PointsBet Ontario Review 2023: Bet on Sports & Casino Games

PointsBet Ontario offers customers a range of services on their platform that might not be as easy to understand by those of you that are new to betting. That’s why we decided to create this PointsBet review to show you what the available content is and if you like it.

You don’t have to have a special PointsBet sign up code to create your account on the platform, and you can read more about that on that page.

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PointsBet Sportsbook Review: Available Markets and Betting Options

The PointsBet sportsbook has a lot to offer new and existing customers. There are quite a lot of sports you can choose from when it comes to betting, and most of them are popular titles, like Golf, Tennis, Football, Ice Hockey, etc. For sure you can expect there to be betting on the professional sports leagues on the continent, like the NBA, NFL, or NHL because those are the most popular here. There are also those sports that aren’t as popular in the area, like snooker or table tennis.

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Besides a wide range of betting options, there is also a wide range of betting markets available for each sport. Of course, there are those markets that are universal and are available for almost all sports. Those include:

  • Moneyline
  • Total
  • Point Spread
  • Teaser
  • Round Robin
  • Parlay
  • Prop Bet
  • Futures

Another fact we should mention in this PointsBet sportsbook review is that there are also pre-game and in-play games you can choose from. The in-play section we will discuss later in this PointsBet review. As for pre-game wagering, we can tell you that it’s as straightforward as it sounds – you bet on games before they begin. There are also betting features available at your disposal but we will explain those in detail later in this PointsBet review.

Odds and Limits at PointsBet Canada

The odds at PointsBet are marketed as the highest, but as you know no sportsbook can claim that because they have to get their share of the profit, too, and they aren’t shy about taking it. The quality of the odds will come and go, but they will always be competitive with the top brands in the region. You might encounter pleasant odds for soccer on Thursday, but on Friday, the odds for another game and market in the same tournament might be worse.

PointsBet Canada offers a few types of limits. We will start with the most obvious ones – payment limits. These refer to the deposit or withdrawal limits for the minimum and maximum sum you can deposit/cash out in a single transaction. Each payment method has its limits, so as long as you abide by those it wouldn’t be a problem.

Another type of limit that we will talk about in this PointsBet review is the betting/deposit limits that are part of the Responsible Gambling features. These are limits you can turn on yourself from the settings in your profile. They work by limiting either the amount you can deposit per day/week/month or the amount you wager per day/week/month. Read more about these limits in the corresponding section on PointsBet’s website.

Additional Betting Features Available at PointsBet Ontario

There are more things you should know about the bookmaker, so we are continuing this PointsBet Canada review with the most important betting features and other perks.

Does PointsBet Ontario Offer Live Streaming or In-Play Betting?

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Detailed PointsBet Review of In-Play Betting

We already mentioned in-play betting once in this PointsBet review, and as we promised, we will explain in detail what that is and what it means to place bets in play. In-play betting is essentially betting while the game is still ongoing. This means from the start of the game until the end of it. There aren’t usually as many betting markets for in-play betting as they are in pre-game bets, but for some sports, especially soccer, there can still be plenty of options available

Some customers argue that since the odds makers don’t have that much time to perfect the odds on in-play bets, it is better to bet in-play because you might get better odds. Although who knows if that logic is true or just people hoping for the better. Anyway, there is a separate in-play section where you can find all the events that are currently ongoing no matter the sport.

PointsBet Review: Live Streaming

PointsBet offers a pretty successful live streaming feature for their customers in the USA, so it’s safe to say it’s available at PointsBet Ontario, too. The feature itself allows you to watch live broadcasts of some games on the PointsBet Ontario platform without any additional payment.

Of course, there are some drawbacks, like the small number of streams offered compared to the large library of events that they have. Another disadvantage is the fact that the live streaming screen is small and you can’t change that. This sort of thing is done, so you can see the odds change in real-time while also watching the game itself. In simpler terms, the bookmakers want you to place bets while watching the live feed, but it isn’t mandatory to place a bet to watch any game live.

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Cash-Out at PointsBet Canada

Another popular feature we will cover in this PointsBet review is cash out, which lets you settle wagers before the end of the event. This is one of the oldest features in sports betting, and we don’t think it needs more explaining than this. For the newbies reading this, you just have to know that there is usually an icon near the name of the market that shows if it’s available for cash out beforehand.

Parlay Builder at PointsBet Ontario

Parlay Builder is a feature available for the most popular sports only, for example, soccer. If you know what parlays are then you will easily figure out what the Parlay Builder does. Usually, parlays allow you to add multiple selections from different games and even sports. Parlay Builder allows you to add multiple selections from the same event into a single bet. The odds you won’t have to worry about because they are calculated automatically.

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Name a Bet Feature

Another feature you can access for free is the name a bet feature, which isn’t well known, but very useful. This feature allows you to request a wager you don’t already see available on the sportsbook. If the oddsmakers price your bet, you will be notified via e-mail. Considering that PointsBet offers a lot of markets on the sportsbook already, creating a new one allows you to make it unique. You will be lucky if they decide to price it, but it isn’t an uncommon occurrence either.

PointsBet Sportsbook Review: Share a Bet

It isn’t a very useful feature for you, but sharing a bet gives you the chance to share your thoughts with your friends on any bet. The feature lets you share both your settled and pending bets.

Points betting – What is It and How to Use it?

PointsBet is famous for the fact that they created a new kind of betting system and they are currently offering it as a feature in Ontario. Unlike fixed odds betting, in points betting your decisions matter until the last second. Depending on how many points you win, your winnings or losses can get multiplied. There are maximum win and loss levels because if there aren’t you could go on winning or losing forever. That way it’s fair and you can know your potential winnings or losses before even placing the bet. You can also limit the potential risk with the “stop loss slider,” but that also applies to winnings.

If you don’t understand it’s okay because it isn’t an easy concept for everyone. There is a link to the Poitsbetting tutorial page at every points betting wager, so you can refresh your memory if it’s needed. One more thing we need to cover about this feature is that there will always be a sum called “balance withheld amount.” This is the amount required in your account to cover a percentage of your max loss if your bet loses, for example.

PointsBet Canada Review of the Mobile Platform

In this part of the PointsBet Canada review, we will talk more about the mobile app for the bookmaker. This seems like the perfect place to mention that PointsBet Ontario doesn’t have a mobile site. Many rival sportsbooks deliver mobile sites that offer their customers another option if they don’t want to download the Pointsbet Ontario app, but for PointsBet if you want to bet on mobile, you will have to download the app 100%.

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You can check out our extensive PointsBet app review for more details on the app itself, while now, we will only reveal the basics. PointsBet Ontario provides a mobile app that you can download for free on any Android or iOS device whether they are smartphones or tablets.

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Does PointsBet Ontario Offer Other Products in the Region?

We will pause a little with the PointsBet sportsbook review and talk a little about the other side that PointsBet offers customers in Ontario. There is an online casino option available for customers and you don’t even have to create a new account to use it.

The PointsBet Casino offers you hundreds of games in different categories. There are the usual slots and jackpots, which make up most of PointsBet’s collection. You can search for your favourite game by typing the title in the search box or you can filter the games via a keyword.

Besides these game types, you can also access several table games and video poker titles. They aren’t as many as the slots or jackpots but are still available if you want to spice things up. Keep in mind that if you want to play via the mobile app, you don’t need to download multiple applications because PointsBet’s official app gives access to both sportsbooks and casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sportsbook

The legal age for gambling in Canada depends on the territory you are in. For example, in Montreal and British Columbia the legal gambling age is 19, while in Ontario, the legal gambling age is 18.

All betting in Ontario is regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO).

You can deposit via Interac, credit cards, debit cards, online banking, ACH E-check, Play+ Card, PayNearMe, and PayPal.

That depends on the method you choose. Each method has its limits, but you won’t be able to even request the transaction if you aren’t within acceptable limits.

That depends on the method you choose to withdraw from your account. Some methods can take from 24 to 48 hours after your transaction is approved to get processed by the payment institution, but some methods might take a few working days or longer.

No, it isn’t. It is only used for marketing and/or tracking purposes so you can register without it if you want.

As long as PointsBet has a license to operate in that territory, then you will have no problem betting or playing casino games outside of Ontario.

PointsBet Canada Review: Final Conclusion

PointsBet Ontario has become one of the top sportsbooks and online casinos in Ontario ever since it launched there. They offer plenty of sports, markets, and features to their customers. We are pleasantly surprised by the number of features you can use on that platform.

Their customer support is high-quality, and although we didn’t expand on it in the actual PointsBet review above, we can say that the team knows what they are doing and are efficient at doing their jobs. You can contact them 24/7 either via live chat or e-mail. We recommend the live chat though because it’s faster.

There are a few disadvantages, like the short list of payment options or their lack of a mobile site, which might not mean something to you specifically, but there are those out there that would prefer to bet via a site on their mobile device rather than downloading an app.