NFL Parlay Picks: Get the Latest NFL Parlays for Best Bets This Week

Building a Parlay for NFL Games in Conference Championships

Here are our free sports picks for a three-leg parlay for the NFL Conference Championship Games with odds around +532. Always be sure to shop around for the best NFL odds, especially when it comes to NFL parlay bets and NFL parlay picks.

Eagles Prop: A.J. Brown Over 70.5 Receiving Yards (-118)

Our first leg of the parlay is believing that A.J. Brown was just not needed much last week when he had 22 yards, his second-lowest game of the season. The Eagles opened a big lead early in an easy 38-7 win against the Giants.

Prior to that game, Brown had six straight 70-yard games, and he has gone over 70 yards in nine games this season, including five 100-yard games.

Brown played the 49ers late last season with Tennessee and he had 145 yards and a touchdown. He usually shows up for his teams in big games, and they do not get much bigger than this one. The 49ers also have allowed nine 100-yard receivers and 19 70-yard receivers this season. By comparison, the Eagles have allowed four 100-yard receivers and seven 70-yard receivers. The 49ers are better against the run, and the Eagles are better against the pass.

Trust Brown to be a big-time producer in this game.

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49ers Prop: George Kittle 50+ Receiving Yards (-102)

We are going with the matchup here. Kittle does not get as many yards as we’d like to see on a consistent basis in this offense, but he has been a great target for rookie Brock Purdy. Think of him as a security blanket. Kittle made the biggest play last week against Dallas when his one-handed catch at midfield got the 49ers moving on their game-winning drive. It was Kittle’s most productive playoff game of his carer with 95 yards.

Kittle is averaging 58.6 yards per game since Purdy took over against Miami. He also averaged 50 yards per game before that to start this season, so he is right in the ballpark for this line.

But we consider the matchup as the Eagles have great outside corners, which could make this a hard game on the wide receivers like Brandon Aiyuk and Jauan Jennings. That is why the 49ers should look at getting Kittle involved again down the middle of the field and in other favorable matchups so that the rookie is not challenging those corners.

If the 49ers want to win this game, Kittle having a productive day needs to be part of it.

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Team Total: Bengals Over 23.5 Points vs. Chiefs (-122)

The final leg of our parlay with three NFL picks is trusting the Bengals to put up their usual scoring output against the Chiefs, which means over 23.5 points. The Bengals have scored 27 in the last two meetings and had 34 in the first recent matchup between these two rivals.

The Bengals even left a solid 11 points on the field in Week 13 against the Chiefs by dropping a touchdown on a third down and calling a terrible fourth-down play inside the 3-yard line in the first half. The Bengals also ran out the clock on the Chiefs to end the game, not trying to score on that final drive. It was a very efficient game for Joe Burrow and the offense, who also scored 27 points in snowy Buffalo last week.

It is going to be cold in Kansas City, but not enough to throw this team off its game as the Bengals are used to these conditions too. The Chiefs are a below-average defense and have allowed at least 24 points in nine games this year, including five times against other playoff teams.

If the Bengals are going to continue their unrivaled success against the Chiefs, they are going to have to score at least 24 points in this game. In his career, Patrick Mahomes is 44-2 when the Chiefs allow fewer than 24 points. Somehow, both losses are against the Colts, including the only game this year where the Chiefs did not score at least 20 points.

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NFL Parlay Picks Conference Championship Game

Why Are NFL Parlays Popular to Bet?

The popularity of NFL parlay betting is exploding now that more sportsbooks are offering a wide variety of picks that you can add to the same betslip for a nice payout if you are fortunate enough to win.

Now each week in the NFL offers you the chance to make your own Hail Mary with a parlay that could turn a small wager into a great win. Just remember that each additional leg will make it harder for you to win.

How Does a Parlay Work?

NFL parlay bets are simply wagers that consist of multiple bets on the same slip. For you to win your parlay, every leg must hit. Going 9-1 on a 10-leg parlay is still a losing bet, which is what makes NFL parlay picks both so fun and frustrating.

If one of your legs is a push and the rest are a win, most sportsbooks will consider your parlay a winner. The push leg will get voided out and your payout will be for reduced odds with that leg removed.

Also, if you bet on a player prop and that player ends up being inactive for the game due to injury, sportsbooks should void that leg out and allow the rest of your NFL parlay picks to play out.

Remember, a two-leg bet is technically still a parlay. If you bet on the Rams to cover and the game to go under the total, that would be a parlay. Some sportsbooks allow you to have up to 24 legs on a parlay, though many will cap you at a maximum of 12 legs. You will have to check the rules for the sportsbook you are using to see the limit for NFL parlay picks.

Which Types of Bets Can I Add to My Parlays?

This again varies based on which sportsbook you use, but generally speaking, these are some of the NFL markets you can put together NFL parlay bets from different games with various NFL odds:

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Total
  • Player props (yards and touchdown scorers)
  • Winning margin (Team A wins by 1-13 or 14+ points)
  • Correct score (extremely difficult to do for one game, let alone multiple)

Alternate lines for many of these NFL picks and parlays can also be substituted, allowing for a mind-bending number of possibilities each week.

What Is a Same Game Parlay?

A big reason for the growing popularity in NFL parlay picks is the addition of Same Game Parlays (SGP) at FanDuel, also known as One Game Parlay at other sportsbooks. FanDuel has especially made SGP popular in the 2021 season when it introduced an even more addictive feature with Same Game Parlay+ (SGP+). This basically allows you to link multiple SGP from different games together, or just combine single NFL picks and parlays together.

To drive home the point of how fun, challenging, and possibly rewarding NFL parlay betting can be, let’s look at a real example of a SGP and SGP+.

Here is a sample six-leg SGP on Bills vs. Rams:

  • Bills to win by 1-13 points (+160)
  • Cooper Kupp Any Time Touchdown Scorer (-155)
  • Stefon Diggs Any Time Touchdown Scorer (+130)
  • Gabriel Davis Over 60.5 Receiving Yards (-114)
  • Matthew Stafford 250+ Passing Yards (-192)
  • Josh Allen 250+ Passing Yards (-230)
  • Total Odds: +2541

To make this a SGP+, you would just add bets from other games, such as the Colts beating the Texans (-340) and the Panthers (-1.5) covering against Cleveland at -110. Just like that your eight-leg SGP+ has odds of +6425. A $5 wager would win $321.26.

Before you quit your day job to take up NFL parlay betting full time, just remember that odds of +6425 means the probability of this hitting is around 1.5%. Even the SGP here at +2541 is around 3% in probability. This is why professional gamblers stay away from NFL parlay picks, but if you are just looking for fun wagers during the NFL season, feel free to treat NFL picks and parlays as little lottery tickets.