How to bet on the NFL with Pinnacle Ontario

Pinnacle is one of the most recognized sportsbooks you will find on the Internet nowadays. The name isn’t as popular among casual NFL bettors but people who are a little bit more serious about their wagering, enjoy betting at Pinnacle.

Can I bet on the NFL at Pinnacle?

The sportsbook at Pinnacle is one of the sharpest, if not the sharpest online service you will find out there. Making your way to your first NFL bet at Pinnacle is not hard at all and all you need to do is complete the registration process. Their Ontario label has every NFL market you will want to bet on.

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Pinnacle NFL betting

How to bet on the NFL with Pinnacle?

The interface itself is very easy to navigate and simple to understand. You simply need to look at the left pane on the home page of Pinnacle. Once you spot ‘’Football’’, click on it and see all the leagues that are available to bet on. The NFL will always be present if not with upcoming games, at least with futures.

Pinnacle Ontario will have every NFL playoff game for the season, and you will see them in a list in front of you. The list contains not only the games but also displays the three main markets for each game:

  • Money Line odds
  • NFL spreads
  • Totals

If you want to bet on any of the three, simply click on the odds you wish to place your wager on. Your bet slip will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. You will be able to select the amount you wish to wager, and Pinnacle will show you the potential winnings.

In case you wish to see more markets for each NFL game, simply click on the team names and you will be taken to another page dedicated specifically to the match in question.

Bet With Pinnacle

What kind of NFL bet types does Pinnacle Ontario have?

In addition to the main markets, we just listed above, Pinnacle will typically offer around 100 more bet types for each game. Some might say that this is fewer than other sportsbooks. This is because the guys at Pinnacle Ontario care about the quality of the markets and they also want to post sharp and accurate lines. When it comes to betting on the NFL with Pinnacle CA, you shouldn’t be after the most obscure markets because you won’t see them.

NFL bets with Pinnacle

Are the NFL odds at Pinnacle Ontario good?

The NFL odds at Pinnacle CA are actually one of the biggest reasons why you want to bet there. The operator is well-known for not overriding their book too much. The margins at which Pinnacle works are some of the slimmest in the industry.

With them, regular bettors get the best value available. Furthermore, you will see NFL odds down to the 3rd digit after the decimal point. The accuracy with which Pinnacle CA prices its NFL games is unmatched in the industry.