BetVictor App Canada 2023: Download and Play on BetVictor

Check out this breakdown of the BetVictor app for the Canadian market right here.

How to download the BetVictor app for Canadian players

The BetVictor Canada platform has come to life in recent weeks. So naturally, there is a flurry of punters looking to sign up and play at this site. And if you are one of them, you are about to discover how to actually use the platform on your mobile device. Specifically, we shall be talking about how to install the BetVictor app, as well as highlighting what this platform actually provides for users as a whole.

But first thing’s first – let us quickly run through how to download the app for both Android and iOS operating systems:


  1. Head to BetVictor Ontario mobile site
  2. Look for the Android app icon
  3. Tap it and ‘trust APK’ file
  4. Wait for install to complete

betvictor app


  1. Open the App Store
  2. Search for BetVictor
  3. Find the correct BetVictor Canada app
  4. Approve download by entering Apple ID credentials

As you can see, it is not an overly complicated process to actually install the BetVictor app. We should also point out that the app is available on both smartphone and tablet devices. So you can run through the steps shown above via either of these options.

Registering with BetVictor Canada and applying a registration code

In order to legally register with BetVictor, you have to be over the age of 19. Not only that, but since this site has gone live in Ontario, you have to have a residential address in this region. Only if you meet these two conditions can you sign up and use a registration code. The sign-up process itself requires that you provide a few personal details like your DOB, full name, and address. Beyond this, you must also agree to the terms and conditions, and then you will be all set.

But before we continue, let us quickly clarify important details regarding the registration code. While you can indeed use the code that we have available, it will not lead to any unique benefits. This is different from how registration codes operate elsewhere in the world.

Available betting options on the BetVictor App

The BetVictor Ontario platform is actually a site with multiple products available. However, it goes without saying that the sportsbook is probably the most desirable for Canadian residents. Therefore, we wouldn’t be doing this review justice if we didn’t spend some time highlighting what your betting options are. Not only this, but we feel it is appropriate to talk about a few other areas relating to the app’s features and functionality too. So let us start by discussing the BetVictor Canada sportsbook.

BetVictor mobile sports betting offerings

Based on the list of events that you can bet on, it seems that BetVictor covers more than 25 different sports. This is a very respectable range when you consider that they are brand new in the Canadian market. You may also love to see that many of the sports are Canadian favorites. Prime examples include things like hockey, winter sports, soccer, basketball, American football, and a bunch of others.

betvictor app

Given that many of these sports have top leagues based in North America, you are able to bet on hundreds of individual events relating to these sports each month. It’s fairly magnificent that BetVictor has over 100 markets for some of these events too. So this is clearly not a platform that simply wants to cover the basics. Instead, BetVictor is evidently striving to create a truly comprehensive sports betting experience.

Finally, before we move on to other areas, we’d like to quickly mention what the typical markets are. When you dance around the most popular sports, you will notice markets like handicaps, moneyline, spreads, futures, outrights, and prop bets. And several of these can often be seen if you engage in live betting too – putting the icing on the cake.

Placing a wager on the BetVictor Ontario app

After you have narrowed things down and chosen a sporting event to bet on, it’s time to officially place a wager. As long as you have sufficient funds in your account, you can place a bet on any market that you like. Just keep in mind that the minimum for the pre-match options is $1. This is actually lowered for the in-play betting markets. However, it’s entirely up to you which method of betting you choose to engage with.

Either way, the process of placing a bet via the BetVictor app remains exactly the same. To ensure that you know exactly how this is done, we’ve put together a step-by-step outline right here:

  1. Pick your market
  2. Tap it once to add to bet slip
  3. Look for the stake box and enter a value
  4. Tap ‘place bet’ to officially make your wager

betvictor app

This is the process that you must follow regardless of which marker you are backing. However, there are certain exceptions if you choose to place any specialty bets such as parlays. In this example, you would repeat steps 1 and 2 for all of the markets that you wished to combine. And only then would you proceed to steps 3 and 4. Then again, you don’t need to worry about this unless you plan on making such wagers.

BetVictor Canada App – main deposit options

Before you can engage with any of the gambling products supported on the app, you must deposit some funds. This is true Because BetVictor Ontario is a real money betting site. Therefore, you must have some real money available to proceed with any bets. On that note, you will be glad to know that there are many deposit options available. The key methods listed under the banking section include Interac, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, MasterCard/Visa debit cards, as well as PaySafeCard – usually with a $5 minimum.

Another great thing about funding your account is that deposits should be processed immediately. This means that once you actually hit that deposit button, your funds should be available to use within a matter of seconds. Of course, like any great betting site, you won’t be charged any fees either.

Top features of the BetVictor Mobile App

Let’s drill down even further now to talk about the main features that are available on the app. All of the features we are about to mention can be used or accessed from the moment that you have registered with BetVictor. And with that out of the way, let’s quickly run through three of the best features:

Casino Gaming

We said at the very beginning that BetVictor was a multi-product betting site. And as it happens, the casino portfolio has been packaged into the same mobile app that we are reviewing here. You can switch from sports betting to casino gaming with the touch of a button. Once the casino library actually loads, we have a feeling that you’ll be blown away by the range of games too. There are literally hundreds to sample, with leading games for categories like slots, live dealer, and table games.

betvictor app


One of the competitive advantages, if you will, of using the BetVictor app is how quickly you can cash out bets. BetVictor has clearly spent plenty of time and money streamlining the cash-out feature. And customers get to benefit from lightning-fast cash-out commands – done with simply the swipe of a button. This is extremely important for things like live betting where time is of the essence.

Live Streaming

The last of the three features relates to live streaming. This feature is definitely available on the app, and you must have a funded account to access it. With that said, you cannot live-stream events for all the sports on the platform. But based on our experience, it is possible to stream events relating to sports like soccer, tennis, and a few others.

User experience on the BetVictor app

Regardless of whether you are using the app on iOS or Android, you will be impressed with the overall user experience. We found that despite being a multi-product app, everything feels nice and compact. There are distinct menu links to navigate through different products. And no matter which product you end up using, you will be treated to crisp visuals, decent aesthetics, and slick executions for various commands.

BetVictor Canada App Summary – delightful to use

To give an overall conclusion, we’d like to state that we would happily come back and use the BetVictor app again. Compared to other mobile apps available in the Canadian market, we found this one to be very professional and easy to use. Of course, the fact that these things are backed up by an extensive sports betting offering is fantastic. And we love that BetVictor has left no stone unturned by providing a leading casino library, plenty of deposit options, and so much more.

So would we suggest giving the app a try once you sign up with BetVictor? Absolutely!