Monkey Knife Fight App Review: Download and Play on MKF

The Monkey Knife Fight app offers bettors a fun platform with many contests to choose from and competitive payouts on every event. This Monkey Knife Fight review highlights several features of the app to help new customers understand how to download and play games on the go.


Monkey Knife Fight

A simple way to download the Monkey Knife Fight app

Downloading and installing the app follows a straightforward procedure for both iOS and Android device owners as described below:

  1. Visit the Monkey app official website and choose the right App Store on your gadget (depending on your device–Google Play or Apple Store)
  2. You will be directed to either of the app stores.
  3. Download and install the app on your device. Note that the app can only be downloaded/installed in locations where the bookmaker operates.
  4. Launch the app to start playing fantasy games once the download is complete.

Monkey Knife Fight app

Account opening using and using Monkey Knife Fight promo code:

New customers who have downloaded the Monkey Knife Fight app can register their account in these simple steps:

  1. Launch the app on your device.
  2. Fill out the registration details such as name, email, address and more.
  3. Ensure to sign-up with the Monkey Knife Fight promo code MKFMAX to activate your welcome offer.
  4. Deposit funds into your account to start playing or use the welcome offer to wager on games.
  5. If you sign up using the promo code MKFMAX, you are eligible for a 100% deposit bonus of up to $ 100.

Betting options available on the Monkey Knife Fight app

Punters can explore many betting options on the app. They include:

Rapid Fire

In this betting option, a player selects a team of athletes by setting the highest-scoring player in the head–to–head statistical matchups. The bet wins if the chosen athletes outscore the unselected players.

Stat shootout

In this case, players choose a combination of athletes that they predict will amass the optimal number of the set statistical order in a given event. If the athletes meet the target, the punter wins the prize.

monkey knife fight app



Under this betting option, a participant decides whether a particular set of players will achieve a specific statistical threshold in a given event.

The sports events which users can wager on at Monkey Knife Fight

There is a plethora of sports that punters can explore on the Monkey Knife Fight platform. The sports include NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and Golf, among other events. You can also try the eSport competitions if you like fantasy sports. Bettors wager on their teams to surpass a given goal rather than selecting the team that will score more goals or points.

The betting process on the Monkey Knife Fight app

Placing a bet on the platform is easy and shouldn’t be a problem for even newbies. Here are the examples of betting steps that punters can adopt on the platform:

  • Touchdown Dance: Participants select three players from the two competing teams and set a total touchdown goal. This form of betting presents three options, and the participant has a higher chance of winning when the selection records a higher total score.
  • Fantasy Challenge: A participant selects three athletes from the two competing teams. Rather than choosing a particular yard, the participant tries to surpass a predetermined number of fantasy points.

The available deposit options for Monkey Knife Fight customers

Monkey Knife Fight has a limited number of banking options. It would be best if you ascertained that the banking method you are about to utilize is acceptable to the platform. Here are the steps you can follow to make your deposit:

  1. Log in to access your account.
  2. Hit the “add Funds” icon in the main menu.
  3. Select the banking option you intend to use (debit or credit card option)
  4. Key in the amount you intend to deposit. (Minimum $ 10 and maximum $ 1000 per day).

The Monkey Knife Fights app’s top features at a glance

A simple user-interface

The Monkey Knife Fight app has a crisp user interface, making event selection easy for beginners. Furthermore, the sports events are neatly arranged; hence, one can easily select his preference.

Monkey Knife Fights app


Live scores section

Punters can get updates about ongoing events in the live score section. This information is crucial when making a betting decision during the halftime break. Besides, one can ascertain the outcome with the help of the live score section, so you don’t have to go off the site to find out the final result of a match.

Push notifications

Push notifications help bettors receive news regarding changes and upcoming promotions even when they are not online. As long as the internet access point is turned on, Monkey Knife Fight customers receive daily and weekly updates.

Monkey Knife Fight app’s user experience and design

The app is well-designed, with quality features that make it attractive. The user interface is not cluttered, as a result, everything is made easier and quicker, quite similar to the Betly app. It is also easy to navigate your way around the app as every icon is right where it should be for easy access.

Monkey Knife Fight app review: Final Opinion and Summary

The app has made a splash in the betting industry due to its unique events, which enable bettors to play against the house rather than the gaming house. This Monkey Knife Fight review confirms that the contests are enjoyable to participate in, even if you are a beginner.

I recommend the app to new customers to enjoy the competitive bonuses and promotions available within the platform.

Besides, the bookmaker features many sports and fantasy events, making it a good destination for anybody who wants to have fun. Finally, the presence of a mobile app that permits punters to personalize their betting experience goes a long way in making the app fun.

However, it would help if the bookmaker adds more bonuses to become even more competitive in the fantasy gaming scene. Additionally, the bookmaker should increase the number of banking options to make bettors comfortable when they want to fund their accounts.