Ontario Single Game Sports Betting: What is changing now for Ontario Sports Betting scene

For a long time, single game betting in Ontario wasn’t allowed in the province even though it was happening in other parts of Canada. However, the launching of regulated online sports betting and gambling in Ontario means that punters can now explore multifaceted approaches to betting in Ontario. Before the 4th of April 2022 legislation of regulated gambling, Ontarians could only place parlays bets on selected or state-operated bookmakers.

What is single-game betting in Ontario?

Single-game sports betting is wagering on the possible outcome of a single game. The essence of single-game sports betting in Ontario is to curb the possibility of match-fixing. The catch is that without proper legislation, Ontarians would have easily become not only victims of fraudsters but also match-fixing syndicates. It is not easy to fix games across unrelated events, which was the case with parlays, a betting method that became legal in the province last summer.

single game betting ontario

Can Ontarians now place single-game bets?

The partnership between iGaming Ontario and privately run sportsbooks creates a space for the regulated gaming industry in Ontario. The iGaming Ontario board is mandated with the responsibility of overseeing gaming activities in the province and then reports to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO). AGCO reports to Ontario’s Attorney General.

With the tightly knit association between key industry players, single game betting in Ontario is now a reality and safe. The latest legislation that has opened up the gaming landscape also spells out penalties to be meted on players and partners that breach legal codes of conduct.

Moreover, noting that single game betting in Ontario has been taking place illegally via offshore gaming sites, regulated gambling brings everything under control. With it also comes the realization of the full tax potential of single game betting in Ontario and the promotion of responsible gambling.