we like to recommend that new customers copy and paste the code to avoid errors. By copying and pasting the code, you can be 100% certain that you’ve entered the code correctly. Again, make sure you double-check that the confirmation message appears on the screen. Only then should you proceed with the rest of the sign-up process.

Apply when depositing to be certain

As stated previously, we always recommend applying the bet365 bonus code the UK when signing up. That’s because this is the first opportunity that you get to enter the code. But don’t worry if you forget, for there is a second chance on the cards thanks to the structure of the bonus. This chance is presented when you are depositing funds, which is a requirement of the associated offer. Alongside the deposit funds box, you will see a bonus code area yet again.

So if you have failed to apply the code when registering, you can apply the code once again when funding your new account. The same confirmation message must be shown before you can be sure that it has worked, however. So you still need to be vigilant here. And as you will soon find out, the deposit requirement here states that you must use a debit card. This means that you must use either a Visa or MasterCard while applying the code together.

By now, it should be apparent that you need to set up an account with bet365 to use the code and receive the benefits. However, some people believe that setting up an account can be a bit of a headache. We can assure you that with bet365, this isn’t the case. You can actually apply the code, set up an account, and lock in the bonus within a matter of minutes. And since we have provided links to get you to the right sign-up form, it shouldn’t be overly difficult to run through the necessary steps.

Regardless, we wanted to outline the exact registration steps to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. So here they are:

Step by step on setting up your account while using the bet365 bonus code
Use the links provided

We did mention that we’ve inserted links to get you to the right form above. And there is a precise reason for this. Without the links, you have to find the bet365 site and locate the registration form. As a newcomer, this task can be a little daunting, which is why we’ve kept things as simple as possible. Now you can simply tap the links and a new window shall open where you will be exactly where you need to be. This is true whether you are trying to sign up and use the code on mobile, desktop, or even via the app.

Set up your new username and password

A condition of opening a new account with this site is that you must create unique account details. This involves creating a username that hasn’t already been taken by an existing customer. It also involves creating a strong password to protect your account. Both of these are necessary before you can progress to entering the bet365 bonus code 2022. When creating your username, you will be instantly notified as to whether it is taken or not.

As for the password, you have the option to create your own or you can take the password suggested for you through various browsers.

Enter the bonus code bet365

We’ve covered the relative ways of applying the bonus earlier while giving tips on how to enter it correctly. However, this is still part of the sign-up process, so we wanted to give a quick refresher. Once you’ve set up your new username and password, you can then enter the bonus code before proceeding to the next page. To stress once more, we suggest copying and pasting the code to avoid any mistakes. But of course, you can just enter the code without doing this. Either way – just make sure that the code has been verified before you jump to the next step.

Provide all personal details

Bet365 is governed by gambling laws outlined in the UK. So of course, they are required to collect bits of information on all new customers. Mainly, this information consists of things like your age, name, address, and contact details too. These must be given when registering, and they will be verified by bet365 at a later time. So you should take your time here to double-check that everything has been entered correctly. This will prevent any delays regarding account verification once you have everything set up.

Agree to terms and conditions and set up any limits

Before bet365 will allow you to officially open the account, you must agree to the terms and conditions. This is fairly standard with online betting sites, to be honest, and there is no getting around it. So really, all you have to do is tick the terms and conditions box to state your agreement, and you are then almost there. But during this final stage, you also get the chance to establish a few limits with your account.

These limits include things like deposit limits, playing time limits, and other things too. These settings are not final and they can be adjusted. However, it helps to establish certain responsible gambling measures as you begin betting with bet365.

Open the account and verify details as soon as possible

Now that you’ve entered the bet365 bonus code, given personal details, agreed to terms and conditions, and set any limits – you are ready to open the account. But remember, things aren’t quite wrapped up yet regarding receiving the bonus. This bonus still requires a deposit, wager, and some other important steps too to ensure things go according to plan. However, the remaining steps are only possible once you’ve created the account.

Note that when you sign in for the first time, we suggest taking the opportunity to verify your account details. This can be done by heading to your profile, and from here there is a guide on how to verify your personal information. The two key details that must be confirmed include your date of birth and address. Bet365 tends to accept a form of ID like a passport or driving license for proof of your age. As for the address, however, you’ll need to upload a recent utility bill or even a bank statement.

Assuming your documents are all above board and as expected, your account will be verified quickly.

Specifics of the promotion related to the bet365 bonus code

You’ve seen snapshots of what the bet365 bonus code UK leads to throughout the information we’ve shared. But it’s always beneficial to cover some specifics of the code and what the qualifying requirements are. These steps are completely separate from the sign-up process and application of the bet365 bonus code that we discussed earlier. So let us reveal them right now:

Deposit funds with a debit card

The promotion tailored to the bonus code does require a deposit, as you already know. However, the deposit cannot just be processed with any random method. It must be processed with a debit card, as this is the main method that guarantees eligibility for the offer. Other methods are available for use on your first deposit, of course. But since they run the risk of not being eligible for the bonus, it’s much safer to use a debit card. Bet365 has both Visa and MasterCard options, and the minimum you need to wager for this offer is £10.

You can deposit more than this amount, but the stated minimum in terms of the bonus is just £10. And this is also the minimum that you are required to wager, which brings us to the next important step.

Make your qualifying wager

With funds loaded into your account, you are then prepared to make your qualifying bet. There are some set requirements for this particular wager. For example, you must make your qualifying bet on a market with odds greater than 1.50. And at the same time, you must ensure that this first wager has a value of £10 or more, all in one bet. You cannot make two separate £5 bets and still qualify, so just keep this in mind. Also, to clarify, you can bet on any sport you like with this first bet.

As long as the odds are above 1.50, it really doesn’t matter. But we would suggest picking an event that will take place soon after you place the bet. That’s because the free bet tokens aren’t issued until your qualifying wager settles.

Wait for the bet to settle and check your account

As touched upon above, the offer given here is only awarded to your account once the qualifying wager settles. And that’s why we suggest picking an event that is scheduled within hours of placing your bet. This is the best way to get the most out of the bet365 bonus code, as then you can start thinking about where to place your free bet tokens. We recommend taking note of the event you’ve bet on and when it will finish. From here, your free bet tokens should be credited to your account within 24-28 hours.

So of course, we suggest checking in with your account regularly to be on the ball.

Apply your free bets on markets that you find appealing

Once the free bets are added to your account, you are then ready to wager them. With five free bet tokens at your disposal, you can essentially take a free punt on five different events through five different markets. Alternatively, some players prefer to load several tokens onto the same market. This does increase the possible returns for this wager, of course. But at the same time, it increases the risk that you’ll gain nothing from the bet365 bonus code.

This is the case because should your selected market lose, you won’t have gained a return from the free bet.

Reasons to use the bonus code bet365 right now

We would hope that it is clear regarding the value of the bet365 bonus code at this point. However, if you are still on the fence as to whether to use it or not, we’d like to highlight a few key advantages for you to keep in mind.

It costs nothing

The great thing about the bet365 bonus code is that it costs you absolutely nothing to apply it. So in reality, you have nothing to lose by attempting to apply it when registering. If it turns out that you are not eligible to use the code, then again, you have lost out on nothing. But if you are eligible for the deal, then using the code gives you a better deal without having to stump up a single penny.

Chance of a larger welcome deal

The whole idea behind bonus codes is to gain a better promotion. That’s why these codes are unique and handed out to select sites like our own. So when you do enter it, it’s almost like you are gaining an advantage over other new customers. At the same time, it gives you some awesome value to use right off the bat.

Guaranteed five free bets

Since you now know the finer details of the bonus, we can stress this as one of the key benefits. As long as you satisfy the deposit and wager requirements, you are guaranteed to come away with five free bets. The total value of this bonus is obviously awesome too, and if you get lucky enough, you will gain some decent returns from the free bets.

Support our site

The last reason to use the bonus code is to show support for our site. The content generated here takes time to pump out. And we take great care in the information that we present to visitors. We do this to maintain the validity of the information that we publish. And in turn, this leads to a much better betting experience for all.

FAQs on the bet365 bonus code

There are two specific criteria that determine whether the code will work for you or not. Firstly, you must qualify as a brand new customer. Secondly, you must be over the age of 18 and a UK resident to legally register.

The bet365 bonus code can be used on whatever platform you choose. This means that you can use the code on mobile, desktop, and through the bet365 app.

Yes. You can use the bonus code up until the very end of 2022, which gives you plenty of time in which to use it.

If you do fail to meet the offer terms, then you won’t get the full benefit of the free bets. In the worst-case scenario, the free bets will just disappear from your account.

Yes. Bet365 is a multi-product site, meaning there are other bonuses for things like bingo, casino gaming, and more.