MLB Best Bets and Odds 25/09/23– Daily Update

The MLB has revved up a gear over the last few weeks, and we have been entertained with some thrilling action. This article will cover all their MLB betting picks and MLB best bets as it pertains to a specific event.

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MLB Best Bets: MLB Odds and MLB Predictions

Based on baseball betting for the current MLB season, we bring you the best MLB predictions as we look at the top 3 to win the league from three of our top bookies and their respective MLB odds. Below are our best baseball predictions, taking the latest MLB betting trends into account.

  • FanDuel Los Angeles Dodgers – +460 New York Mets – +750 Toronto Blue Jays – +800
  • BetMGM Los Angeles Dodgers – +500 Toronto Blue Jays – +700 New York Mets – +800
  • Draftkings Los Angeles Dodgers – +450 Toronto Blue Jays – +700 New York Mets – +800

Our MLB Prediction (Outright)

Undoubtedly, our betting pick for this league is the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is for no other reason than the fact that they seem to be in a very impressive form this season. Also, most respectable baseball pundits seem to have this team as their MLB betting pick (outright) for this season.

Odds Comparison

From the MLB odds highlighted above from our baseball predictions, it is obvious that Unibet offers the most attractive odds for baseball betting by a margin. Without any doubt, this is the bookie we would advise you to place your stakes as far as MLB betting is concerned.

mlb betting picks

Most Common Bet Forms on MLB

Away from bettors looking to place their stakes on MLB daily picks, if you are looking to play the long game, outright betting is your best shot. Here are the common outright bet forms for MLB:

  • To win the MLB world series (outright)
  • To win MLB American league (outright)
  • To win MLB nation league (outright)

mlb predictions

Top 3 Types of Bets to Choose

If you are looking to make the most out of MLB best bets, away from outright, here are the top three types of bets to choose from:


This is my top favorite because it gives you the privilege to make the most returns from your betting. All you simply have to do is bulk up selections from your MLB daily picks on your preferred betting platform and place a bet.


Singles bets are the most practical ways to maximize your MLB betting picks because they tend to be less risky. In this case, you are simply just betting on one selection with a certain level of assurance that it will come through.


This is the type of bet that is advisable when you aren’t sure about who is likely to win a game but you have a faint idea of what the total number of runs batted in could be. Once these batted runs are actualized, your bets have simply come through. It comes as no surprise that most MLB betting picks available out there majorly revolves around total bets.


In this case, you are not just betting on who wins specific games. Instead, you are betting on who will win the leagues or the different divisions that exist in the MLB betting lines, depending on what you choose. You are free to choose from any of the numerous MLB outright betting offered by the vast range of sportsbooks. Following the latest MLB betting trends will put you in a position to make better MLB best bets.

From our predictions and analysis by top pundits, the odds are in favor of the Los Angeles Dodgers. This team seems to be on an untouchable form and has been going headstrong so far. The MLB odds from different bookies also seem to be in favor of this team.

To bet on this season’s MLB, simply go to your preferred betting site offering this league and navigate to the baseball section to maximize your MLB daily picks. It is advisable to always do your background checks like the head-to-head records, weather, and even lineups. This is to inform you on whether you are making the right MLB betting pick or not.

There are many sportsbooks out there offering MLB betting lines. Our top three are Fanduel, Betmgm, and Draftkings

The MLB 2022 final (MidSummer Classic) is expected to hold at Dodger Stadium.