Preakness Stakes Betting Tips: Cheat Sheet and Strategy Guide for Preakness Race 2022

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The day has finally arrived. The Preakness Stakes 2022 event is about to begin, and we are excited to be sharing a few key details with you right here. Specifically, we are about to discuss some Preakness Stakes betting tips ahead of the action. Of course, betting on Preakness markets can be done through various online platforms. But we recommend TVG as your go-to. These guys have competitive Preakness betting odds as well as a $200 risk-free bet for joining.

Putting that aside, let us run through the Preakness horse race betting details right now.

Preakness Stakes Betting Tips

Preakness Stakes Online Betting Strategy Guide

The actual process of betting on Preakness markets is relatively simple. Once you’ve registered for a top site like TVG, all you then have to do is fund your account and place your wager. It really is that easy, and we’ve given links to TVG to speed up the process. But beyond the actual act of registering and placing a wager, there are a few tips that we have for you to follow:

Make full use of the bonus

Specifically for TVG, the first thing we would advise is to use the bonus. Bear in mind that the bonus can be used on various markets, including Preakness handicap bets. And since the bonus entitles you to a full refund if the bet doesn’t win, it’s worth pushing the boat out on this initial wager.

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Wager on several possible outcomes

This is something that few punters take into account when engaging in Preakness Stakes online betting. However, it’s an important part of the strategy to improve your chances of winning. Basically, if you place wagers that don’t conflict with different outcomes, you are covering more possibilities. Of course, the relative Preakness betting payouts must be taken into account along with the wager size too. 

We recommend betting on an overall winner, along with a place bet and an each-way bet. Obviously, you shouldn’t pick the same horse for all three. But after looking at the odds, you’ll get an idea of what the best play is.

Analyze the Preakness betting odds against your stake

We’ve mentioned the odds above, but let us get a little more specific here. Regardless of which Preakness Stakes betting tips you follow, the odds will always dictate whether the bet is worth it or not. For example, you must determine that the odds show value based on your own research and opinion. If you find a market that looks likely to pull through with quite high odds, this is always going to be a good call.