Who will win Super Bowl 2022 LVI? Odds, Favorites, & More

Wondering who will win the Super Bowl this Sunday? If so, you’ve come to the right place – check out our main tips below.

Super Bowl 2022 Winner Odds and More

As this game approaches, there is one burning question on every pundit’s lips – who will win the Super Bowl? Or perhaps a more common question people are asking is who is favored to win the Super Bowl? In our opinion, the answer to both questions is the Los Angeles Rams. Below, you’ll find the Super Bowl winner odds for these guys and a couple of other top tips!

Super Bowl Betting Odds
Winner - Los Angeles Rams: -198
MVP - Matthew Stafford: +100
Spread - Los Angeles Rams -4.5: -110

While the odds provided for the mentioned markets are accurate at the time of writing, they could well shift somewhat as Sunday approaches. So for that reason, we’d advise you to check in with the mentioned sportsbooks for the latest odds prior to placing your bet.

Most popular bets explained for the 2022 Super Bowl

As you can see from the table above, these are our top predictions for the Super Bowl this Sunday. And it just so happens that the markets we have mentioned are some of the most popular for all punters. So on that note, we’d like to quickly explain the market and our associated suggestions right now.

who will win the super bowl

Super Bowl winner

Let’s be honest, you’ve come here to find an answer to who will win the Super Bowl, right? Well, this is actually the single most popular betting market for this event right now. It’s also the simplest of all the markets mentioned here, which makes it appealing for beginners. And in our opinion, which aligns with the predictions for most pundits, we expect that the LA Rams will win the Super Bowl. They have some incredibly strong players, and they have been seriously impressive during the playoffs.


When it comes to the Super Bowl MVP Winner odds, the market isn’t quite as clear-cut as who will win the Super Bowl 2022. There is a bit more to consider, which actually makes the market more exciting, in our opinion. According to most online sportsbooks, the favorite to get the Super Bowl MVP award is Matthew Stafford. We actually agree with the sportsbooks in this case. He has been phenomenal all season, especially when it comes to touchdown scoring and passing yards. And at +100 odds (or thereabouts) at most sportsbooks, this bet shows decent value.


If the standard odds to win Super Bowl 2022 don’t really appeal to you for the Rams, there is always the spread market to consider. Different sportsbooks offer different spreads, but most are offering spreads of either -4.5 or -4.0 for the Rams. In case you are unsure of what this means, the Rams must win by a margin greater than the one stated for your bet to win. But based on their form and team cohesion, this is another solid wager to shoot for.

Anytime TD scorer

As an added bonus, we’d like to quickly talk about the anytime TD market. As the name suggests, your selected player must score a TD at some point during the game if your bet is to win. Our number one recommendation given his form is Cooper Kupp, although the odds aren’t fantastic for him – floating around the -190 mark. Other guys such as Ja’Marr Chase and Odell Beckham have more appealing odds, at +100 and +120 respectively.

Since they are part of the Rams squad for Sunday, these are also good markets to consider.

Who will win the Super Bowl this year? Event preview

Now that we’ve talked about who is favored to win the Super Bowl, and highlighted some key bets to make, let us provide a quick event preview. Of course, Sunday’s Super Bowl involves the Rams going head to head with the Bengals. The game will be played in the home stadium of the LA Rams, and the game will start at 6:30 pm, ET. As many are expecting, we predict that the Rams will get the win in this game. With guys like Strafford, Chase, Beckham Jr, and many others on the field, we just can’t see how the Bengals can take them down.

Obviously, it’s not impossible for the Bengals to win. But to answer the question of who will win the Super Bowl 2022 in terms of the most likely winners, it has to be the Rams.

Suggested sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting

Moving on from who will win the Super Bowl now, we’d like to run through some sportsbooks you should consider betting with:


who will win the super bowl - fanduel

FanDuel should definitely be on your list of bookmakers to bet with for the 2022 Super Bowl. If you look at their ‘odds to win Super Bowl’ section, they are extremely competitive. So if you bet with FanDuel for the main markets, your value is automatically fantastic. Beyond this, FanDuel has a $1,000 risk-free offer for new customers too!


odds to win super bowl - BetMGM

BetMGM is available in more than 15 states across the US. These guys are hugely popular for sports betting in general, and with good reason. The BetMGM app is fantastic, the odds for large events like the Super Bowl are solid, and BetMGM also supports premium features like cashouts and bet builders. You can also use our BetMGM bonus code WABPLAY if you are registering for a new account.


odds to win super bowl - DraftKings

Speaking of four-figure sign-up offers, DraftKings is another one. New customers can bag a first deposit match of up to $1,000 here. And beyond this, DraftKings delivers on great odds, existing player bonuses like free bets, cashouts, in-game parlays, and so much more.

FAQs on the 2022 Super Bowl

Yes. The top sportsbooks mentioned above all support live betting for this event.

That’s completely up to you, but with some sites handing out a $1,000 risk-free bet, we’d say that the Super Bowl is a good event to use it for.

Absolutely. Most top sites have a mobile app and a mobile site you can sign in and bet on the Super Bowl from.