2022-23 NFL Season Predictions and Preview

We say this every year and every year it proves to be a truthful statement. This NFL season is going to be a fantastic one. It just always is. The 2022/2023 NFL season has so much in store for us that it’s absolutely obvious why football is the king of all sports in the USA.

nfl season predictions

Our NFL season preview is here

Our crew at the ESTNN offices cannot stay impartial to all of that and this is why we are going to be right by your side not only during the NFL season opener but during the whole year. We will do so by bringing you expert analysis and NFL season predictions. We will outline everything and you will only have one simple decision to make when it comes to the 2022 NFL season – where to bet.

Is the AFC the better conference now?

nfl season predictions

It’s a hard question to answer but looking at the quarterbacks, it’s hard to defend the NFC in that regard. Russel Wilson joined the Denver Broncos and made the AFC West futures betting very challenging for all of us.

We got the Patriots finally not being the best team in their division, but you never know. Yes, the Bills have the shortest Super Bowl odds but when we talk about predicting the AFC East, Bill Belichick might have a thing or two to say. Not to mention the ‘’new’’ Miami Dolphins and their duo of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

Another storyline that affects the future bets in the AFC is related to the Baltimore Ravens, their quarterback, and the health of their roster. Is that team a dark horse to win the AFC North and make a deep playoff run? Are the Bengals for real and can the Steelers tough it out without much talent? Also, can the Browns stay on the surface at all? Unfortunately, at this point, we have only questions and no answers.

The notion that every AFC team has found its quarterback is yet to be proven, especially by the AFC south teams. The Titans are the bully there but if Derrick Henry goes down again, is their supposed division title in jeopardy? We think so because it looks like the Colts are ready for a good playoff run. Their regular season win total is set at 10.5 which shows they are getting plenty of respect.

The storylines in the NFC

nfl season predictions

The NFL regular season schedule will make the Packers play the Vikings right off the gate in week 1. This showdown can be quite telling about the direction in which the NFL futures for the NFC North will go.

Speaking of the schedule, the NFL season opener is between the LA Rams and the Buffalo Bills. This is the Bills’ chance to prove to everyone that they belonged in that Super Bowl LVI. The rams, on the other hand, will likely have a lot of issues contending in that NFC West division where both the Cardinals and the 49ers are primed for strong seasons.

Speaking of strong seasons, nobody believes that the GOAT Tom Brady would have come back this year had he thought that the Bucs had no chance. Our NFL season predictions definitely respect Tampa and quite frankly we think that they will win the NFC south handily.

The most underwhelming division in the past few years has been the NFC East and for a good reason. The four teams there simply have bad seasons regularly. It’s so hard to predict the division winner every year that we are inclined to refrain from making a prediction. Of course, we couldn’t help ourselves so we got an NFC East winner pick for you.

What will the MVP race look like in 2022/2023 NFL season?

Everywhere we look, we see either the Bills or Josh Allen. However, our pick for NFL regular season MVP is different because we love placing value bets. We think the MVP will be a very experienced player who may be close to retiring soon. While Aaron Rodgers comes to mind when we say this, we are actually picking Tom Brady in what may be his last season as a pro.

All in all, we will be your regular NFL season predictor and you will see free game picks every day, every week throughout the year. Not to mention we also got some cool offers from all big sportsbooks, especially for you.