DraftKings Review 2023: Sportsbook and Casino for Ontario Players

Check out this DraftKings review for the Ontario site in 2022 – information on the sportsbook, odds, and more is provided within.

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DraftKings Review – Sportsbook Breakdown

It’s fair to say that DraftKings has been a dominant force in the North American market for quite some time now. Yet recently, DraftKings has taken a step beyond the boundaries of the USA to branch into the Canadian market. And you can actually register right now with our DraftKings Ontario code, although it doesn’t link to any huge benefits.

But back to the DraftKings review now, there are many reasons why DraftKings is viewed as one of the best. So, kicking things off with the sportsbook, you’ll be pleased to discover that these guys have over 20 sports listed. This range includes basketball, soccer, tennis, American football, baseball, hockey, and many others.

Of course, these are simply the mainstream and most popular sports that are covered. But DraftKings has branched out to cover other sports like horse racing, NCAA betting, and Formula One betting too. However, the most extensive market offerings are found for the most popular sports. This tends to be the case with most online sportsbooks, so this shouldn’t reflect badly on the DraftKings Ontario site.

As for how many markets, on average, DraftKings serves up 50-100 for key events. And the selection always includes moneyline, handicap, as well as over/under options.

DraftKings Sportsbook review of limits and odds

One of the reasons that DraftKings has managed to dominate for so long is down to the odds that they whip up. In most instances, you’ll see that DraftKings manages to keep its odds higher than what’s listed on competitor platforms. To translate what this means, you’ll get a better return by betting with DraftKings compared with other sites. However, your bet must win for these potential returns to be realized.

But either way, it’s nice to know that you are getting the best possible value for your bet. And this is something that will overlap throughout this DraftKings review – the value on offer tends to be at the very top of the market. As an example, if a competitor site had odds of +100 on the Lakers to win a basketball game, DraftKings might have odds of +150 or +200. This is just an example, but hopefully, it emphasizes the average difference in odds provided.

Now for the limits, these are perfectly fine too. Minimum bets are fixed at $1 for any pre-match wager, and this drops for live betting. So really, you shouldn’t have a hard time gaining entry to the betting world at DraftKings. And in terms of winning bets, DraftKings pays out on winning bets that extend well above $100,000. This is clearly much higher than your average punter may wish to redeem from their betting activities at DraftKings. So this shouldn’t cause too many worries either.

DraftKings Review – Additional Features

draftkings review

To ensure that we are as thorough as possible with this DraftKings Ontario review, it’s about time we delved deeper into the premium features. After all, you don’t get to become a market leader by simply offering a decent range of sports along with competitive markets. In fact, that’s pretty much expected by all betting sites these days. So in order to stand out from the competition, betting sites, especially the best ones, get a little more creative in terms of additional features.

For that reason, the next stage of our DraftKings Sportsbook review is to analyze these key features and show you why they hold significant importance. It’s all described below, so let’s jump right in with two of the most desirable features of them all – streaming and live betting.

Live streaming and in-play betting with DraftKings Ontario

We’ve briefly mentioned earlier that live betting is an option with DraftKings Canada. So of course, this ticks the box for the first of these two features. And based on our experience, the live betting experience is just as extensive as the pre-match experience. There can often be close to 50 markets listed during a game, and bets can be placed with just a few taps of the screen.

You only need to bet a minimum of 10 cents when live betting too. So theoretically, you could cover many more markets for the same price as one pre-match bet! Just be warned – this is a fast-paced environment where you must be quick to snap up the odds that you see. However, that’s the beauty of live betting with DraftKings Canada. You can bet on certain markets with odds that are far greater than what they were in the pre-match options. This takes care of live betting at DraftKings, but what about streaming?

Well, this box also gets ticked with our DraftKings sportsbook review. With a funded account, you can watch a bunch of live sporting events. Alternatively, you can watch live events providing that you have wagered on the event in question. This isn’t true for all sports, but from what we’ve seen, you can stream events for tennis, soccer, and baseball. The latter is thanks to a partnership with the MLB.

DraftKings review of cashout options

Punters all around the world understand the value of being able to cash out bets. This clever little tool lets you take an early profit and finish the bet before things come to a close. And the beauty of doing this is that you can immediately take home a payout, rather than waiting for the bet to finish. However, the returns gained through cashouts will never be equal to the potential returns of the bet as a whole.

That’s the price you pay for ending the bet earlier than planned. Then again, many punters like to do this as the cashout value realized is a guarantee. Whereas the bet could ultimately result in a loss should you let it ride? Either way, it’s clear that DraftKings does permit cashouts. And these are easily executed by simply finding ‘my bets’, then tapping the cashout button if an offer is available.

On that note, to avoid any confusion in this part of our DraftKings review, cashouts aren’t always given. They are only offered if your wager is looking likely to result in a win. You also have to keep your finger on the pulse to take advantage of cashouts, as they can be here one moment and gone the next. But overall, we’d say that it’s easy to cash out bets with DraftKings, and the value is often quite generous.

DraftKings app review – one of the best there is

It goes without saying that you won’t always be at home when accessing your DraftKings account. In fact, most punters prefer to access their accounts and place bets through mobile these days. That’s where our DraftKings app review comes into the equation. Compared with the optimized mobile site, this app is certainly preferable. And it can be downloaded by those who have devices operating with either iOS or Android software. Simply visit the DraftKings site and tap the download link to the respective app to get started.

Once downloaded, you’ll be treated to an app that is powerful, easy on the eye, and very simple to use. We love that all sports are clearly presented through a collapsible menu, and it’s cool that you can set up your favourite sports and markets on the app too. This makes the app even easier to use, and it makes things feel a bit more ‘personal’ – in a good way. As for key features of the app, we’ve been impressed by things like betting pools, price boosts, one-tap cashouts, as well as easy banking procedures.

So would we recommend installing this following our DraftKings app review? Absolutely.

DraftKings Casino Review

Although we’ve focused on the DraftKings sportsbook review up until now, this isn’t the only thing offered by the site. In fact, our DraftKings casino review is about to demonstrate another exciting product of the platform. The casino is a very recent implementation, yet there are still over 300 games available for you to enjoy. This portfolio is split into slots, table games, video poker, as well as live dealer action too. The latter really brings things to life, as you can go up against a real dealer thanks to flawless streaming tools.

draftkings review

Of course, this product is available once you have actually joined the DraftKings Ontario site. And any funds that you deposit can be used for both the sportsbook and the casino. So there is no need to worry about transferring funds between the different products, which is a common complaint of how other sites operate. As for the quality of games listed here, the RNG games have top-notch graphics. It’s easy to adjust the stake too, all thanks to incredibly simple gaming interfaces.

No software downloads are necessary either, so you can simply click and play any of the 300+ titles whenever you like.

FAQs on our DraftKings Canada review

That’s quite a common concern in the Canadian online betting market at the moment, especially with things being so new. But yes, you can trust the DraftKings Ontario site because it is licensed and regulated. Details of this regulation are provided on the main site too.

Unfortunately not. At the time of writing, the Canadian market does not permit sign-up incentives through things like exclusive codes. So while you can sign up using a code, this only relates to tracking in terms of where you’ve found the code.

We like to think so, yes. The DraftKings review of both products has been done based on first-hand experience. So the information you read is what we have found on the site.

Again, our review of the sportsbook has been done based on what we witnessed when using the product. Other sites tend to base reviews without checking out the site personally, which is why we believe that our reviews are as authentic as possible.

Whether it’s the DraftKings app review or a review of other products, we aim to update the information as and when necessary. For example, if a major change occurred on the site which needs mentioning, this is when we would strive to do so.

Yes. And that is possible because the app works in almost the exact same fashion on both operating systems. This is true in terms of how it functions, which features are supported, and for all other important elements too.

Conclusion of our DraftKings review – clearly one of the best

At the end of the day, this review still begs one question. Should you join the DraftKings site in Ontario or not? We believe that the answer is a resounding yes. And we say this due to the quality and overall coverage of the DraftKings betting options. They tick almost every key box when it comes to an exceptional experience. As we’ve seen, DraftKings supports streaming, cashouts, bet boosts, 20+ sports, quick and easy banking, and much more. So really, it’s a site that is well equipped to entertain punters of all backgrounds and experience levels.

The fact that things are still so early in the day also bodes well for DraftKings moving forward. Should we be forced to give DraftKings a grade out of five too, we would have to give them full marks. Barely anything is missing that would cause any major impression changes of this betting site. So to conclude, we would recommend joining the site whenever you get the chance.