BetRivers Ontario Review: Sportsbook, Casino and Sign Up

Interested in joining the BetRivers site in 2022? Check out this BetRivers Ontario review before you do.

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BetRivers Ontario Review 2022 – Sports and Markets Overview

Since early April 2022, the BetRivers Canada site has been causing quite a stir in this new market. So of course, it’s understandable for so many people to want to check out a BetRivers Ontario review before diving in. At the same time, many people are looking to sign up with a BetRivers Ontario affiliate code. You can do this through our site, but the code isn’t linked to any specific advantages.

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Anyway, starting with the sportsbook offerings, it’s fair to say that these guys have come out of the blocks quickly. Currently, BetRivers supports close to 30 sports for members to wager on. This range includes sports that Canadian-based punters are particularly fond of, such as ice hockey, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and many others.

Needless to say, there is a good chance that your desired sport and the subsequent market are covered at BetRivers. Speaking of markets, when you dive into the more popular events, it’s quite normal to see over 100 betting options. Or at the very least, you should have a selection of between 50 and 100 markets. This is true for key sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and football. And we should also mention that when live betting opens up for these mainstream sports, the selection of markets remains somewhat consistent in terms of volume.

It’s rare that you’ll find less than 50 markets available for top sports. So this shows us that BetRivers cares about being as extensive as possible.

BetRivers Sportsbook review of odds and limits

After covering the range of sports and markets, we want to also include details in this BetRivers Ontario review about the odds and any subsequent limits. Starting with the odds, we’ve found that BetRivers tends to be quite generous with the offerings. As an example, we’ve found that key sporting events have odds that are equal to if not greater than the odds offered at competitor sites. Note that this is true on the whole, and there may be an odd market where there are some exceptions.

So really, this means that you are getting good value by betting at BetRivers, as we hope shines through in this BetRivers sportsbook review. Now for the limits, standard bet minimums are fixed at $1, but this can drop for bets in the live markets. Of course, limits also relate to payouts, of which you needn’t have too many concerns. BetRivers is perfectly willing to payout on winning bets that extend into the six-figure range. And assuming you’re not a professional punter, this means that the payout ceiling shouldn’t be an issue.

BetRivers Canada Additional Features

Like all great betting sites, it’s not just the sports coverage and market depth that appeals to punters. Or perhaps more specifically, it’s not just the basics that pull punters in from all over the nation. The top sites all go above and beyond the basics to provide a tremendous betting experience. And within this BetRivers sportsbook review, we’ve been pleased to see that BetRivers has integrated many things to create a ‘better than average’ betting platform. Mind you, better than average probably doesn’t quite do this site justice!

So to give you an overview of why we have this opinion on the BetRivers site, we need to look deeper into some key features and other elements of the site. Let us get started on these features right now.

betrivers ontario review

A BetRivers Sportsbook Review of live betting and streaming options

We’ve spoken at length about the BetRivers sports coverage, mainly from a pre-match perspective. However, it’s important to discuss how things are when it comes to live betting. And based on what we’ve seen, at BetRivers, the live betting set-up is pretty advanced. Live betting can be done for most of the sports that are covered on the site. The bet minimums are also lower for live wagers, which makes betting more accessible for those without a ton of funds to spend. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the bets will win when betting live, but many punters prefer this over pre-match wagering.

We’d like to also note that in-play bets can be cashed out, just like pre-match bets can – more on this later! And as you may have also been thinking about, live betting goes hand in hand with another desirable feature. That feature is the ability to stream live sports through a betting platform. This feature is only available, however, once you have funded your account. But once this has been done, you can view hundreds of sporting events on a monthly basis. The quality seems to be pretty good too, even when watching live sports through the mobile app.

Cashing out bets at BetRivers Canada

Sticking with our BetRivers Ontario review of the premium features, the cashout tool also needs to be mentioned. Now, cashing out wagers is absolutely possible through the BetRivers platform. However, not every single one of the bets is eligible to be cashed out. Therefore, we recommend checking the market for the cashout indicator before pulling the trigger. But assuming you do pick a market with cashout capabilities, of course, this means you might get a chance to take an early profit. To see whether a cashout option is on the table, you must head to your live bets.

Here is where you can see if BetRivers has given you a cashout offer or not. This is directly linked to the performance of your wager and whether it has a good chance of winning. If so, you then have the chance to finish the bet early and take a profit. This can be done by simply finding the cashout offer and then tapping the relative button. Funds will be instantly added to your balance once you’ve completed the cashout command.

But if your bet isn’t performing too well, a cashout option likely won’t be on the table. In this case, you’ll just need to let the wager ride until the very end. And who knows, your wager could still pull through.

BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario App – a quick review

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As part of our BetRivers Canada review, we wish to also discuss the mobile betting options at this site. With BetRivers, you have the luxury of downloading a BetRivers sportsbook Ontario app for mobile wagering. This app is open for those with either an Android or iOS device. And you can download the app directly from the mobile site if you want to bypass the respective app stores on your device. On that note, you can install the app through tablets, as well as smartphones, which is nice to see. Of course, you can also register and apply the BetRivers Ontario affiliate code if you wish, although no benefits will be credited.

As for the performance of the app and how it functions, we’ve been impressed with the platform. We believe that the app is aesthetically pleasing, it has a simple and well-designed interface, and from a technical perspective, everything seems to be smooth. This is evident when initiating live streams, cashing out bets, and when scrolling through the open markets too. You can also customize the app by choosing your favourite sports, creating fixed wager values, and selecting your preferred deposit/withdrawal methods.

This all adds up to create a pleasing, unique, and enjoyable experience on the whole.

BetRivers Casino Review

Are you ready to shift gears now and look at another exciting product found on the BetRivers platform? We hope so, as we are about to kick off our BetRivers Casino review. This product is available from the moment you have registered with the BetRivers Ontario affiliate code. But to avoid confusion, you don’t have to use the code to unlock the product or any subsequent incentives. You simply need to sign up and then deposit funds to start enjoying the games that are supported here. Speaking of which, there are hundreds of top-level casino games for you to enjoy here.

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These are spread throughout categories like live dealer, tournaments, slots, table games, Slingo, video poker, and jackpots. Of course, certain categories might be more appealing to you than others. But whatever your preferences, it’s great to see such variety on offer. This way, BetRivers ensures that there is something for everyone. And finally, we’d like to stress through this BetRivers Casino review that the site is partnered with top-notch software developers.

For that reason, there isn’t just a large selection of games, but the quality is also fantastic too, as we hope is reflected throughout this BetRivers Casino review. Prime examples here include games supplied by NetEnt, IGT, Big Time Gaming, Red Tiger, and many others. In fact, if you wanted to get started with a bang, you may want to tap the ‘hot’ tab at the top of the casino library. You’ll find many games listed here that have been created by the mentioned developers.

FAQs on this BetRivers Ontario Review

That’s a good question! You should use the code listed if you believe that our BetRivers Ontario review has helped you in any way. That’s because the code is used for tracking and marketing purposes, with no consequences or implications for your account whatsoever. So by signing up with our code, BetRivers will know where you’ve found them from.

In order to register once you’re done reading our BetRivers Canada review, you must meet two conditions. The first is that you must be based in Canada, or more specifically, Ontario. And the second is that you must be over the age of 19. Both of these details are checked after signing up.

We believe that our BetRivers Ontario review is trustworthy for one specific reason – it is based on personal experience. That’s why we can be confident in stating that the information you’ve read here is trustworthy and legitimate.

Yes. We have checked out the BetRivers Casino recently and factored all relevant changes or updates to the product into this review. Of course, should the product change in the future, we will review it once again and update the information accordingly.

Yes. BetRivers Canada supports a range of payment methods you may use for deposits and withdrawals. These include credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and several others too. There is just a $10 transaction minimum to consider.

Not at all. You can download the app within a matter of minutes. However, registering then takes a little longer. But really, the entire process of downloading the BetRivers Sportsbook Ontario app and then signing up shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes in total.

Final thoughts on our BetRivers Ontario Review – a truly great platform

If we were to summarize this BetRivers Sportsbook review, we’d have to give the platform a grade of 4.5/5. This shows that BetRivers has a pretty high grading, and we’ve taken all factors into account to produce this rating. The only reason that we have shaved half a point away is that some premium features such as odds boosts, bet builders, and other incentives are currently missing. But it’s still early doors in terms of the BetRivers lifespan in Canada since the market has only been legalized for a few months.

So these shortcomings could well be reversed in the coming months. And with this said, the only thing left for you to do is to register with the BetRivers Ontario affiliate code to get a taste of the action.