NFL Over Under Picks This Week: Bet on Over Under Wins

Betting on American Football can be a lucrative business for bookies and punters alike. We want to assist the latter and, as such, here we dive deep in one of the most popular American Football betting markets – the NFL over under betting. Expect to see explanations, examples and, hopefully, some tips that lead to NFL over under wins before you leave this page!

What is the Over Under for tonight’s NFL game

Seahawks vs 49ers: Over 42 points @ -110

We kick off our over/under predictions for this round of games by backing the Seahawks and 49ers to serve up a game that over 42.0 points. The Seahawks aren’t particularly high scorers with just one of their last five games going over the 42 threshold. We’re still confident of the game being on the higher scoring side though owing to the 49ers form and the head to head history. The 49ers have gone over 42.0 in four of their last five games with a 51.0 points per game average. As for the h2h , three of the last five clashes have broken the 42 mark.

Ravens vs Bengals: Under 43.5 points @ -169

Next up we look at the Ravens vs Bengals clash and here we are opting for an under 43.5 points bet. Each of the last two head to head games – and three of the last five – have gone south of the all important 43.5 mark. It isn’t just the h2h record that makes this tip stand out though. Three of the Bengals last four games have also gone under the all important threshold and each of the last five Ravens games have also failed to hit 44 points.

Dolphins vs Bills: Over 43.5 points @ -111

Last but not least, we are backing the AFC East duo of the Dolphins and Bills to go north of 43.5 points. The Dolphins have gone north of the 43.5 mark in three of their last four games. The Bills meanwhile have seen each of their last three games go north of that cut off as well. As for the head to head record, the last meeting between these two sides ended with a heighty 61 points.

*Odds were correct at the time of writing. Always check with your bookmaker before betting. For more NFL odds head on over to our NFL odds page.

NFL over under picks and predictions

What are NFL over/under bets?

So, what is an NFL over under bet?

The over or under bet within NFL betting is a pretty straightforward concept to explain. Whereas in a lot of betting markets you have to make a judgement on what team will win or what player will score a touchdown, with NFL over under picks you simply have to bet on whether the total points in a game will go north or south of a predetermined total; this total will be defined by the bookmaker and will typically be at a decimal place e.g. over or under 40.5 points in order to keep the outcome clean.

Before any game, there will be countless NFL over under markets on offer with bookies generally offering a laddered approach where odds vary as you move through that ladder. When settling on a points threshold, the bettor then has to opt for whether the game will go ‘over’ or ‘under’ that threshold. Let’s look at an example using the Super Bowl from February where the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals locked horns:

For the purposes of this example, let’s say our points threshold was set at 37.5 points.

If the combined points of the match go over that mark then the ‘over’ bet wins. If the points go under that mark then the ‘under’ bet wins. In the case of the Super Bowl, we saw a combined 43 points with the Rams so an ‘over’ bet would have won and the ‘under’ bet would have lost.

*If you were looking to bet on the match winner rather than total points then check out our NFL picks page.

Are there different variations of NFL Over Under bets?

In the previous section we’ve ran through a very high-level example of what NFL over under predictions can look like but there is a range of different guises that the NFL over/under bets present themselves in. One example is at that full game level, which we’ve covered above. You can also make NFL over under picks at a specific team level i.e. “I bet team A will score over or under X points” and at different time intervals e.g. “I bet quarter two will go over or under X points”.

Regardless of what level you’re making your NFL over under predictions, the principles of the bet are the same. Over is over and under is under. There are no prizes for being close. Go back to that 37.5 points example we cited in the Super Bowl; 38 points are over, and 37 points are under. It’s as simple as that.

Why make NFL Over Under predictions?

Sports betting has gone bonkers in recent years with countless markets available to wager on. Why then are over/under predictions so popular where the NFL is concerned? In truth, there are a few reasons. One of the key things is the simplicity of the bet in respect of how easy they are to understand and monitor as you, hopefully, progress towards some NFL over/under wins.

Another lovely aspect to the over/under bets is the level of control and insight bettors can have without too much aggro. From the insight angle, you can use basic statistics to get a quick understanding of where a team is trending in respect of total points. The level of control element we refer is in relation to how a bookmaker prices the over under bets. Most bookies will stagger their over and under thresholds meaning you can easily flex a 37.5 threshold to a 39.5 or to 34.5 depending on where you think the true value lays. Spread betting would bring a similar perk and you can read up more than that on our NFL spread betting page.

Can NFL over/under picks form part of a parlay ticket?

Parlay bets are one of the most popular methods of betting on any sport because of the way they allow you to rapidly increase your potential returns from a lower stake. With respect to NFL over under predictions, there is no reason why these cannot be pooled into a parlay ticket either with bets from other markets or alongside numerous other NFL over/under picks. If that sounds like something that would be of interest to you then we’d recommend having a look at our dedicated NFL parlays page.

All that remains is for us to wish you good luck as you begin your over or under betting experience. Oh, and make sure you only bet what you can afford to lose!