NFL Game Pass Promo Code 2023: Multiple offers for Super Bowl LVI

With the Super Bowl nearly upon us there has been no better time to use the NFL game pass promo code; get your eyes on the big game for less.

What is the NFL Game Pass Promo Code for ?

Bonus & Offers details
Tune in to Super Bowl Sunday with $0.99! 
Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

Here is a brief look at every promotional offer you can choose from with NFL Game Pass

The Deal The Price What you get

The Super Bowl Pass


31 days worth of pure NFL content

The Free Subscription


Free but limited NFL content

Mobile Only


1-year subscription to everything NFL on mobile

Pro Deal


1-year access to all areas

The NFL game pass promo code is a promotion that will give you access to as much NFL coverage as you can handle at a discounted rate. How big of a discount do we hear you ask? Well, if you’re purely interested in “the big one”, which is, of course, Super Bowl LVI then you can get tuned in for $0.99 – that’s less than a dollar!!

Now, you might be thinking that all you’ll get for a measly $0.99 is a knockoff, poorly streamed view of the Super Bowl. You would be sorely mistaken though and that’s good news for you. For starters, the offer is not through some obscure website; it’s direct through the NFL. You don’t just get access to the big game itself. Oh no, you get access for 31 days, which just happens to capture the Super Bowl; the other 30 days can be used to explore the many other aspects of NFL coverage that range from access to the NFL Network that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week through to reliving the season just gone with full match replays from both the regular season and playoffs. There is plenty of other content to sink your teeth in as well, which we’ll come onto later.

NFL Game Pass Promo Code

In our view, the $0.99 31 day access is the most enticing offer out there but it isn’t the only option you have.

Let’s take a look at those deals in more detail to help you decide right, so now we know you’ve got four different packages to choose from but how do you know which one is the best option for you?

Our Recommendation: The Super Bowl Pass

In our opinion, the best way to use your NFL game pass promo code is on “the Super Bowl pass”. In terms of value for money, it’s pretty bonkers. You have to pay just $0.99 to unlock all the great NFL content for 31 days; that’s significantly less than you’ll pay per month than on the Pro Deal, which is priced at $19.99 per year – roughly $1.67 per month. You don’t get quite the same level of access on the $0.99 deal but it’s not far off the whole package and it’s a magnificent way of trialing the viewing options. The key thing you’ll unlock is the Super Bowl itself along with the full halftime show. Beyond that, you can rewatch full matches from the season just gone, get a look at the coaches and enjoy countless NFL originals. That’s just a flavor of what you’ll get too.

The Free Subscription

Right, first things first, you cannot knock getting something for anything so there is plenty to be said for this freebie that is on offer. That said, we wouldn’t recommend this as your first port of call. Why not? Well, if the $0.99 Super Bowl special is a 31-day trial then this free version is perhaps best described as a tiny trial. Sure, you get access for longer than 31 days but the coverage is greatly reduced. You’ll still get access to some good content with things like game highlights, match previews, and use of the NFL Network Live 24/7 but that’s pretty much it. You know the saying, look after the cents and the dollars take care of themselves but whilst you might save yourself a dollar, you’ll also be missing out on some of the best content there is – namely the Super Bowl itself.

The Mobile Only Option

nfl game pass promo code 2022

Next up in the series of offers you can tap into with NFL game pass promo code is an option specifically for mobile users. The coverage you get is at a really decent level. In fact, you get better access levels on the mobile-only option than you do with the $0.99 Super Bowl version so you can’t really grumble at the $18.99 price. There are, as you might expect, some downsides too though. The obvious thing is that you can only watch on a mobile device. The plan won’t work on a tablet and if you think you’ll get around it by casting then you are sorely mistaken as the functionality that allows casting is blocked.

The Pro Deal

Right, last but not least we have the Pro Deal. At $19.99, which is a limited-time price, this is the most expensive package available to you but there are serious upsides to it. We’ve nailed our colors to the mast labeling the $0.99 deal as the best value for money option but if you want to access all areas then this deal is the one for you. Everything we’ve mentioned in the previous packages is available on the Pro Deal – as well as a few extra bits.

For example, this deal is just a dollar more than the mobile-only plan but you’ll get all the same access levels as well as having the option to watch on multiple devices and having the ability to cast from your mobile device. If you are comparing to the Super Bowl plan, which is that bargain price 31-day trial, then the big bonus you get from upgrading to the Pro Deal is access to the NFL Draft; which will be available both live and on-demand with this plan.

Signing up for your NFL Game Pass

Now we’ve chatted through the different levels of access you can choose from when using your NFL game pass promo code it’s time to get signed up. You’ll be pleased to hear that process is very simple.

  1. Head to the NFL Game Pass website – this can be done directly or by utilizing one of our links
  2. Under each signup option you’ll see a ‘Sign Up Now’ button – click it
  3. Create a password and enter a few bits of personal information

If you’ve opted for the free subscription, you’re now done. The NFL Network is yours to explore to your heart’s content – you don’t need to input any credit card details at all. If, however, you’re going for a paid package, you have a couple of extra steps:

  1. Choose your payment method and input the relevant details
  2. “Redeem voucher” and apply

Now you are good to go. The only other thing we’ll point out at this point is that if you opt for a lesser package, you can always upgrade after the initial sign-up.

The website is as slick as they come

nfl game pass promo code

When you’ve completed your sign-up process, you’ll be dropped into the main homepage of the NFL Game Pass website. It’s immediately striking with the way it has been designed through the use of bold text and striking images but, ultimately, with a site like this, the key is always going to be in navigation and customer understanding. They absolutely smash this.

There is a horizontal ribbon that runs across the top of the screen that clearly separates different viewing sections such as ‘Games’, ‘NFL Originals’, or something else. An extra nice touch you’ll see is a dedicated heading in the menu for your favorite team – if you selected one during the sign-up process.

In the mainframe, you’ll find a series of image stills that take you straight into different videos. Text underneath each image details – in a summarised manner – what the content is. The thing we like most here though is that as you browse through you’ll see a symbol in the top left of the images that details whether or not your package is eligible for that content. If you’re not and want to be then clicking on the content will take you straight to the ‘upgrade screen’.

It all works really well and upgrade options are subtle rather than being rammed down your throat at every turn.

NFL Game Pass Promo Code FAQ

When do I have to sign up?

In order to benefit from the special offer prices, you need to sign up by 31 July 2022, however, time is running out if you want to watch the Super Bowl. This Super Bowl article will show you all there is to know about the MVP odds and who to bet on.

Do all the packages provide Super Bowl access?

No, all of the paid options will give you the ability to watch the Super Bowl but the free subscription will not.

What payment options are available?

You can sign up for the NFL Game Pass with Paypal or using a credit card.

What package allows me to watch the NFL Draft?

Only the Pro and Mobile Only package gives access to the NFL draft.

How long does it take to sign up?

The sign-up process is extremely quick; you could be done and dusted in under two minutes.