SBK Sportsbook Review 2023: The Sportsbook for Indiana & Colorado

Bettors in Indiana and Colorado can now sign-up to bet on SBK. Find out how to get started in this SBK sportsbook review. Claim your SBK welcome offer of up to $100 in free bets today when you sign up and deposit at least $20.

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Which Sports and Betting Markets is Available on SBK?

If you are new to SBK, you would probably want to find out if there are enough sports on which to bet. And because betting platforms with the most betting markets are the most preferred, we wanted to check if SBK merits in this area.

The good news is that SBK customers in Indiana or Colorado can now bet on a variety of their favourite sports. Golf, Soccer, American football, horseracing, Ice Hockey are some of the most popular sports on the platform. SBK also features a huge collection of eSports, which means punters can bet on their favourite eSports and still get the fun going even when NFL or soccer is off-season.

And when it comes to betting markets on SBK Indiana or SBK Colorado, you can enjoy up to 200 betting markets. Moneyline bets are popular on this platform but can also go for point bets, game players, overs/unders as well as player props. As the US betting scene continues to expand, SBK will continue to expand its gaming platform to even include international leagues which are not yet on the platform.

For punters looking for specifics, especially sports that are popular in SBK sportsbook Colorado, note that SBK betting also includes MMA, swimming, darts, and rugby, all of which happen to be up there among the most popular sports in the United States.

How Competitive are the Odds & Betting Limits on SBK?

Like everyone other sportsbook operating in the US, SBK has a huge potential to expand and become the best. The odds are some of the best and we see it as a strategy to complement the few promotions available on the SBK app. If you compare SBK with Draftkings, SBK beats the latter in odds competitiveness.

sbk sportsbook app

The betting limits on SBK USA are notwithstanding fare. You can bet from as low as 10 dollars and up to hundreds of dollars. Thus, the potential to bet any amount you wish without many limitations is something SBK uses to overcome competition. In particular, SBK is perhaps the only sportsbook that does not currently limit winners. You can bet and earn as many times as you deem fit but of cause wary of the risks that come with guessing outcomes.

Moreover, the minimum you can withdraw with Trustly on SBK is $40. However, a minimum of $10 applies to most withdrawal methods such as PayPal and Skrill.

In a nutshell, SBK odds are player-friendly and offer value to your stakes.

Which Promotions are available promotions?

Promotions are often the way to attract new bettors to a platform. Unfortunately, SBK doesn’t look particularly competitive in this area even though they do have a competitive offer for new players. So, what do you get when you sign up to bet on SBK? Check the details below.

  • Get Up to $100 Welcome Bonus on SBK-New players on SBK Colorado and SBK Indiana get up to 100 dollars in welcome bonus when they sign up to play on the platform. The conditions are simple. Sign-up for SBK betting or SBK casino (if available) and grab a chance to begin your betting journey. Use the SBK promo code to activate the welcome bonus.

SBK Sportsbook review

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SBK Sportsbook Review: Additional Features

Every sportsbook has its selling point. So, while SBK is relatively new in the US market (Colorado and India), you can still make the most of it. There are some exciting features to explore on the platform, so let’s explore each one of them below.

SBK Parlay Picker

Parlay Picker is an outstanding feature on SBK. The good thing about Parlay picker is that it suggests games to bet on, especially in situations where you are unable to decide. In a nutshell, Parlay Picker further makes SBK betting as intuitive as possible.

In-App Search Feature

A long list of daily matches often makes it hard to find a specific game on which to bet. However, we can confirm in this SBK sportsbook review that bettors on the platform can use a search feature to locate all they need in an instant. The in-app feature makes your betting experience even more intuitive and adds to the fun of betting using the SBK app.

SBK Betting Tips Page

It is not always easy to select the right bet or predict the correct outcomes of a match or an event. SBK community page on the sportsbook’s website enables you to interact with and follow top predictors of different sports. The good thing about the betting tips page is that it keeps the SBK community together in the most interactive way. You can post your predictions, comment on others’ posts and follow top predictors. With such information, you can always be sure to bet like a pro.

SBK Betting Tips Page

SBK In-play betting and live streaming

We note in this SBK sportsbook review that the app enables punters to bet on live games. With in-play gaming on the platform, you can always be sure to make the most of SBK live odds. Most importantly, in-play betting means you can always catch up with your favourite sports and bet on player props and game props even after a match has kicked off.

Unfortunately, we did not find a live stream feature on the platform. Notably, SBK is still new in the two states but with increasing demand for sports betting in the US, you can rest assured live stream will soon appear on SBK to enable customers to watch their favourites and bet live without leaving the platform.

How to place in-play bets and can you watch streaming of sports events?

You should be able to bet on live games on SBK. To do it, go to the live matches section on the SBK app and select a sport. You will see the live odds for each betting market. Just click any market and it gets added automatically to the bet slip. Bet any amount on the selected markets and click submit the bet.

However, SBK does not have a live stream at the moment. Thus, for players looking to stream sports on the platform, we are sorry to say you may have to wait a little longer.

SBK Cashout Review

The good news for bettors looking to join SBK in Indiana or Colorado is that you can cash out your earnings before a bet is fully settled.

To access the cash-out function, go to the active bets and select cash-out. Note that you cannot always cash out the expected total earnings until a match ends. Thus, the cash-out feature on SBK enables you to avoid running into losses should a game end contrary to your predictions. Moreover, anyone on SBK can use cash-out. However, the sportsbook can deactivate the feature anytime.

SBK sportsbook review: the Mobile App

In this SBK sportsbook review, we also wanted to walk you through a brief of the betting app. But first, note that SBK is an app-only betting platform, so all we have indicated above should enable you to navigate the app with ease.

SBK sportsbook review: the Mobile App

As one of the best betting apps in the market, Colorado and Indiana punters can rest assured of a great betting experience with the SBK sportsbook app. The app is highly useful and necessary given that most bettors today prefer using apps to websites. Most importantly, the app is well-designed, allowing you to bet with ease on any game of your choice.

For new players, all you need to start using the app is to visit the SBK website to start using the app. Here is a brief guide on how to download the SBK app.

  1. Visit the official SBK website in Indiana or in Colorado to download the app. Note that the sportsbook uses geolocation technology to access your location hence authenticating your access based on that information.
  2. Provided you are in any of the two states, navigate to the app download tab at the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Choose either to download SBK for Android or iOS. Note that the SBK app is an APK file (for Android users), so you will not find it on Google Play or the app store for iOS users.
  4. You should enable your mobile browser to download/install files from unknown sources. To do this, go to the browser permission settings.
  5. The app should now download/install successfully on your smartphone.
  6. Open the app from the home page of your device to launch it.
  7. Note that you can still download the app even in areas where SBK doesn’t operate. However, you will not be able to use it due to geolocation sensing technology that currently allows only bettors in Indiana and Colorado to access the platform.

SBK Sportsbook Review: Our Final Review and Opinion

SBK is undoubtedly a top sportsbook and its entry into the United States means the sportsbook is on its one to becoming one of the most popular beyond Europe. The introduction of SBK in the US, starting with Colorado and Indiana means we could see the bookmaker (Smarkets) explore opportunities in other US states. As a top betting platform, we must say the welcome offer is competitive, so it is a good deal for beginners looking to join the platform. The fact that SBK sportsbook Indiana and SBK sportsbook Colorado focuses on popular American sports such as NFL, Ice Hockey and Basketball means it will continue to gain wide acceptance as it expands to other states such as Iowa.

However, we would suggest the sportsbooks also consider introducing more offers and if possible, a loyalty program for existing players. The offers also seem to expire too soon, which is a disadvantage to punters, especially those who log onto the platform once in a while.

Now, to summarize our experience in this SBK sportsbook review, see the pros and cons below.


SBK sportsbook Indiana is a superior betting site with an intuitive platform.

The SBK sportsbook Indiana and SBK Sportsbook Colorado welcome offer is one of the best in the US market, especially if you consider the terms and conditions associated with it.

SBK has some of the best-betting markets in the US betting market today.

The SBK sportsbook platform is also one of the most extensive of the many we have reviewed in the US market.

SBK app features a great intuitive design that is interactive with every click.

SBK should consider introducing an inclusive betting site because it is currently an app-only site, which leaves out many potential customers.

They should introduce more promotions to tap into the growing US betting market.

SBK casino is lacking in many aspects.

SBK Sportsbook Review-FAQs

Yes, SBK is legal in the US and only players who have attained the age of 21 years or more are allowed to join.


To claim the welcome bonus, you should ensure to have the SBK bonus code when registering on the platform. Most importantly, visit the official SBK site to download the app. Once you launch the app on your smartphone, use the promo code and fund your account with at least $20. You also get at least $100 with the promo code and also up to $30 in free betting credits.


Unfortunately, the app is not available on the app store due to strict gambling policies by Google. You should download the APK file on the SBK website and then install it on your device. Note that your smartphone must be allowed to download and install files from unknown sources during this process for it to complete.


Yes, you can cash out a certain value of your potential earnings on the SBK app. Note that the bookmaker reserves the right to suspend or activate the cash-out feature on your active bets, so it will not always be available.


The sportsbook sign-up promo code is always available on the promotions page. Alternatively, you can check review sites to get the latest bonus codes for SBK. You can also check SBK’s social media pages for the latest updates on new player promo codes.


Yes, PayPal deposits/withdrawals are available on SBK Colorado. You also use Skrill to fund your account or withdraw earnings. Note that PayPal and Skrill remain the most popular e-Wallets, so their inclusion on SBK is good news to millions of users who have signed up for an SBK account.


Colorado or Indiana bettors can deposit at least $10 on SBK using most of the available banking methods.


Bettors in Indiana or Colorado can deposit up to $10,000 when doing a direct bank transfer. But for most banking methods on SBK, the maximum deposit is $3,000 and in some cases, $3,000.