DraftKings NBA Playoffs Promo 2023: $1,000 Deposit Bonus for New Customers!

Interested in grabbing some great NBA playoff promotions? If so, you will love the details of the DraftKings NBA playoffs promo that we have to share with you today. As highlighted above, the current promotion that relates to the playoffs with DraftKings offers a chance for new customers to receive a $1,000 bonus.

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Bonus & Offers details
  • DraftKings Sportsbook NY NBA Playoffs Offer: 20% Deposit Bonus of up to $1,000
  • Daily Fantasy Sports: Deposit Bonus up to $500

Terms and conditions apply

21+ years old and located in NY.

Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

This offer is reserved for new DraftKings customers only. But if this describes you, you can go ahead and access the offer by registering through the links that we have provided. Note that, unlike other online sportsbooks, there is no need to use any kind of DraftKings Sportsbook NBA playoffs promo code. So all you need to worry about is opening a new account, depositing the required funds, and then placing your bets. On that note, unlike some of the other DraftKings playoffs promotions, this bonus only requires a deposit for qualification. As for the breakdown of the bonus, it works as a 20% first deposit match. So for example, if you deposited $1,000 for your first deposit, you’d receive $200 in bonus funds. And as you can also see, the maximum value of this bonus is $1,000. To grab the maximum, you’d actually need to deposit $5,000, which is obviously quite a lot for most people.

The offer is open to 21+ customers based in states where DraftKings operates. These include states such as Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Colorado, Virginia, New York, and quite a few others. Of course, you will need to sign up using the site that is open to your state.

A closer look at the bonus

Now that you are aware of the overall scope of the DraftKings NBA playoffs promo, it’s time to get into the small print. On the surface, you can see that a 20% first deposit match is on the table, and the maximum reward is $1,000. But there are a few other moving parts to this promotion that you must be aware of. We’ve disclosed these below:

Deposit specifics

Given that this bonus relates to your very first deposit at DraftKings, we may as well start with this condition. When you process your first deposit, whatever you fund your account with will be met with a 20% bonus. But that’s not all there is to know. When depositing, you must try and use a debit card if possible. That’s because DraftKings has excluded some other payment methods from counting towards the promotion. And in addition to the method restriction, you must deposit a minimum of $5 to qualify.

Then again, this shouldn’t be a problem, as this is the fixed minimum on the DraftKings site in general. From the moment you make your deposit, the funds will be sitting in a bonus balance before they are unlocked too. We’ve detailed how this works below.

Release of the bonus funds

Although this might be the largest of the DraftKings NBA playoffs promotions, it’s not exactly the most simple of them. Here is where things get a little complicated, so please take your time and read through the information closely here. Note that when you deposit, the funds are placed in a bonus balance. This means that you cannot directly use them before they are unlocked. To do this, every time you wager $25 on any sportsbook market, DraftKings will release $1 of the bonus for you to use as bonus bets.

DraftKings NBA Playoffs Promo

Eligible betting markets for the bonus funds

And now that you are aware of how to unlock the bonus funds, how about using them? Well, this is where the DraftKings NBA playoffs promo does start to get a little easier. Once your bonus funds have been unlocked and ready to use, you can start to stake the funds on any playoffs market that has odds greater than -300. Most of the DraftKings playoffs odds are above this, so you shouldn’t have a huge problem with finding suitable markets. And in addition to this, there are no restrictions concerning the markets themselves.

As long as the odds are greater than -300, you can essentially take a punt on whatever you like. This includes markets such as Moneyline, handicaps, spreads, and whatever else you want to explore.

The expiration date of bonus funds

Another very important part of this and other DraftKings playoffs promotions relate to the expiration date of the bonus funds. Once you unlock the funds by meeting the wagering requirements, you have 90 days in which to stake them on playoffs markets. Looking at the terms and conditions of playoff bonuses at other sites, you usually get 30 days or less to use your bonus. So it should be clear that DraftKings is being pretty flexible concerning giving you a rather long time frame to use the bonus.

And we’d like to also point out that if you claim the DraftKings NBA playoffs promo today, the 90-day period would take you all the way through to the NBA finals. So you could actually keep some funds in reserve for the finals if you wanted to.

What’s on offer for existing players?

Being able to secure the DraftKings welcome offer is obviously fantastic due to the monetary incentives involved. But unless you qualify as a new customer, the only way you can extract some value here is by looking at the DraftKings reload bonuses. And on that note, there are quite a few to highlight. You don’t even need to use a DraftKings Sportsbook promo code for these offers either, much like the sign-up bonus.

Refer-a-friend bonus

This might not specifically classify as one of the DraftKings playoffs promotions, but it’s one that you can take advantage of to bet on the playoffs. Once you are an established member, you can help others to join. To do this, all you have to do is send them a unique referral link, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. If your friend joins and then deposits more than $100 on their first deposit, you will get a $100 bonus bet. If that wasn’t good enough, they will also get the bonus bet associated with joining DraftKings!

Same game parlay

Keeping with the times, DraftKings has developed a tool for you to combine markets for the same game into a parlay wager. Every single day throughout the playoffs, you can make the same game parlay of up to $10. Should the bet win, of course, you get to enjoy the profits of your wager. But if the bet loses, DraftKings will credit your bet back to your account in the form of a bonus token. Since you can do this once per day, you can easily lock in more than $50 in bonuses each week via this promotion.

Odds boost on select markets

Looking at the current DraftKings NBA playoffs markets, many of them have been given a price boost. DraftKings even has a symbol that you can view to identify boosted markets, making things even easier. And if you are unfamiliar with boosted markets, let us quickly show you how they work. By wagering on a boosted market, your potential returns will increase without the need to increase your stake.

Say the original odds receive a 10% boost – if your original return was going to be $100, you’d then stand to win $110. Of course, the bet still needs to result in a win for the bonus to be worthwhile. But it’s always good to position yourself to win more rather than less!

DraftKings playoffs odds

More about the event

The NBA playoffs are one of the most anticipated sporting events of the entire year, at least in North America. Should you be a basketball fan, you will no doubt have a firm understanding of how the NBA playoffs work and what teams are involved. But in case you don’t follow the playoffs or the NBA very closely, we’d like to share a few bits of information to expand your knowledge. Let’s start with what the playoffs are and how they work.

The playoffs is a knockout tournament that is played once the regular NBA season has been completed. Eight teams from both conferences qualify for the playoffs, and they are then drawn together in this knockout event to see who makes the finals. To stress once again, you’ll find DraftKings playoffs odds and markets for each of the games taking place in this competition. Right now, we are at stage one of the playoffs. This is sometimes referred to as the sweet 16 since 16 teams are now competing for the trophy at this stage.

And in terms of teams to watch, we have a few to point out. Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, and Boston Celtics are the top four seeds for the playoffs. So if you want to bet on any of these teams, you can do so at DraftKings!