Top 4 Best Esports Betting Sites To Try Out in 2023

Interested in betting on esports but don’t know where to start? Check out the best esports betting sites.

Top 4 Best Esports Betting Sites To Try Out

Below you’ll find a list of the top 4 best esports betting sites at the moment. Any of them will provide you with a great introduction to the world of esports betting and answer the “Where to bet on esports?” question.

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • PointsBet
  • BetMGM


DraftKings has made a strong push to enter the realm of esports lately, and it is paying off big time. They even teamed up with Faze Clan, becoming their sports betting, iGaming, daily fantasy, and free-to-play partner while sponsoring Faze Clan’s Counter-Strike esports team.

The esports offering is especially strong in the fantasy category. Currently, the operator allows its player to play seven different esports fantasy titles, including the League of Legends, CS: GO, Valorant, and Call of Duty. As a result, the fantasy markets are extensive, and there is an impressive number of fantasy esports events you can participate in each day.

DraftKings is also an attractive choice due to its welcome bonus offer for new players. When you register on their website, you will be eligible for up to a $500 deposit bonus. The operator matches your deposit 20 percent, meaning that you need to deposit $2,500 in order to get the total amount. The bonus is rewarded in the form of site credit that can be used on fantasy, sportsbook, and casino platforms.


Back in 2019, FanDuel became the first operator to offer esports betting in the United States. This means they already have significant experience and know what gets players interested in wagering on esports.

While FanDuel initially started out as a daily fantasy operator, they moved quickly to add sportsbooks and casinos to their offer in states that decided to loosen their gambling laws. Their sports offering is especially strong in terms of events and markets.

In order to attract new players, FanDuel offers competitive welcome bonuses. The one for sportsbooks includes a $1000 No Sweat First Bet. All you need to do is register on the site, place your bet and wait for it to be settled. If you win, you collect your winnings and cash them out. If you lose, FanDuel will reimburse you the value of your first bet up to $1,000 in free bets.

On the other hand, casino users can play risk-free for 24 hours. After that, all their losses up to $1,000 will be returned to their account as bonus money they can use to continue gaming.


PointsBet is a newcomer in the United States market, but this doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing. The operator has a glowing reputation in its native Australia, and it will undoubtedly make an effort to appeal to U.S. players. This will probably include an expansive offer of esports events with a large number of betting markets and great odds.

PointsBet’s dedication to the U.S. market is obvious from their welcome bonus for new players. Everyone who registers on their website will receive up to $500 in a risk-free bet on fixed odds. Then there is an additional $1,500 risk-free bet for PointsBetting, the operator’s famous betting option.


We know BetMGM as one of the leaders in the casino world, so it isn’t surprising that they have decided to dip their toes into the sports betting realm. Their sportsbook is lauded as being one of the best in the business, and it is about to get even better thanks to BetMGM’s increased focus on esports.

To show just how serious they are about esports, BetMGM’s parent company Entain recently even acquired the esports betting platform Unikrn. With Unikrn’s resources and experience, there is no doubt that BetMGM could soon be one of the esports betting leaders.

The operator is already one of the leaders when it comes to welcome bonuses for their sportsbook players. At the moment, they offer a generous risk-free bet bonus. If your first bet loses, BetMGM will credit the amount you wagered to your account in free bets up to $600. On top of this, BetMGM continuously offers a variety of other promotions and bonuses.

What Are the Best Esports Events You Can Bet On?

If you are just entering the world of esports betting, you probably want to know more about the best esports events to bet on. Well, that’s quite simple.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships, or Majors, is the most prestigious event in CS: GO. The tournament is sponsored by Valve, the company that made the game, and attracts all the best CS: GO players and teams from all around the globe. It also boasts one of the biggest prize pools in esports.

The most popular betting option on this event is betting on the team that will win the whole thing. You can also bet on map winners, total rounds per map, correct match score, winners of pistol rounds, and niche things like knife kill and overtime.

League of Legends World Championship

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Each season, Riot Games organizes a World Championship event for arguably the world’s most popular esports game, League of Legends. More than 20 teams battle it out for a chance to win the bragging rights as winners of the Worlds, multi-million-dollar prize, and coveted Summoner’s Cup trophy.

Besides betting on the team that will be crowned LOL World Champions, several other exciting betting options are available for the event. Most esports betting sites also take on bets on the first kill, match duration, first to take Baron, and more.

Dota 2 – The International

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This is probably the most significant event in esports, at least when you consider the price. The prize pool in Dota 2 – The International is funded by the game’s battle pass system and regularly reaches tens of millions of dollars. The 2021 edition had a $40 million total purse, dwarfing all other esports tournaments.

When betting on this event, you will be able to place bets on the outright winner, spreads, and totals but also various Prop Bets. The latter includes:

  • Betting on the team that will have the first kill
  • Placing a bet on the team that will be first to reach 10 kills
  • Betting on who will destroy most towers

Tips for Choosing the Best Betting Site for Esports

When choosing the best betting site for esports, there are several things to consider. The best way to go about this is to choose a reputable operator with an attractive welcome bonus, lots of banking options, and a live streaming option. You might also want to check out some esports betting tips as well.

Go for Reputable Betting Sites

Traditional betting operators have been offering betting on esports for a while now. This means that you can opt for a reputable betting site that has a long history of doing business and still enjoy wagering on esports. The new esports-oriented operators may look flashy but you never know what you are getting with them.

Get Familiar with the Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus has a big impact on your experience on the site, so get familiar with the offers before signing up with the site. Sometimes you’ll see big numbers being advertised only to find out that it is almost impossible to meet all the requirements to get the bonus.

Look for Sites with Lots of Banking Options

It is frustrating to sign up for a betting site only to find out that you can’t deposit or withdraw funds because your preferred payment method isn’t supported. In order to avoid this, make sure to look for betting sites that have lots of banking options.

Lack of Live Streaming Option Should Be a Deal Breaker

All the best and biggest esports betting sites offer live streaming. This way, you can enjoy your favorite esports events and get the full live betting experience.

Answers to Questions You Might Have About Esports Betting

To put it simply, esports is a form of competition that centers on playing video games. Imagine your regular multiplayer session but with much higher stakes.

There is not a big difference between betting on esports and traditional sports. Both involve athletes that compete at a high level. The wagering process is the same, the odds are presented in the same way, and the core betting options are similar.

There are all sorts of esports that you can wager on. The list includes MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games like LOL and DOTA, first-person shooters like CS: GO and Call of Duty, and sports games like FIFA and NBA2K.

As it turns out, you don’t have to be an esports expert to try esports betting. You only need to be interested in it, while all other info can be easily found online.