Pinnacle Sports Review 2023: Ontario Sports Betting Online

Take a look at this Pinnacle Sports review to discover what you can get by choosing to join this platform.

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Pinnacle Sports Review – Overall Offerings 

As one of the more recent additions to the Ontario sports betting market, we are excited to review this platform for you right now. But starting with a Pinnacle sports review for this product, things already look extremely positive. With around 25 sports available for members to bet on, diversity is clearly a top priority for Pinnacle. This range includes sports such as hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and others. And of course, Pinnacle has a strong focus on events that involve Canadian based teams.

Pinnacle Sports Review

This is particularly true for hockey, football, and basketball too. Yet across the whole range of popular sports, the overall market depth does not disappoint. Generally speaking, it’s fairly normal to see between 50 and 100 Pinnacle sports betting markets for major events. Should major teams or popular Canadian teams be involved, this can surpass the 100 mark too. It just depends on the league, the importance of the game, and the prestige of the teams involved.

To be even more specific, you can always shoot for moneyline, under/over totals, as well as handicaps for mainstream sports. This is true for pre-game betting, but Pinnacle also supports in-play betting as well (more on this later). And finally, if you’d prefer to take a shot at markets with a longer time to completion, you’ll definitely want to explore the outrights and futures.

Pinnacle sports – betting limits and quality of odds

You might be familiar with the popularity of the Pinnacle sports betting product already. But if not, you will be by the time we get to the end of this Pinnacle sports review. A major part of this review relates to betting limits and how competitive the odds are too. So starting with the betting limits, the minimum you may wager for a pre-match sporting event is $1. This is in line with other betting sites in Ontario. Of course, this is lowered should you start to explore the Pinnacle betting markets for in-play wagers.

And while this is the minimum wager, the most you may wager with Pinnacle is $30,000 for certain sports and markets. This is a limit that will only concern the true high rollers among you. Yet once again, compared to other top sportsbooks, this is a very respectable limit. Then we come to the odds – they are fantastic across the board. This is all thanks to a very low margin that Pinnacle tends to incorporate into the prices for various markets.

Pinnacle sports - betting limits and quality of odds

By the margin, we mean that Pinnacle does not try to sell users a poor price to boost their own returns from losing wagers. Instead, the site remains as tight to the market average as possible. This means that whenever you pull the trigger and wager at Pinnacle, your potential return is just about as good as you’re going to get in Ontario.

Extra site features – an in-depth Pinnacle sports review of important areas

There wouldn’t be much point in discussing the sportsbook without taking a deeper look. Sure, our previous two sections should have helped to make you aware of important details. These include areas like what you can bet on, quality of odds, standard betting markets, etc. However, we didn’t want to leave you in the dark about the rest of the platform. After all, our Pinnacle sports review wouldn’t be comprehensive if we just left it there.

So to move on and give you the information that you deserve, we’ve discussed many other regions of the site. Things like banking, how the platform performs, and other areas are all critical. These have a major impact on whether you like to use the site or not. With that said, let’s get right into it with one of the most important elements relating to sports betting of them all.

Pinnacle betting for in-play options and streaming services

You may recall from the information shared earlier that Pinnacle is a site that definitely supports in-play betting. The wagering minimums are lowered here too. Yet the quality of the odds and the selection of markets remain strong. Of course, you need to wait for an event to get started before seeing these options. However, since Pinnacle covers a bunch of leading sports, you can usually see a great range of live events at any one time.

To officially back any of the open markets, you need to be quick in adding it to the slip to lock in the odds shown. But thanks to the incredibly professional layout of this section, it’s easy to follow through on these requirements. You can even perform a cashout on bets that have been made via the in-play markets. We’ve discussed more about this epic feature a little later. Yet before we get to that, let’s quickly make note of the streaming services at Pinnacle too.

This is a relatively new feature of the sportsbook, so it’s not well documented at the moment. However, we can confirm that streaming is on offer for a growing range of sports. The only catch is that your account must be funded to access the feature. Failing that, if you’ve actually wagered on an event that can be streamed yet your account is empty, you should still be able to view it.

Just tap the little streaming button alongside any supported event to initiate viewing.

The Pinnacle sports betting cashout options

You’ve probably realized already that the Pinnacle sports product is loaded with great features. Yet of the many features involved here, we’ve not discussed the ability to cash out bets up until this point. So let us start by stating that this particular feature is supported by a wide range of betting markets. This puts Pinnacle cashouts ahead of many others due to this flexibility. Many other Ontario sportsbooks allow cashouts for just a handful of betting markets for individual events.

So by having a better coverage of markets linked to this feature, members can make better use of it. That’s the major positive surrounding the cashout feature. However, we should also stress that it’s incredibly easy to perform cashouts too. By heading to the section where your live bets can be seen, all cashout offers are visible. To take the offer, which may be constantly changing if your bet is in play, just tap the button and confirm the cashout. It really is that easy.

Based on our experience with the Pinnacle betting markets, cashout offers are usually fairly generous. And of course, it’s your choice as to whether you end your bet early with this feature or not. There can be positives to doing so, yet depending on the overall outcome of the wager, you may be leaving some money on the table.

Pinnacle betting app – a class of its own

Current gambling regulations in Ontario dictate that bets can be made anywhere within this jurisdiction. However, the only way you are going to place wagers outside of your own home is by accessing your account on your mobile. Pinnacle has optimized its site for mobile devices and the platform’s performance does not suffer at all.

Pinnacle betting app

You can even register directly through the app/mobile version if you wish to. You can instantly make sports wagers, enjoy casino games, perform cashouts, and much more. It doesn’t take long to get accustomed to the layout of the app either, which is obviously a good thing. The cherry on top is that the Pinnacle betting app has several customization features at hand.

Use these to transform the layout, aesthetics, and even how the app functions at a fundamental level to suit your preferences.

Funding your Pinnacle Sports account

One of the most important things to pay attention to here is how to deposit funds into your new account. If you were at all unsure of how this is done, you won’t be able to place any bets. Therefore, let us clear things up in this area. Starting with the available deposit methods – the range is simply enormous. Pinnacle allows deposits to be made through methods like Skrill, Neteller, Visa/MasterCard debit cards, Interac, and many others.

Funding your Pinnacle Sports account

There’s just a $10 limit for deposits that are enforced by the site. And you won’t have to suffer any annoying fees, as there aren’t any. Should you choose from some of the more established methods here, it’s possible to deposit five-figure sums of money in a single transaction too. This should greatly benefit those of you who wager large amounts of cash on sports. Yet just to clarify, this isn’t something we advocate.

We always recommend responsible gambling. That’s also why we’d like to stress that you can set deposit limits if needed.

Other Pinnacle Online Betting Products

There’s obviously plenty of recognition in Ontario for the sportsbook that Pinnacle has available. However, one of the first things you’ll notice about this site is the range of tabs at the top of the homepage. These tabs identify the individual products that Pinnacle also supports, all separate from the main sportsbook. Of these products, there are two that all of you will no doubt want to access at some point. We’ve quickly reviewed these below.

Virtual Pinnacle sports wagering

Of course, we understand that there will be many of you sitting there screaming – ‘there is no substitute for real sports’. We tend to agree with you. However, the growth of virtual sports betting in Canada and other nations is undeniable. And when looking into this product, it’s pretty exciting that you can wager on virtual football, tennis, horse racing, and much more. Yes, the outcomes are generated by a computer. But the money wagered and any money that is won is as real as it gets.

Final Pinnacle Sports Review – a remarkable site

We must confess – we’ve thoroughly enjoyed running through this Pinnacle sports review. After covering many of the most important areas, we are more than happy with what we’ve seen. It’s clear that Pinnacle Canada is safe and secure for new members, first and foremost. Yet beyond the necessary safety assessments, it’s obvious that Pinnacle has taken great care in making the platform as high-quality as possible. This is reflected in the user experience, range of sports, diversity of casino games, and even down to the 24/7 customer support services too.

But if we had to split hairs and identify ways that Pinnacle could improve, we could mention two things. The range of live-streaming options for sports could be better. And we’d also like to see more boosted markets to give members exclusive prices that they won’t find elsewhere. However, for now, we’d like to give Pinnacle a 4/5 for the current platform.

FAQs on Pinnacle Sports

You can register with a Pinnacle referral code, yes. But if you choose to do so, you won’t receive any specific benefits or unique incentives.


It is safe to bet with Pinnacle yes. That’s because these guys are licensed in Ontario and they already host thousands of satisfied members. With that said, it is up to you to ensure that you gamble responsibly.


Not really. While there are maximum win limits for different sports, these are extremely high. In fact, the limits are often deep into the six-figure range.


As it happens, yes it does. Pinnacle has many expert picks that get published when big sporting events are close. You can read all of these tips completely free through your Pinnacle Ontario account.


Of course. By selecting the contact us button on the homepage, you can choose from live chat, email, or social media. All of these options are free to use. However, the best option for a quick response is to go down the social media or live chat route.