OLG Review 2023: Ontario Lottery and Casino Games Rated

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OLG Review for Sportsbook and Betting Markets

To get right to the point, one of the main reasons you are likely considering joining the OLG site is to bet on sports. Therefore, we figured it was a good idea to kick things off with an OLG review of the sportsbook as a whole. This way, you’ll know whether your favorite sports are covered, and what kind of markets you can explore when doing so. On that note, right off the bat, we can tell you that approximately 15 sports are listed within the OLG sportsbook.

This range includes sports that aren’t quite as popular as the major North American leagues, as seen with golf, tennis, boxing, and even things like darts and snooker. However, it is definitely the North American leagues that dominate the sportsbook. That’s why you’ll naturally be drawn to the wealth of options for leagues like the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, as well as MLB. Between these leagues, OLG lets you bet on hundreds of events each month, especially during the regular season.

And when events within these leagues have top teams involved, you could gain access to close to 100 betting markets. From what we’ve seen, OLG is quite fond of moneyline, outright, handicaps, over/unders, and spread betting for these major leagues. So these are the standard markets that OLG typically provides.

Competitive odds and user-friendly limits

As soon as you visit the online sportsbook provided at OLG, you’ll notice that ‘competitive odds’ are listed as one of the main selling points. It also states that odds are constantly updated to reflect real-time changes. And from what we’ve seen, this statement is absolutely on the money. The odds do adapt quickly to breaking news or other important information relating to teams and individuals. Therefore, the odds that you see at OLG usually provide an accurate representation of each team/individual chances.

Competitive odds and user-friendly limits

As for the competitive element, we believe that OLG tends to float the odds around the market average. This is the case for the less popular sports mentioned earlier. But if you explore the odds for events within leagues like the NHL or NBA with other sportsbooks, OLG can occasionally offer marginally higher odds. This means that your bet could yield a better return with OLG than it might elsewhere. Of course, this is dependent on whether your bet actually wins or not.

Finally, we’ve mentioned that OLG has user-friendly limits because it has a bet minimum of just 10 cents. The bet maximums vary for all of the different sports, however, so we cannot give a fixed answer on that. As for the maximum payouts, again, no exact figure is stipulated. But it can be assumed that since the site is government-run, payouts should be honored deep into the six-figure region.

OLG Review of Additional Site Elements

Come on, you didn’t think we’d cut this OLG review after simply listing the sports, markets, limits, and odds, did you? That’s not our style! We like to cover everything that has influence over the quality of the betting experience as a whole. And on that note, we’ve got quite a few more areas to discuss before sharing our final thoughts on the OLG platform. Simply read on for full details.

In-play betting and streaming services at OLG

OLG does have live streaming is available on all platforms including apps. Now let’s dive into the sportsbook betting markets and you should notice an entire section dedicated to live betting.

The link to this section is right next to the link shown as ‘pools’ – another popular way of betting with OLG that you may wish to explore. But back to live betting, we are pleased with the commitment and coverage with respect to in-play betting on this site. Once you hit the live button within the live betting section, a full list of all in-play events will appear. From here, bets can be placed with just a few taps of the screen. However, odds can fluctuate rapidly in this environment, so make sure you are quick.

There is also a separate section shown as ‘upcoming’. Usually, this section reveals all events that are due to take place within the next 12-24 hours.

The cashout tool and its function at OLG

There are a few features at online sportsbooks that are more in demand than others. And the cashout feature is certainly one that falls into this category. So let us give you the good news immediately – you can cash out wagers made within the OLG sportsbook. The catch is that not all wagers are eligible for cashouts. As for how you determine which wagers can or can’t be cashed out, just look for a dollar sign accompanying the market that you are considering.

This symbol shows that this particular market is eligible for cashouts if the bet performs as expected, that is. Should your wager perform poorly, and it isn’t looking likely to win at any point, you won’t get a cashout offer. That’s just the way that it works with online sportsbooks. So don’t be confused if you’ve picked a market that is eligible for cashouts yet you don’t actually receive such an offer.

In contrast, if your bet is moving along nicely and it looks like OLG will have to payout on that market, you will get a cashout offer. If you like the offer, you can instantly end the bet by clicking the cashout button.

OLG app – PROLINE+ for sports betting

Firstly, we should state that OLG has both an iOS and Android app that you can download. This is the case not only for the OLG casino/lottery app, but also for the separate sports betting app. The latter is actually available under the name ‘PROLINE+’. So if you want to engage in sports betting instead of casino gaming, this is the one you go for!

OLG app – PROLINE+ for sports betting

As for the download process of these apps, we’d recommend installing the app directly from the mobile site. There is a link to these apps within the footer of the OLG homepage. Tapping the link will display both iOS and Android app icons, and installing the app is a process that takes literally a few seconds.

With that taken care of, you’re no doubt eager to read a quick OLG review of what the app has to offer. In short, the PROLINE+ app has pretty much the same betting offerings as the desktop counterpart. You’ve got instant access to pools, live betting, results, popular markets, and cashouts. And aside from the actual betting opportunities on the app, you can still access things like banking, customer support, as well as any of the legal stuff, if you want to read that at any point!

We also have zero complaints as to the functionality and offerings of the OLG app for casino/lottery play. The overall aesthetics are crisp and clear with this app. And we like that the app supports hundreds of games for slots, jackpots, and other categories. Of course, you can also access Ontario’s leading lottery draws too.

Is OLG Proline+ app reliable

In terms of reliability for any betting app, we like to examine a few key areas. First, we must assess whether the app has any technical problems, which the PROLINE+ app doesn’t. Second, we look at whether there are any glitches when attempting to place bets, cashout wagers, or anything else. Again, we have nothing negative to report. And finally, we look into the app’s functionality. As addressed above, PROLINE+ scores highly in this area too.

Is OLG site safe

Once you realize that OLG actually stands for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, you’ll immediately feel in safe hands. Of course, this governing body has the right license as issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. And beyond that, OLG makes use of the latest encryption software for transactions, as well as additional firewall protection to shield player data.

How long does OLG withdrawal take

Before we run through the withdrawal speeds at OLG, let us stress something very important. Prior to making any withdrawal requests, you must have verified your account details with OLG. They won’t approve any payouts unless you’ve done this. So save yourself the headache and try to complete the verification process immediately after signing up. But assuming you do complete this, all withdrawal requests should be approved within 24 hours.

After that, payouts take an average of 2-4 business days. Therefore, in total, the maximum length of time that it should take for the funds to reach your account is 5 business days.

Ontario Lottery and Casino Review

Given that OLG is also a gaming site, we figured it was appropriate to talk about the Ontario Lottery and casino products. These are an add-on that you can access from the moment you’ve registered for a new OLG account. There are no extra steps to take in order to explore these products. Just look for the respective links once you’ve signed in and tap them if you wish to enjoy any lottery or casino play.

OLG review


As for the individual reviews, let’s begin with the Ontario Lottery. This product lets you instantly purchase tickets for various lotteries that are actually conducted by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Tickets are available for just a few dollars for various lotteries, yet lotteries such as the Daily Grand and Lotto Max seem to be particularly popular.

Should you be eager to try your luck with some leading casino games, there are several hundred to try with OLG. Live dealer games, jackpots, table games, and slots are all part of the overall package.

Closing Thoughts On This OLG Review – Well Worth Joining – 4/5 Rating

At the end of the day, we must think about whether we’d recommend trying OLG or not. And in our experience, we believe that the Ontario Lottery site has more than enough to justify joining. This platform has a multitude of products, great features, and competitive sports betting offerings. Sure, some things are missing, but the fundamentals are great. So why not give the site a try today?

FAQs - OLG Review

We recommend that you visit the official site olg.ca to learn more.

You can pick from methods like Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Mastercard Credit, and MasterCard Debit.

The stated minimum for deposits with OLG is $15 while the minimum withdrawal amount is $2.


Currently, some of the most popular games in the casino include Cleopatra Plus, Triple Diamond, and Player’s Suite Blackjack.

Yes. The best way to reach a support agent is through live chat, which is open on a 24/7 basis. Alternatively, you can phone OLG between 8 AM and midnight, seven days a week.

Not at all. Head into your account and look for the verification link. From here, you must upload proof of address and proof of ID. You can simply upload photos to get this done.

Absolutely. OLG lets you adjust things like how the odds are displayed, which sports are displayed as favorites and more.

Yes. Within the settings of your account, you can establish deposit limits, playing time limits, and even wagering limits.