2023 March Madness Odds, Betting Favorites & More

March Madness is officially here. Want to bet on the action? Check out the latest March Madness odds right here before you do.

March Madness Odds

As we are sure you know, March madness is the month when NCAA college basketball really takes off. This end-of-season tournament is always exciting to watch and to bet on for that matter. And with the progression of online sports betting across the USA, many are looking for the odds to win March madness for the various teams. Below, you’ll find our own two cents on who we feel can win the tournament – and other great information.

March Madness Betting Odds
Gonzaga to win Source - +400
Arizona to win Source - +750
Kentucky to win Source - +800

As you can see, we’ve provided three tips on who can win the NCAA event this month. With that said, the March madness odds that you see for each team could shift between now and the event. For this reason, it’s advisable to check with each respective bookmaker to see the most up-to-date odds when you can.

March Madness most popular bets

Above, you’ll see the odds to win March madness for each of our predicted teams that have a fighting chance. However, betting on which team might win the tournament is not the only bet you can make – not by a long way. Once you’ve registered with a reputable online sportsbook (more on this later), you’ll notice that there are other popular bets too. So for that reason, let us quickly discuss some other markets where you’ll also find NCAA March madness odds.

To win

Before we jump into the other betting options, let us run through the main market in greater detail. Currently, the March Madness bracket is yet to be released. This means you can’t see which teams are playing who, the teams that are seeded, and possible clashes as we head deeper into the month. All of this can affect the March madness odds 2022 at all bookies, which is why different sites have different odds on the mentioned teams.

And to stress once again, if you bet on an individual team to win March Madness, they must win the tournament for the bet to come through. Obviously, Gonzaga is the favorite as things stand. These guys have a 24-3 record for the season, putting them as the first seed, and the best team in the NCAA division, on paper. So naturally, the Gonzaga odds to win March madness are lower than other teams.

Elite Eight

Trying to predict which team will win the entire tournament isn’t quite as easy as you might think. After all, this is still an elite sporting event, meaning that anything can occur out there on the court. So as much as we can look at records and define an idea of who has the best chance to win, nothing is promised. For this exact reason, some punters might like to address the March madness betting odds for a selection known as ‘elite eight’. With this market, all you need to do is pick a team that you feel will reach the quarter-finals of the competition.

Since your chosen team doesn’t need to win the event with this bet, theoretically, you have a better shot of winning the bet. Of course, this is reflected in the odds, as they will be lower for the ‘elite eight’ option compared with the ‘to win’ option. For this reason, you might want to shoot for a team like Kansas, Baylor, or Texas Tech.

Final four

As you can see above, the elite eight markets is specifically tied to which teams make the quarter-finals. But if you feel this is playing it a little too safe, but you still don’t want to pick a team to win the overall event, why not investigate the final four markets? As the name indicates here, this market is based on which teams will make the semi-finals. Since this creates a smaller window of teams, the odds will be better than the odds for the elite eight market. However, if you went for a favored team, again, the odds might not be spectacular.

Examples of those favored teams include Gonzaga, Arizona, Kentucky, Duke, Auburn, and Purdue. Each of these teams is seeded inside the top 8. But if you really wanted to get creative, you could pick teams that are seeded at a lower number. Examples here include Texas Tech, Villanova, Houston, Tennessee, and Illinois.

Individual games (Moneyline)

To switch things up a bit, we’d like to mention a market that isn’t strictly focused on the March madness odds 2022 from a future perspective. Note that each of the three suggestions above all falls under the umbrella of ‘futures markets’. This means that they are tied to the overall tournament performance. However, if you feel that there is just too much to think about for these markets, you can always bet on individual games. Since the bracket is yet to be published, we cannot give specific odds on individual games yet.

Of course, there are too many games for us to mention in detail here. But what we will say is that you can take a punt on the Moneyline market for each of them. Moneyline betting involves picking the outcome of a game in terms of who might win. If you’ve ever done a March madness bracket before, this is essentially the same thing.

March Madness competition overview

You are probably well aware of what March madness consists of, assuming you are based in the USA and a basketball enthusiast. However, we’d still like to provide you with an overview to ensure you understand the tournament. Basically, March madness is a term that has been coined to describe the NCAA Division 1 tournament for basketball. The term madness comes from the fact that there are so many games played in such a short period of time.

At the start of the tournament, games will be played in numerous cities around the USA. These cities include Philadelphia, Chicago, San Antonio, San Francisco, and others. And when the tournament reaches the latter stages, games will be played in Ohio and then finally, New Orleans. In total, 68 teams will compete in March madness, which makes it a pretty stacked event indeed. Over the course of around three weeks, more than 50 games are played, and the viewing figures are deep into the millions.

As for how the tournament could play out, we can already make some predictions based on the NCAA March madness odds currently available. In our opinion, the tournament winner will be either Gonzaga, Arizona, or Kentucky. These teams have each had a fantastic season, boasting a huge range of wins and limited losses. Of course, each of these teams is seeded too. With that said, it’s impossible to write off teams like Duke, Auburn, Purdue, Kansas, UCLA, and others. The element of uncertainty is what makes the tournament so much fun!

The March Madness bracket will be revealed on Sunday, March 13th. And since the draw is so important in terms of a teams’ potential path to glory, we recommend you tune in for the draw if you can.

Odds to win March Madness – recommended bookmakers

As stressed previously, different online sportsbooks have different odds for this event. But the odds alone shouldn’t determine your decision on whether to register with a specific bookmaker or not. Of course, they should remain a factor, but there are other things to take into account. On that note, we’d like to suggest a few online sportsbooks that you may wish to join ahead of the March Madness tournament. These are detailed below:

ncaa march madness odds


FanDuel is undoubtedly a top five bookmaker in the USA. These guys found fame through fantasy football back in the day. But currently, we consider FanDuel to be a top-notch site for sports betting. If you are not yet a FanDuel member, you can make the most of a $1,000 risk-free bet for March madness too. How about that for kicking things off in style? And once you’ve made the most of the welcome bonus, there is more to enjoy.

FanDuel has excellent betting odds for March madness. They have various boosted odds options, cashouts, and in-play betting is fully supported too. FanDuel also has an excellent mobile app you can download for both tablets and smartphones.



DraftKings is pretty much a first cousin of the FanDuel brand. These guys are also well documented for offering fantastic fantasy sports betting, but this association has drifted in recent times. These days, DraftKings is a licensed sports betting site that people flock to in their millions. The DraftKings platform is available in more than 15 states across the USA, including NJ, PA, and most recently, New York. For brand new customers, DraftKings is offering a deposit bonus of up to $1,000 too.

So as you can see, the sign-up bonus is identical in value to the FanDuel site. And from what we’ve seen, the range of betting markets and the March madness odds are amazingly competitive on this platform.



William Hill has recently been adopted by Caesars Sportsbook. So to avoid confusion, you can assume that these two brands are one and the same. We’ve picked William Hill as a recommended bookmaker because they are somewhat new to the USA, but the quality of betting options here is almost unmatched. If you join William Hill today, you can instantly take advantage of a $500 risk-free wager for March madness. And beyond this welcome deal, existing players can redeem free bets, boosted markets, and profit boosts via parlay bets throughout the tournament.

If you are a fan of mobile betting, the William Hill platform will suit you down to the ground too. The current mobile app is just phenomenal, and this platform is perfect to perform live bets or cash out existing wagers.


March Madness FAQs

At the time of writing, you cannot wager on individual games, yet. You can only bet on individual games once the tournament draw is released. This won’t occur until Sunday, March 13th.

The sign-up requirements at these sportsbooks are that you are a resident of a legal betting state and over the age of 21.

In most instances, yes. But the good news is that many sportsbooks have a risk-free bet incentive. So anything that you deposit can be wagered without any risks for this tournament.

No, but nobody can guarantee a specific outcome for any sport or event – especially not March madness. Get more detailed predictions on our March madness Upset prediction page.

Generally speaking, the viewing rights for March madness are reserved and licensed to major sports broadcasting channels. But if you pick an online sportsbook that is associated with these channels, you can stream the event, yes.

Sure, you can also make bets on the top scorer for the tournament, spreads for individual games, handicaps, quarter by quarter betting, and many others too.

In most cases, you’ll need to bet a minimum of $1 for your bet to be accepted.

Yes, and they have to in order to operate as a legal online sportsbook in the first place.

You can legally bet on March madness in any state where online betting has been approved. Such states include New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and many others. Just check in with your respective state to check up on this!