Stardust Casino Promo Code 2023: Play Risk-Free up to $1,000 for One Day

Thanks to the Stardust Casino promo code, if you are a new customer, you can claim the special welcome offer we will dive into more here.

Steps for Claiming the Stardust Casino Promo Code

The exclusive Stardust casino promo code is easy to find on this page and if you follow our instructions, you will be able to create your account and benefit from the popular welcome offer. During the process, make sure to provide the correct information because you will need to verify it later. Without verification, you won’t be able to use your account for long and you definitely won’t be able to withdraw funds. Make sure to also enter the correct Stardust promo code, but we will dive into that later.

Stardust Casino Offers

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24 Hours of Risk-Free Play up to $1,000

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Up to $1,000 Risk-Free for 1 Day

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What is the Welcome Offer for New Users at Stardust Casino Online?

New players can claim the wonderful and unique welcome offer provided by Stardust Casino. If you sign-up for their platform, you can claim risk-free play for the first 24 hours on the platform. Let’s read more about the welcome offers provided for each state the online casino is legal in below.

Welcome Offer for Stardust Casino PA

Customers in Pennsylvania can enjoy the risk-free play on the platform for the first 24 hours after you place your first real money wager on the platform up to $1,000. Technically, you will receive 100% back on your net losses on the Stardust Casino online platform for the first day and the maximum amount you can receive from this is $1,000. The bonus will be received in site credits and there are certain conditions and terms you might want to follow. There is a minimum bonus you can receive after you deposit and wager, it will be more than $5, but less than $1,000 because there is also a maximum limit.

After the bonus period (first twenty-four hours) ends, you won’t receive the site credit reward right away, but it won’t be longer than 72 hours. If that timeframe passes and you still haven’t received your site credits, you should get in touch with a representative. Also, the bonus you receive will expire in seven days, so you better use it fast.

One thing you will be happy about is the fact that there aren’t any wagering requirements connected to the site credits you receive from the risk-free bonus. This means that after you receive your site credit, you will be able to use however much you want, whenever. You only can’t withdraw the site credit from your account.

stardust casino pa promo code

Welcome Bonus for Stardust Casino NJ

The welcome offer in New Jersey is the same as the platform in Pennsylvania – risk-free up to $1,000 on net losses for the first twenty-four hours. You should read the full terms and conditions of the bonus because something can always pop-up. The main difference here is that you will have to be in the state of New Jersey instead of Pennsylvania to play through your first twenty-four hours and the bonus itself. We suspect that if they launch in any new state in the future, like Michigan or Connecticut, which already have legal online casinos, the welcome offer would be the same as in NJ & PA.

There are no free spins that go with the welcome bonus, which is something we are used to seeing in bonuses that rival casinos in the USA offer. Let’s see what the competitors of Stardust Casino are offering instead.

Are There Any More Bonuses for New Players at Stardust Casino?

Stardust Casino offers players plenty of bonuses, but there is also something else that all new players can try out, as long as their new account is verified. If your account isn’t verified, you won’t be able to claim this bonus.

You may have also been recruited to the website via the “Refer a Friend” promotion. That bonus is also available to new customers if they want to recruit a friend to the website. It gives each referral and referee $50 if the referee completes the wagering requirements on time.

Once you generate and send the referral link, you will only have to wait for your friend to register an account and play through $10. That will qualify you for the bonus, but if your referral doesn’t make the $10 play on the Stardust Casino within seven days of registering, you won’t claim the bonus, nor he will.

The bonus itself is $50 in site credits for you and your friend. You will each receive it up to 72 hours after your friend completes the wagering requirement. If you don’t receive it within that timeframe, make sure to contact customer support. You won’t have to worry about eligibility when it comes to the specific games you can play with the bonus because all games on the Stardust Casino website are compatible. Also, another good news is that the $50 bonus has to be used on games, you can’t withdraw it, but there are no wagering requirements on the winnings from the $50 site credits you will receive.

Each person has a limit of ten referrals they can call to the platform and after that, you won’t be able to claim the bonus anymore. That makes the total bonus you can receive from this promotion $500 if you refer ten friends to the casino

Stardust Casino Promo Code Compared to Other Providers

In both New Jersey and Pennsylvania there are other online casinos that people could try out if they don’t like what Stardust Casino is offering. For example, the top online casinos in those two states are:

  • Caesars
  • BetMGM
  • Unibet
  • FanDuel

There are also some other casinos, which are only available in Pennsylvania, for now. For example, Playlive Casino is available only in the Keystone State, for now. Their welcome bonus that you can get using a Playlive Casino Bonus code isn’t as interesting as this one, but a deposit match is always a good way to introduce someone to online casinos, not that a risk-free day isn’t.

The “big guns” as we call the top online casinos in both states offer different bonuses to their new customers. For example, all Caesars, Unibet, and BetMGM provide deposit match bonuses to new customers, but the amount offered is different. Caesars and BetMGM provide a deposit match up to $1000, while Unibet Casino’s deposit match bonus only offers up to $750. There are also some side-bonuses these platforms offer that you might be interested in, like the free $10 or $25 on sign-up you will receive on Unibet and BetMGM’s platforms.

How to Claim the Stardust Promo Code Offer?

Claiming the Stardust Casino promo code isn’t as hard as you might think. The first step is to click on the link in this article and head over to the Stardust Casino page. After that, you will have to click on the blue “Join Now” button on the main page.stardust promo code

After you click on the button a window will appear and you need to choose your location (New Jersey or Pennsylvania). The next step is to fill out the registration form with whatever details the platform asks of you. Some of the details might be:

  • E-mail
  • Date of birth
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Stardust Casino promo code
  • Referral username

The most important step you need to go through when filling out your registration form is to type in the Stardust Casino promo code right. If you don’t do that, you may not receive the welcome offer we already talked about. Another thing you should avoid is spelling out the promo code because you might make a mistake. Instead, you should copy and paste it either using your mouse or keyboard command. Also, make sure that when you paste the Stardust promo code in the field, there are no intervals either before or after the code itself because that may also be considered a mistake.

Keep in mind that at some point, either now or later, you might need to enter your payment details, as well. With them, you can deposit into your account and play on the casino for real money.

Account Verification & KYC Process

Like in all other online casinos for real money gambling, you will have to validate your information before you can continue playing on the platform. That can happen via your profile menu on the page where you will have to upload documents that confirm your identity, address, and age.

For example, some of the documents that prove your identity can be a driver’s license or a passport. Keep in mind that you will have to send Stardust casino copies of both sides of your identification document, and a picture of yourself is also required in the documents you send, so a document without a picture won’t be sufficient.

To confirm your address, you need to send different documents. A utility bill, bank statement, or phone bill might do the trick, but you need to make sure the copies you send for verification include your full name, address, and name of the company or banking institution. If those details aren’t included you might need to send documentation all over again.

To confirm your payment methods, especially when it comes to withdrawals, you will need to send either a bank or card statement, or something else. The documentation varies depending on your deposit or withdrawal method of choice. But if you are planning to use multiple payment methods, you should know that you will need to verify that all of them belong to you. If you don’t do that, you can’t withdraw your funds.

If you fail to complete the KYC (know your customer) process, your account might be limited and you might not have access to the real money games anymore. That’s why we recommend you confirm your identity, address, and payment method or methods before withdrawing because it’s faster and you won’t have any issues later on.

Promotions at Stardust Casino for Existing Customers

There are promotions and bonuses available for existing customers, as well. After you complete the welcome offer, you will have the chance to participate in other bonuses. We already mentioned the “Refer a Friend” bonus, which can give you up to $500 for referring a maximum of ten friends to us. Other promotions are available each day of the week and offer customers fun ways to play games and have fun. We will talk more about them below:

Mondays – Deposit, and Wager $100 to get a $10 Bonus

Existing customers can opt-in to this offer every Monday. The most important detail is that you will have to opt-in before depositing the required amount on the platform. The minimum deposit amount required to claim this bonus at the start of every week is $100. You can also deposit more than $100 if you want and you will still receive the bonus. You will also have to wager what you deposited (either the $100 or more from your transaction during the day) on the same day as depositing it. Tuesday will be the day to receive your $10 bonus, or if that doesn’t happen, you will receive it within 72 hours. If not, you can contact customer support to fix any issues. The offer should be valid until Stardust Casino discontinues it. Check their website for the most recent promotions.

Casino Game of the Week – Bet $50 and get a $5 Bonus

Each week Stardust Casino selects one game to include in this promotion. If during a single day you wager $50 on that particular game, you will receive a $5 bonus during the next day or at most within 72 hours. Check back on the promotions page to see what game was selected for each week. Also, there aren’t any wagering requirements connected to the $5 bonus or the winnings from it.

Wednesdays – Table Games Risk-Free up to $10

Each Wednesday you will get the chance to play table games with a risk-free feature up to a net loss of $10. You will need to opt-in to the promotion before you can benefit from this and you will need to wager at least $25 on table games to be eligible. You will receive your bonus either one day after the promotional period ends or up to 72 hours after. You also can’t use bonus funds to play in this promotion.

Thursdays – Blackjack Warrior

Each Thursday you will get a chance to play Blackjack and win prizes from $2 to 250. You only need to opt-in to the promotion once and it will be valid for the whole month. Any bonuses will be paid from one to three days after the promotional period, like the other weekly bonuses. The bonus awarded depends on how much your wager was. Here are the correct bonus amounts.

  • If you wager $100 – $199, you will receive a $2 bonus.
  • If you wager $200 – $499, you will receive a $5 bonus.
  • If you wager $500 – $999, you will receive a $10 bonus.
  • If you wager $1,000 – $2,499, you will receive a $25 bonus.
  • If you wager $12,500 – $4,999, you will receive a $50 bonus.
  • If you wager $15,000 – $9,999, you will receive a $125 bonus.
  • If you wager $10,000, you will receive a $250 bonus.

stardust casino online

Fridays – 10% Deposit Bonus up to $10

Fridays are special because if you deposit, you will receive a 10% deposit bonus. You will have to opt-in before making the deposit and the deposit itself has to be made in a single transaction. You will receive a match up to $10, so to get the maximum bonus, you will need to deposit $100.

Weekends – Play Risk-Free on Specific Slots up to $10

This promotion is only valid during the weekends and you will have to play specific slots to be eligible. The full list of eligible games should be in the promotional details on the website. After you opt-in from the promotions page, you need to wager at least $25 on any of the Slots mentioned in the details for each month. You can’t use bonus funds for this promotion and you will only receive a bonus if you lose up to a maximum of $10. It can take up to 72 hours for you to receive your bonus, but it can also take less time based on various factors.

Stardust Casino VIP – Loyalty Club

Stardust Casino has a special VIP club or as some people call it – a loyalty program. All users are invited into it whether you are playing from New Jersey or Pennsylvania. Each time you play a casino game except for Craps or Poker you receive bonus points and tier points. There are five tier levels:

  • VIP Iron
  • VIP Bronze
  • VIP Silver
  • VIP Gold
  • VIP Platinum

Customers all start with VIP Iron and accumulate tier points to move up to the next tier. Tier points are generated by playing the different games. You can generate:

  • Five tier points for every $1 on Slots
  • Three-tier points for every $1 on Roulette, Video Poker, and Table Games
  • One tier point for every $1 on Blackjack

You must have certain points to even keep the current level of your loyalty program. Also, to receive a $1 bonus, you will need to acquire certain points, and the higher your tier level is the fewer points it requires for a $1 bonus. All tiers include instant bonus redemption, but only the tiers from VIP Silver upwards include additional bonuses. Only VIP Gold and VIP Platinum include gifts, while only VIP Platinum includes a VIP Host.

Does the Stardust Casino PA or NJ offer a Mobile App?

If you likely playing Casino games from the palm of your hand, you can surely take advantage of the free iOS mobile app available for Stardust Casino. You should know though, that not all games that the platform has will be available on the mobile app. If you want full access you will have to play from a desktop device.stardust casino nj

How to Download the iOS Mobile App?

Downloading the mobile app for iOS users is the easiest process of all. Head to your Apple App Store and in the search bar type in “Stardust Casino.” Find the official app and download it to your device from there. The app is free and you don’t need to pay anything to install or download it. You will only need to deposit funds if you plan on playing any of the real money games available.

How to Download the Android Mobile App?

If you have an Android device, downloading the app will take you a bit longer because Google Play won’t have it available. Head to your Settings and click on the “Security” section. Then, you need to check the “unknown sources” box or toggle on the button, depending on the interface design of your mobile device. This will allow your device to install applications from sources outside of Google Play, which is an Android security measure. If you want you can change the settings back once you download the app.

Head over to the Stardust Casino website and click on the pop-up at the top of the page, which will prompt you to install the mobile application. There should be an “Install” button there you can click on. After that follow the instructions on the screen and check to see where the. APK file was downloaded. Open your folders to the location of that file and open it to begin the installation of the Stardust Casino mobile app.

Stardust Casino Mobile Welcome Bonus & Offers

Even though there is a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, there aren’t any specific promotions or bonuses, which are exclusively available for mobile devices. All the bonuses you see will be available for both mobile and desktop users.

As we already mentioned, new users can register and claim a risk-free bonus of up to $1,000 for the first twenty-four hours on the casino platform. The full terms and conditions can be found on the website.

Mobile Site Access and Experience

If you don’t want to download the Stardust Casino mobile app, you can play from the official site via your mobile browser. The number of games available on mobile devices is limited, so you won’t have access to the full Stardust Casino library, but some of the best titles are still there. The site isn’t as efficient as the mobile app, but if you don’t want to download and fill up additional memory on your device, you can use the site just as easily.

Payment Methods Available on Stardust Casino

Stardust Casino offers customers a few ways for depositing and withdrawing from their accounts. Log in to your profile and click on the “Deposit” button to begin the process. Next, you should type in the amount you want to deposit and choose payment methods. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your deposit.

The same goes for withdrawals, as well. You only have to click on the button to begin the process and choose a payment method. Next, you should enter the amount you want to withdraw and complete the transaction.

You should know that there are a couple of ways you can deposit or withdraw funds from your account. These are the certified methods available at Stardust Casino:

  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe
  • Venmo
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • ACH E-check
  • Online Banking
  • Prepaid Card

The specific methods available in each state should be on your screen once you begin the deposit or withdrawal process. The time it would take for each withdrawal request to be verified can be from twenty-four to forty-eight hours and the time it would take for the funds to arrive depends on the payment method in question. For example, bank transactions take longer than e-wallet transactions, which typically take up to forty-eight hours.

Customer Support for Stardust Casino Customers

The support of Stardust Casino is excellent, but the catch itself is that you have to be a registered user for them to help you. You can’t access the Help Center, which is full of helpful articles and FAQs without an account on the platform. There are three ways you can get in touch with someone from the support team if you need any help. The fastest way is via live chat, while the slowest is via e-mail. The third way you can get in touch is to request a callback, which happens via the chatbot before you can communicate with an actual person representing Stardust Casino. If there isn’t anyone to take your call or answer your live chat request, you will be redirected to type in an e-mail specifying the exact problem you need help with or your question.

Popular Q&As About the Stardust Casino Promo Code

Stardust Casino has a license to operate in the USA only in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In other states, the casino isn’t available or legal.

You will have to be at least 21 years old to play on Stardust Casino.

Yes, you can. You only have to be in New Jersey or Pennsylvania if you want to place a wager on any of the games.

All bonus conditions and terms are listed on the promotions page dedicated to each bonus, so you should see that before claiming more than one bonus at any given time.

Yes, Stardust Casino uses modern encryption methods to ensure your data is safe, so you shouldn’t worry about giving out personal information during the registration or verification process. They are required by law not to share your data with anyone.

Stardust Casino offers some safe gambling features. Check out your profile options to find which ones you have access to.

The Stardust Casino offers the same promotion for new customers for both states, but the codes might be different depending on the time. Check out our table in this article, to see when it was last verified and what the exact code is for both states.

Yes, you will. If you are playing from a PC, you will have to download a plug-in that detects your location because Stardust Casino is only available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. If you are from your mobile device, you can use your location services, you don’t need a plug-in.

Final Summary of the Stardust Casino Promo Code and Review

Stardust Casino isn’t new on the online casino market, but they aren’t that old either. They operate in two states right now – New Jersey and Pennsylvania – but we expect them to expand in the future. We may see them in four other states that also allow online casinos to operate – Michigan, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Delaware. In time other states may also legalize online casinos and the business might expand even further.

Stardust Casino’s welcome offer is better than many other casinos that operate in these two states and they offer an array of different slots, table games, jackpots, and live casino games to their customers. We can also say that existing customers would never get bored because Stardust Casino provides enough promotions and bonuses for regular customers, as well. The loyalty program that they provide their customers is also quite interesting and provides even more chances to get rewards.

Overall, we think that Stardust Casino is a decent option and their welcome offer is very attractive, but they aren’t the best there is out there. If they want to compete with brands like BetMGM, Unibet, and even Caesars, they need to step up their game.