Best Golf Betting Apps in 2023: Betting on PGA Tour Online

Sports betting has seen quite the craze for a few years now. More and more betting sites and apps are springing up by the day, and almost all sports are included in the frenzy. Yes, even such serene and classy sports as golf.

Golf betting is gaining increasingly more traction, especially when it comes to betting on PGA Tour, and a lot of online portals are allowing enthusiastic bettors from the US to easily tune in and place their bets on their favorite golf professionals.

Yet, as we all know, not all apps are made the same, so some are undeniably superior compared to others. The reasons for this may vary – extra promos and bonuses, user-friendly design, popularity, and reputation – you name it.

That’s why we’ve decided to create our list of the top golf betting apps in 2022 and share it with you. Keep reading to find out our top picks for this year!

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In this table, we’ve outlined the 6 betting apps that are the best when it comes to golf, both in terms of popularity and density of present bettors, as well as in terms of convenient and lucrative deals and bonuses available to all users who download them.

Keep reading to find out more details about them!

  1. Caesars Sportsbook – Start PGA Tour Golf Betting

golf betting apps

The Caesars Sportsbook is arguably among the best contenders on a global scale, let alone in the US when it comes to PGA Tour golf betting. Their popularity soared after Caesars acquired William Hill back in 2021, and most gold sports bettors could witness that first-hand. And if you’re residing in one of the 17 states that Caesars is available in, you can enjoy Ceasars Rewards.

All the significant golf tournaments are on the Caesars Sportsbook app, with a wide variety of betting strategies available for bettors to choose from. What’s more, new players will get to enjoy the rather generous welcome bonus of $1,500 for the first bet. Available for both iOS and Android, this bookie offers competitive odds and a list of top golf markets to wager on.

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  1. FanDuel

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Another first-class name on our list is FanDuel. Even though they originally made a reputation as a fantasy sports betting platform, their slow, meticulous expansion into the real-sports realm has started encompassing golf too. Now, in terms of what they offer golf bettors, FanDuel stands out in several ways.

Firstly, they’ve crafted an extremely user-friendly app for both Android and iOS users. Secondly, they offer a $1,000 welcome risk-free bonus for new members. Thirdly, they have special golf bets and PvP bets, which they’ve taken from video games. Finally, they boast a future golf bet option that allows players to bet on outcomes of golf tournaments that lie in the distant future, frequently not even scheduled in the present moment.

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  1. BetMGM

best golf betting apps

Yet another well-known bookie with convenient and plentiful PGA betting odds is BetMGM. Unlike some of the other entries on our list, BetMGM has been around for years and years. They have managed to perfect the sports betting business to the degree that hardly any other operator has achieved.

Keeping close track of every relevant golf tourney that offers competitive odds, BetMGM allows enthusiastic bettors to engage in various types of wagers and bets and enjoy a variety of bonuses. One such bonus is their sign-up 100% match-up on a deposit of up to $1,000! Available for both iOS and Android, BetMGM has proven, once again, why it remains in the top 5 of the best sports bookie app lists!

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  1. BetRivers

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BetRivers is not your standard stand-alone sports betting page. On the one hand, it’s primarily known as an online casino. Their sports betting branch was only established in 2020, and even though they’ve achieved quite a bit in a short time, some of the other entries on this list offer a bit more superior options for players.

For one, some of the odds that BetRivers offers might be lower than the rest. What’s more, their welcome bonus only goes up to $250, which is significantly lower than some of the other bookies mentioned on this list. However, BetRivers is undeniable the bookie that offers the widest variety of golf tournaments and events to bet on!

Available on both Android and iOS, BetRivers is the right choice whenever you want to bet on some more anonymous tourney that some of the other bookies seem to be ignoring.

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  1. PointsBet

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PointsBet is yet another strong contender. On the one hand, like BetRivers, it’s both relatively new and perhaps inferior when it comes to betting odds – betting on PGA Tour is available, though, so there is no need to worry about that. On the other hand, it compensates for this lack in several ways.

First, it offers a staggering double $2,000 welcome bonus. It features the unique PointsBetting system that awards you whenever you bet on players that surpass expectations, rather than relying on completely fixed odds. And finally, it allows early unlock for many betting markets, allowing you to place your bet before anyone else does. PointsBet is a key bookie to look out for, regardless if you’re using Apple or Android’s ecosystems.

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  1. DraftKings

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Finally, there’s the widely famous DraftKings. This sportsbook also started as a fantasy sports betting website before encompassing real sports and creating a designated app for Android and iOS.

Offering players competitive odds and a variety of tournaments to bet on, DraftKings also rewards them generously with a $1,000 first-bet bonus. What’s more, though, DraftKings stands out from the competition by offering multiple in-game rewards, including a relatively high referral no deposit bonus – something all players would be ecstatic to hear about!

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How to Choose the Top Golf Betting Apps – Best Golf Betting Sites

Choosing the best apps for sports betting is never an easy thing. After all, the competition is so vast that it’s easy to get confused and remain unable to tell the top-quality ones from the sub-par ones. For this reason, we bore in mind some key aspects that enabled us to create this list of the top golf betting apps:

  • Ease of use: an app is as good as its interface, so we made sure that all apps that we recommended were easy to manage, with straightforward betting options and deposit/withdrawal buttons
  • Bonuses and promos: a quality app stands out with its original contributions, and bonuses and promos are the best way to see if the bookie creators care to draw in more players
  • Odds and tournament options: competitive odds and a wide range of betting options are the other features that make or break a golf betting app; the more convenient the options, the better
  • Reputation and popularity: reputation must mean something; if a brand’s remained present for long, it both has more players, and a bigger budget to accommodate them
  • Original best golf betting sites: finally, we checked out the original desktop versions of the website the apps are based on; quality origins guarantee a quality app too!