All that you need to know about latest legal regulations on Gambling in Canada

Bettors living in Canada can now enjoy their favourite sports legally. Now, they don’t have to worry about facing penalties or any charges. Though gambling in Canada might require some time to grow, it has already started to grab the attention of world-class gambling companies.

Gambling in Canada: Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

Gambling is a regulated practise in the country, but it is only legal when it is regulated by a provincial government. Since the provincial government has the freedom to make its own laws, it’s important to check gambling policies in your province before getting involved in it.

Additionally, the online service you are planning to use should be owned or licensed by your provincial government. All other services are not considered legal, and you may face serious legal consequences if you get caught. So, check whether sports betting is legal and which site or service is legal in your province. And to stay safe, make sure to check the policies of the service you choose. For instance, the AGCO or Alcohol or Gaming Commission of Ontario regulates gambling practices in Ontario. They hold all the registered gambling sites responsible to maintain high standards of player protection, responsible gambling, and game integrity. This commission monitors activities to ensure that each site is meeting requirements and obligations.

Gambling in Canada

Gambling in Canada and its Sports Betting Bill

Online gambling in Canada became legal on 22 June 2021 after Bill C-218 was passed. It legalized single-event sports betting in Canada in a safe and regulated environment.

Sports Betting Market in Ontario, Canada

Ontario is the first province in Canada that officially opened the iGaming market in Canada, while many provinces are still assessing reasons to legalize betting. Since the market has already gained popularity among gamblers, experts predict that the sports betting industry will generate gross revenue of C$989m.

Some of the popular sports betting companies in Ontario and their offerings are: