NFL Prop Bets: The Best Player Props Bets Today

American Football is one of the most widely bet on sports in the world but with countless markets available to wager on, which are the most attractive? One that brings massive value is the world of NFL player props. Here we serve up NFL prop bets along with offering you explanations of what they are and why they’re so popular!

Check out the best NFL prop bets today

Dolphins vs Bills: Allen over 259.5 passing yards @ -120

We kick off our player prop bets for this round of games by backing Josh Allen to break the 259.5 passing yard threshold as his Bills side face off with the Miami Dolphins. Allen hasn’t thrown more than 259.5 in any of his last three appearances but rewind a game further and the Bills QB tossed north of 300 yards against, yep, you guessed it, the Dolphins. Take a step further back in time to September and the Dolphins were on the receiving end of 400 Allen passing yards – it was his biggest haul of the season. Here, he only needs to throw 259.5!

Cowboys vs Bucs: Lamb over 72.5 receiving yards @ -120

We now turn our focus to the Cowboys vs Bucs showdown and our player prop looks at CeeDee Lamb. Lamb has been instrumental in the season for the Cowboys and he’ll have a big role to play here hence we’re backing him to go over 72.5 yards. He’s broken that marker in three of his last four games and, actually, across the season as a whole Lamb has averaged comfortably over the 72.5 threshold with a game average of 79.9 yards.

Seahawks vs 49ers: McCaffrey to score a TD @ -150

Our final player prop of the next set of fixtures sees us backing the 49ers man Christian McCaffrey to score a touchdown anytime in their wild card match up with the Seahawks. McCaffrey has four touchdowns in his last five outings and notably recorded one of those four in a clash with the Seahawks when they clashed a month ago. On top of that McCaffrey form, the Seahawks also have one of the worst records in the NFL where defending rushing touchdowns are concerned!

*Odds were correct at the time of writing. Always check with your bookmaker before betting. For more NFL odds head on over to our NFL odds page.

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What are NFL player props?

So, what is an NFL prop bet?

To answer what NFL player props are you really need to understand what basic NFL prop bets are first. In a nutshell, NFL prop bets are wagers placed on a game but not related to the match outcome. For example, betting on the points spread of a game or wagering on the money line aren’t considered NFL prop bets.

When you’re talking about NFL prop bets you’re looking for markets where the bet in question doesn’t have to link directly into the result of a game. These can present themselves in various ways with most bookmakers separating them into different categories:

  • Scoring props
  • Game props
  • Player props

*If you were looking to bet on the match winner rather than on specific NFL player props then check out our NFL picks page.

What are the different variations of NFL prop bets?

Scoring Props

The first form of NFL prop bets we want to look at is scoring props. As the name suggests, these bets link into the scoring of a fixture. There are numerous options within these markets though, which range from the simple and easy to track through to the more complex. An example of an easy-to-follow scoring prop is ‘who will score the first points in a game. This is a simple choice between two teams and the first team that scores will determine whether or not the prop bet wins. Other examples of scoring props, which become a bit more detailed, are things like betting on scoring intervals e.g. within 2 minutes of half time, and registering X amount of unanswered scores e.g. I bet team A will register three unanswered scores.

Game Props

Game props are pretty easy to explain with most of them giving the punter a choice of two outcomes to pick from. They tend to present themselves in two different forms as far as odds are concerned; you’ll either find them priced similar to a coin toss or they’ll be heavily stacked in one direction. Regardless of which way the odds are loaded, game props are seen as a bet type that offers simple value and the chance for quick wins – albeit we should note talk of ‘quick wins’ can easily become quick losses too!

The sort of questions you’ll find in-game props are things such as ‘Will the team that scores first win’, ‘Will there be a safety in the game’, ‘Will the total points be odd or even’ and ”Will the game go to overtime?”.

Player Props

Right, player props is the main reason you’re here and, you know what, we don’t blame you. When people talk about NFL prop bets they are generally thinking of player prop bets. Where player props NFL are concerned you are betting on a player doing ‘something’ within the game; typically these bets will be on an ‘over’ or ‘under’ form but the questions you’re answering in that regard are vast.

Most bookmakers will split their NFL player props across different categories; see below a non-exhaustive list to detail some of these props:

  • Quarterback props – touchdowns, passing yards, longest pass
  • Rushing props – rushing yards, rush attempts
  • Receiving props – receiving yards, longest reception, receptions made
  • Kicking props – field goals made, kicking points
  • Defensive props – assists, tackles, combined

Why do people bet on player props NFL?

Player props NFL can be a very fast-moving betting market that offers highly attractive odds – relative to traditional lines such as money line bets and points spreads. This goes very well with the ever-evolving world of tech, televised games, and betting apps. It’s for these reasons that NFL player prop bets are becoming a cornerstone of American Football betting.

You can understand the attraction too. Take the below bets as an example; when the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears face off the money line odds for the 49ers to win are -300; that’s not attractive. Look at the player props for Trey Lance, the 49ers QB though and odds on him to throw over 209.5 yards are -120, and under are -110; that’s the ‘coin flip’ type bet we were referencing earlier!

If you’re more interested in the point spread bets we mentioned earlier in this section then head on over to our NFL spreads page for the lowdown.

Can NFL prop bets form part of a parlay ticket?

Parlay bets are a mechanism that allows bettors to supercharge their potential returns and therefore that bet type combined with NFL player props is highly attractive to punters – and, absolutely, it’s something the bookies offer. In theory, you could build a bet slip that called over or under on every starting quarterback’s passing yards in the league for a given game week. Your potential returns would be mouth-watering but, a word of caution, the probability of your bet coming in would not be pretty!

If you’re interested in learning more about parlays then check out our NFL parlays page.