Pinnacle Betting App: Download to Bet on Sports on Mobile

Read this breakdown of the Pinnacle betting app to see what it offers, how to sign up, and much more.

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Installing the Pinnacle Betting App

Pinnacle Ontario has optimized its online platform for mobile devices, be it for iOS or Android. All you need to do is to log on to the site using your mobile browser.

The platform’s performance does not suffer at all on mobile version. Mobile bettors enjoy the same features and user experience while on the go. Of course, we shall be covering the details of the app throughout.

Pinnacle betting app

Creating a new account via the Pinnacle betting app and applying a referral code

In order to engage in sports betting in Ontario, you have to be at least 19 years of age. You must also be a resident of Canada. Should you meet both of these legal restrictions, you can proceed to sign up on the app. As for a Pinnacle registration code, if you have it, you can choose to apply a code or not, it really doesn’t matter. We say that as registration codes in Canada have zero impact for your account – they are solely used for marketing and tracking.

Beyond that, the information that is mandatory includes things like your DOB, name, address, email, phone number, etc. Some of these details must be confirmed via the verification process after you’ve joined. So just be prepared to do this right after you have registered. Yet other than that, the only requirements involve agreeing to a fairly standard set of terms of conditions and establishing any security questions with answers.

Available sports, markets, and features of the Pinnacle Betting App

The overall impression that you get from this app is based on the features that it supports and the general product offerings. So of course, it’s critical that we assess these elements right here. As for the areas that you are about to read about, we figured it was important to talk about the sports covered, supported markets, alternative products, how to make a bet, and much more. Anyway, there’s plenty to get through, so let’s jump right into it.

Pinnacle betting app

Pinnacle Sports Betting offerings – 20+ sports and red-hot markets

By scrolling through the sportsbook list on the app, you’ll notice that there are more than 20 sports listed. This is already a solid range, and we didn’t even detail what sports these are yet. But as expected, the Pinnacle betting offerings are largely focused on sports that Canadian punters like to bet on. Prime examples include betting on leagues like the NHL, MLS, MLB, NFL, NBA, and many others.

These are all supported on the app. And between them, you can expect access to literally thousands of events on an annual basis. There is a fairly consistent range of markets available too. We’ve witnessed consistent markets in the form of handicaps, moneyline, over/under totals, as well as futures for top competitions. You even get the luxury of choosing between live betting and regular betting. As for the former, there is a link labeled as ‘live center’.

This is where you get access to all live markets, as well as in-game statistics and even streaming for select events.

Placing a wager on the Pinnacle sports mobile app

Prior to making your first wager on whatever Pinnacle sports market you like, you must do one thing. That ‘thing’ is depositing funds successfully into your account. We’ve discussed how this is done in the following section. But since we are specifically talking about placing a wager here, let’s discuss that before we describe transactions.

Pinnacle betting app

We can already tell you that placing a wager via the app is very easy. After picking your event and the market you’d like to back, you are seconds away from placing the bet. Scroll across to the bet slip, find your bet, enter a stake, and place the wager. We’d advise double-checking that you’ve selected the right market before completing the remaining steps, however.

This is just to make sure that there haven’t been any slip-ups in the market selection stage.

Depositing funds into your account on the Pinnacle betting mobile app

We’d assume that you are fully aware that all of the Pinnacle betting markets are there for real money wagers only. So as we touched upon above, to place a real money wager, you’ve got to have some cash on hand. This is where the banking review enters the picture. Anyway, starting with the available methods, Pinnacle supports plenty. You can pick from debit cards, e-wallets, online banking, prepaid cards, and even cash vouchers to fund your account.

Whichever method you choose, you only need to meet a $10 minimum. So just make sure you deposit an amount greater than this, hit the deposit link, and your money should be available immediately. If for some reason the money doesn’t come through immediately, just contact customer support. They will usually make the necessary adjustments manually to release your cash if any problems have occurred.

Pinnacle Betting App Best Features

You can probably see within the Google and App Stores that the betting app has fairly respectable ratings. Of course, having a good range of products and a reliable platform helps with that. But truth be told, it’s the support of several premium features that have boosted the reputation of the Pinnacle sports mobile betting app. Here are the ones we’ve picked out to highlight:


You don’t have to cash out any wager that you’ve made of course. But simply having the option is absolutely awesome. After all, if you’ve made a risky play that is looking good, the cashout feature will be your best friend. You could then snap up an early payout and take the returns without running the risk of losing the bet at the end of play.

Free betting tips

Of the many great features of this app, the inclusion of free betting tips has to be listed here. We’ve all had times when we just don’t know which market to back. And sometimes, we don’t know what statistics to look at to sway us one way or another. So by packing free tips into the app, this is a huge help for making betting decisions.

Pinnacle betting app

Quick bet

This is a very recent addition to not only the app but to the Pinnacle platform as a whole. Whenever you are logged in, you should see this option at the top of the sportsbook. It’s an option that you can toggle on or off. But by turning it on, you can actually place a wager without going through the bet slip. This is a massive positive for live betting!

Top-drawer user experience and app performance

For any app to be considered high quality in the user experience department, it must demonstrate several things. Of course, everyone reviews this in their own way. But for us, we look at aesthetics, speed, technical performance, ease of navigation, and a few other areas too. Based on our assessments of these measures, we are pleased to report that the user experience is fantastic.

We had no trouble from the very beginning with moving through different products or subcategories such as live betting. And we didn’t experience any lag times, technical issues, or any other negatives when using the app.

Conclusion of this Pinnacle Sports Review – comprehensive and quality

Pinnacle is a site that has entered the Canadian market with a clear purpose. Based on this Pinnacle sports mobile review, we believe that this purpose is to become a market leader. The site has clearly put enormous effort into making the app as professional as can be. This is confirmed by the positive customer reviews from existing members. And from our own experience, it’s hard to give Pinnacle Sports anything but a big thumbs up.

As more features are introduced to the Pinnacle betting app, we feel that things will only get better too. So to conclude, would we recommend it? Definitely!