Prophet Exchange Referral Code 2023: Prophet Exchange NJ is Live!

With the Prophet Exchange referral code collect up to $250 with your initial sign-up. Read on for more details. 

Prophet Exchange Referral Code

Anyone with a legitimate account on Prophet Exchange can claim $2500 at a go with a simple invitation to friends to join in the fun.

How The Prophet Exchange Referral Code Works

  1. Share your Prophet Exchange email account
  2. Refer your friends to complete their registration on the betting platform an deposit the minimum amount ($50)
  3. With each successful deposit within 14 days after a new account registration, you get $50

For a whole year, Prophet exchange limits the referral bonus to $2,500.

Prophet Exchange Welcome Offer

Prophet Exchange debuted in New Jersey and subsequently offers bonuses. Every registered player will get an extra $200 with a 100% match deposit rate. The offer is exclusive to players in NJ.

How to get the Prophet Exchange welcome offer:

  1. Register with the betting platform
  2. Deposit the minimum $50
  3. Claim the bonus; Prophet Exchange automatically credits you with the welcome offer

Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Only players registered with Prophet Exchange can claim any of the above offers
  • A minimum deposit of $50 triggers the offers
  • Every claim must be within 14 days after registration. Otherwise, the offer expires
  • Prophet Exchange imposes a 1x wagering requirement on all offers
  • No Prophet Exchange referral code required for a successful claim

Prophet Exchang Loyalty/Reward Program

The Prophet Exchange NJ VIP program selects members by their level of activity and betting on the site. VIPs get a waiver on their commissions, increasing their wagers’ bet odds or values.

Loyalty/Reward Program

In addition, anyone can claim the Refer-a-friend bonus through the “Exchange the Love” program. Prophet Exchange remains the first gambling service of its kind. Players also get a chance to invite and receive cash rewards with a few differences from a regular sportsbook, such as setting and displaying your odds. For instance, any registered member gets $50 from any newly registered member. The bonus doesn’t need a Prophet Exchange referral code. But, a player must:

  1. Sign-up with Prophet Exchange in the US
  2. Send out or share your referral link (Prophet Exchange email address)
  3. Have new members sign up on the site using your email address as the link
  4. Deposit the minimal amount of USD 50
  5. Claim the USD 50 additional bonus

Overall conditions for the bonus offers are that:

  • One must be 21 plus years of age to join the Prophet Exchange program
  • A newly signed member must deposit $50 within a fortnight of 14 days to trigger the bonus
  • Prophet Exchange must credit player and new member bonuses within three days (72 hours)
  • Interested players can only claim 2,500 dollars from only 50 new referrals
  • The bonus validity period is seven days after the exchange platform credits the $50

How can you unlock the Prophet Exchange bonus code?

Unlocking the bonus code follows a simple process.

Step 1: Open the Prophet Exchange NJ link: Search for the Prophet Exchange program on your search engine or use any referral link you may have.

Step 2: Register: Click on Sign-up on the main Prophet Exchange website. A registration form will appear, prompting you to enter your email address, State, and name. Proceed to click on Register.

Step 3: Complete the Registration: Fill in the following personal details form. Specify your KYC identification details, such as Social Security Numbers, or use your driver’s license. Click on Submit.

Step 4: Verification of the Account: Prophet Exchange uses KYC documents to verify your legal status. Once the confirmation process is over, you get a notification, and you can launch your account.

Step 5: Deposit: With an active Prophet Exchange account, place a deposit to trigger the welcome bonus since the site does not provide a code.

As of now, only players in New Jersey can claim the welcome and refer-a-friend bonuses.  However, those in Indiana can expect the exchange site soon enough.

State by State Mentions

Experience the best sportsbook services without limits on Prophet Exchange in the US. The only catch is that the platform is limited to several States. These include:

New Jersey

Prophet Exchange launched in the summer in cooperation with Caesars Entertainment. Any resident in New Jersey can claim the best prices by using high margins on the exchange site. As the first State where Prophet Exchange went live, residents have a chance to grab a $50 welcome offer and a $50 refer-a-friend bonus. Register with Prophet Exchange NJ today!


Indiana residents can expect the peer-to-peer sports betting exchange site to launch in 2023. With only a few months to 2023, interested parties can wait and observe. Retested parties can log into the site and app for more information on the progress made towards the launch. The only way to get updates is through registration. You do not have to wait for 2023 to become a Prophet Exchange member. Register today!

Experience on Mobile

Playing on the go is easy with Prophet Exchange app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Anyone owning a tablet or an iPhone can easily download, launch and register with Prophet Exchange.

Prophet Exchange mobile app

The mobile app has a logical arrangement with visible texts on a mint green and white background. Navigating the app is easy. Start with registration, look through the bet options on offer, access your betting slip, cash in the deposit amount, and wager.

Loading is fast regardless of the device or the operating system you use. The mobile platform simultaneously allows access to several betting markets, mimicking the desktop or PC website version. In addition to the larger scope that Prophet Exchange proposes, parties can set up odds that regular sportsbooks do not provide.

How To Download the Prophet Exchange Mobile App

  1. Visit the leading Prophet Exchange sports betting site
  2. Scroll through the site and look for the App Store and Google Play Icon
  3. Choose the relevant operating system for your mobile device
  4. The link will redirect you to the mobile phone app store
  5. The Prophet Exchange icon will appear on the app. Click on Install
  6. Open the app and Register
  7. Visit the cashier and deposit the minimum amount
  8. Claim the welcome bonus and start betting

Prophet Exchange Payment Options

A smooth transaction is a mark of a great sports betting site. Thus, Prophet Exchange provides the best payment method for NJ residents. Residents can back with e-wallets such as PayPal or do online Bank transfers using ACH or cash to Counter services. Cash to counter only happens at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. Residents must review the options and pick the most appropriate for their transactions with Prophet Exchange. These cashout and payment methods include:

Payment Option





Min. deposit $10

Min. Cashout $10

No Max


Online Bank Transfer



Min. deposit $10

Min. Cashout $10

No Max

Cash to Counter

Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City



Min. deposit $10

Min. Cashout $10

No. Max

Prophet Exchange Customer Care

The betting exchange platform prioritizes its customers. Apart from a legal and straightforward registration process, the betting site provides an Education section. Here, residents can learn how to claim the Prophet Exchange referral code and other bonuses on the site. At the same time, residents get to know how to set odds and draw max benefits from their wagers.

In addition to these is a FAQs section offering answers to simple questions on the site or mobile app. Learn to install the app, set odds, and choose payment methods via the FAQs section. However, the section solves simple matters such as log-in processes, passwords, and many more.

For a more comprehensive inquiry, you may need to use the 24/7 customer care services. For example, seek technical assistance via the support email. Prophet Exchange’s customer care team is always prompt, providing you with answers within minutes. Chat with the personnel via the live chat function for immediate concerns for immediate or instant responses. A customer care personnel is always available to solve your troubles when live.

Overall, Prophet Exchange offers the best customer care team and services. You can enjoy betting without concern with prompt responses, detailed answers, and committed personnel. The Prophet Exchange customer team has everything already sorted out!

What sports can you bet on with Prophet Exchange

Players now have several leagues from which to draw and set odds. These include the following;


Looking forward to national football sports season, ready your pens, do your math and understand the teams before setting any odds on Prophet Exchange


The action always permeates the National Basketballs season. The odds might be a little dynamic, but with adequate preparation and independence on Prophet Exchange, anything is possible.

What sports can you bet on with Prophet Exchange


Sit down and await the National Hockey League season. Starting planning your wagers and odds with each match played.


More matches in the season are a chance to bet and set more profitable odds.

College Football and Basketball

Here is where the action is, with the youngsters. Every match is different, and every odd is profitable. Try it out only on Prophet Exchange!

Why Prophet Exchange is great
What can Prophet Exchange do better

Sports betting on the exchange program uses a new approach and is unique

Independence is setting odds to improve the odds

An excellent prophet exchange referral code and other bonuses

No limits or strict wagering terms with odds provided

Convenient betting with both mobile app and desktop-based gaming sites

Independence in setting odds also sets the risk of losing big time

The site has no props or regular sports betting parlays


What is Prophet Exchange?

Prophet Exchange is a peer-to-peer website or sports betting platform with a unique approach to sports betting services. The platform is only available to NJ residents as of now.

What is the Prophet Exchange referral code?

A bonus code used by registered members to invite their friends to the website. Each referral earns the members a bonus of $50.

Is there an online casino on Prophet Exchange?

No, Prophet Exchange is sports betting peer-to-peer exchange platform.

What can I expect from Prophet Betting Exchange?

Interested parties can expect a dedicated customer support system, no limits or restrictions to betting on the site, better odds, and a flawless mobile app.

Who can join Prophet Exchange?

As of now, only residents in New Jersey can join and bet on the site. However, the platform will launch in Indiana in the coming year. Check for updates by registering with the site and read our Prophet Exchange review for more details.