Gambling in Canada Makes a Splash In Ontario. Online Gambling and Betting in 2023

Monday, 4th April marked the beginning of legal online gambling in Canada, Ontario province. You can also expect to see several gaming sites featuring casino, bingo and poker products targeting punters in the populous province. Let’s dive deeper to explore the Ontario, Canada gaming market.

Online Gambling in Canada: Is it Legal?

The answer is yes. You can now place bets online in Canada. Originally, providers of sports betting and online casino gaming were managed by the federal and provincial authorities. The legalization of online gambling in Ontario means you can now register with a bookmaker in Ontario in quick steps and place a bet on soccer, hockey, motorsports and many other events. Note that the legal age for participating in Ontario sports betting is 19+years. However, the age requirement may vary from province to province and also depends on the type of gambling.

A summary of the Canada Sports Betting Bill

Canada’s sports betting bill, dubbed Bill C-218, got Royal assent in June 2021, paving way for a new era in eGaming. Its asset opened ways for several Canadian provinces to regulate single-gaming betting. The Bill successfully passed through Senate in the same month. Paul Burns, who is the President & CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association hailed the legal success as a huge milestone in Canada’s gaming scene.

With the launching of online gambling in Canada’s province of Ontario, it means punters can now register with privately-owned companies and enjoy a wide array of gaming services. Originally, legal sports betting in Canada was restricted to parlays in Ontario, save for other provinces where punters could wager on single games.

Gambling in Canada

Gambling in Canada: List of Companies living in Ontario

Ontario sports betting is now live, and tens of bookmakers have already launched their services in the province. Many others have acquired licenses to operate in the new market. To operate a sportsbook in Ontario, bookmakers must first register with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) and then get legal permission from iGaming Ontario. IGaming Ontario operates under AGCO and will oversee gaming in the province.

Here is a list of sports betting companies that already live in Ontario.

Bet365 Ontario

Bet365 is now live in Ontario in line with the new Gambling in Canada rules. Visit the official Bet365 Ontario and sign-up today.

BetMGM Ontario

BetMGM Ontario is another popular sports betting company that has launched its operations in Canada.

Fanduel Ontario

Sign up with Fanduel Ontario